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  1. T

    Auto High Beam making Autosteer unusable

    On vehicles manufactured after April 2022 (at least Model Y, probably others), engaging Autosteer automatically turns on the Auto High Beam. Unfortunately, during low traffic situations on the highway at night, this makes Autosteer completely unusable. We all know the reliability of High Beams...
  2. G

    TACC/Autosteer/NOA Detecting Things That Don't Exist

    Recently took delivery of a 2022 Model Y Long Range. I have noticed when using TACC/Autosteer/NOA that the software will frequently detect something in front of the vehicle even on completely empty roads. I've put >1500km on the car and have noticed it on every type of road I've used it on. On...
  3. Rshephorse

    A New Tesla Salutation How to say HELLO

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When I drive my '80's era Porsche around, other drivers of old Porsches will always wave or blink their headlights just to say hello and to recognize how rare these cars are. People who drive the new expensive Porsches never wave. When driving my Y around I find some of the Tesla...
  4. RTPEV

    Two AP/NoA issues that NEED to be fixed

    I am a fan of Autopilot/Autosteer, but there are two issues that have been around forever that (a) I'm surprised haven't been addressed yet and (b) I consider potentially dangerous (well, at least for one of them). It is annoying enough for my wife that she won't use it all, and she certainly...
  5. James Ge

    Autosteer not as good as Volvo, others?

    I have a model Y and a 2019 XC90. Here are a few comparisons of their autosteer functionality: 1) prompts to show driver alertness are pretty annoying in frequency and randomness with Tesla, they have a more predictable frequency with Volvo. 2) tesla requires a wiggle of the steering wheel...
  6. S

    Autosteer reliability different between Model Y & X?

    I spent three days with a new Model Y recently and put the vehicle through its paces as best I could with regards to Autopilot. Did very well, especially Autosteer, on the highway in almost 100% of road and traffic conditions. Where I did have issues was with it becoming confused on off ramps...
  7. RubinRA

    Autopilot speed reduction—explain?

    Okay, can anyone explain what’s going on with my autopilot (2020 Model 3 w FSD, latest updates)? This has happened multiple times, both day and night: I’m driving home at 75 mph on a limited access freeway. Speed limit is 70, and that’s what shows on the GPS display. I’m on autosteer (not...
  8. n.one.one

    Stop sign problem with TACC - stops before traffic is visible

    While I see many good things about stopping at stop signs under TACC and Autosteer I've experienced one very serious problem and it will be interesting to see how this gets solved. I regularly approach a stop sign at a T intersection and the cars coming from the left and right don't have a stop...
  9. N

    I'm New to TMC and have a few questions

    Hi All, Bought my model 3 SR+ (no autopilot) in early December and love it. Since we live out in the country I also installed a Level 2 charger which suite all our needs since the nearest super charger is about an hour away. However we had to come to Boston for about 6 weeks (our first Long...
  10. ZeeDoktor

    Some autopilot issues

    3 weeks since I got my 2020 Model S Performance and already 4500km on the clock, two drives Sydney Melbourne and some local driving did that. Very happy with the general stability of the autosteer, drove me to Melbourne and back from Sydney essentially on its own. However... (note this post is...
  11. RubinRA

    Autosteer problem with "Super Street" U-turn Lane

    I had to do a sudden manual correction when driving through an intersection on Autosteer. It's on a 4-lane "Super Street"-style intersection, in which a signal allows traffic from the other direction to do a U-turn into the opposite lane. But the markings confused Autosteer (see illustration)...
  12. BuggDDS

    Going faster than Autosteer limit

    Has anyone pushed the accelerator to go faster than the autosteer’s speed limit and cruise like that say on a two lane highway where autosteer is limited to 5 over the posted speed limit?
  13. S

    Autosteer alert disengages with the scroll wheels

    While autosteer is engaged in my 2020 M3, I used to nudge the steering wheel with my hands to remove the alert, "Apply light force to steering wheel", on the display while autosteer is engaged. A few weeks ago, I accidentally adjusted the set speed when the alert showed up and it vanished. Ah...
  14. S

    Autosteer oscillation during curves on 2019.40.50.1

    Ever since our Model 3 got the update to 2019.40.50.1, we noticed that the autosteer would oscillate within a lane (left/right) during a curve on the highway - does anyone else have this issue? Previous version would hold the vehicle steady while driving along a curve down the highway.
  15. F

    GPS, autosteer, autopilot, cruise control fail

    I have a 2019 model 3 performance w/FSD, picked up 8/2019. This morning, the GPS location stopped updating and my location/arrow was fixed at my home address. Also, the car was unable to display lanes of the road and surrounding cars. Autosteer, autopilot, and even simple cruise control would...
  16. CharleyBC

    A thousand miles of AP on 2019.32.12.2

    Yesterday we finished a 1200-mile round trip to Oregon and back home to Sacramento. Nearly the whole trip was on I-5 (that's "the 5" for those of you from SoCal). I'd estimate that we used some level of AP on about a thousand of those 1200 miles. So I thought I'd share some thoughts. Read if...
  17. M

    Bright white lane markings on instrument panel

    Has anyone else noticed bright white lane markings on the instrument panel? I’ve only seen them a couple of times and they dont’t seem to last for more than a second or two. They are noticeable brighter than the usual white lane markings required to enable autosteer, and I was once able to...
  18. Fernand

    Scary acceleration, how to reduce?

    I use NOA a lot, MadMax, very happy with it, keeps getting better. I also use AS/TACC on surface roads/streets whenever the context is right. I've gotten good at popping in and out of AS. It's great. My issue is a rather brutal acceleration style I find nerve-wracking. It's e.g. annoying in...
  19. D

    New regulations in Europe - Update to 16.2 or keep 12.x?

    I'm trying to make my mind up on whether to update my Model S to the new version 2019.16.2, or staying on the "old" 2019.12.1 For the folks in US the doubt doesn't exist at all, but for us in the old continent it looks like AP got crippled by the new UN/EU regulations. Nevertheless I cannot...
  20. Fernand

    How are people applying enough force in NOA steering?

    With the 2019.8.5 update, the Navigate On Autopilot is an order of magnitude more powerful. In fact it's amazing. But I find it tricky to satisfy "sufficient resistance" on the steering wheel. If I just rest my right hand relaxed on the wheel like previously, it seems to nag too easily. That's...
  21. Colgate2004

    Anyone else notice degraded Lane Change functionality with 2019.8.5?

    I got the 2019.8.5 update this past week (M3 LR AWD) then a day or two later was driving home from Boston and turned on auto steer and navigate on autopilot. Hoo boy. Every. Single. lane change failed. The car would begin to change lanes, cut back into the original lane, start to change lanes...
  22. SeBsZ

    Vendor Nieuwe Autopilot heeft geen Auto Lane Change

    Even een heads-up voor de mensen die vanaf 1 maart Autopilot bestellen of gratis krijgen op hun Model 3, hier zit geen auto lane change bij. Dit is nu meerdere keren bevestigd door mensen want deze Autopilot begint nu uit te rollen (in ieder geval in de US). Voor de duidelijkheid, auto lane...
  23. Leopold Stotch

    Autopilot through construction!

    Autopilot did really well, have a look! Let me know what you think. Started a YouTube channel, videos will get better with time as I learn to edit.
  24. G

    Cancelling Autosteer remotely

    Long time listener first time caller... (i.e., lots of searching on this question). I work at a driving research facility that's looking at driver response to a takeover event from Autosteer in 2017 Model S 75D. To methodically trigger a takeover event I tried tapping into the wiring to the...
  25. C

    Phantom braking will get a lot worse before it gets better

    Here is a damning article describing Uber's decision to aim for a "smooth ride" by making it stop its equivalent of phantom braking that we all hate. Inside Uber before its self-driving car killed a pedestrian: Sources describe infighting, 'perverse' incentives, and questionable decisions It's...
  26. lvrouter

    Auto Steer Saved The Day

    With all of the negative comments about auto steer, I thought I'd post something positive. Attached video shows what happened however it doesn't do justice to the reaction of the car to an intrusion in it's space. As you'll see we're in the leftmost lane, I signaled to change into the next...
  27. aikisteve

    Taking v9.0 on a road trip and discovering some issues (part 1)

    This weekend, I took the car out on a 1280km / 967mi road trip to Germany for another aikido seminar. But along the way I discovered a few issues with the update and the autopilot cameras, disabling the auto lane change. Seems there are some issues with the alignment, like they had in the...
  28. aikisteve

    Update 2018.39.7 (V9) on Belgian roads: it finally nails the dreaded S-curve!

    Today I had the opportunity to test the unofficial version of V9 (remember, us non-US folks do not seem to have the right to get the software update officially yet :-( ) Thanks to the new neural net that also take all 8 cameras into account, the improvement we're seeing is unlike any other. Even...
  29. Dana1

    53 mile First Drive

    Battery miles and odometer miles were nearly identical for my 53 mile drive traveling at 66 mph. I set out to drive what Wikipedia thinks is a 38 mile drive around Houston’s 610 loop. The odometer on my phone went from 30 miles to 83 miles. After about five miles I engaged Autopilot/Autosteer...
  30. M

    Can't Enable Autosteer

    After picking up my model 3 this weekend and driving for awhile I noticed I had driven over 50 miles so I decided to try out autopilot as I was on the freeway. However, it wasn't working, just cruise control. I noticed that the car was reading speed limit signs and recognizing all the other cars...
  31. aikisteve

    Should my car be jailed for DUI? :-D

    Yesterday I noticed that my car was ping ponging quite a lot when in traffic jams. I thought I would share the experience on how bad it actually was. Noticed this for a few releases now. Currently on 2018.14.2 I was actually wondering if a police car would be behind me, whether I would have been...
  32. bhakan

    AP and erratic steering wheel turn

    Yesterday when I engaged AP on highway entrance I noticed a new behavior with my the steering wheel. It turned so fast back and forth even tho I have engaged at this section numerous times in the past. Also, the blue AP sign on the dash moved back and forth too. Later on when it was engaged...
  33. Az_Rael

    U.S. safety agency says 'did not assess' Tesla Autopilot effectiveness

    U.S. safety agency says 'did not assess' Tesla Autopilot effectiveness Following that fatality, Tesla pointed to a 2017 NHTSA report on a May 2016 fatality involving a driver using Autopilot. The report said crash rates fell by 40 percent after installation of Autopilot’s Autosteer function...
  34. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: update 2018.14.2

    When testing this update I noticed a slight regression in handling tight turns at speed, but also found out you have to be really careful not to get curb rashes or dinged rims when using AP on certain lane shifts :-o. Came a little too close for comfort...
  35. aikisteve

    Does speed matter for AP 2.0 in handling curves

    During my last video I got a few comments that on the sharper turns I was going to fast for AP2.0 to handle. If I would slow down, it would handle it perfectly. Now, of course I tested this and turns out there is a difference, but it's not as big as you might expect and AP2.0 can still not be...
  36. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: Big AP 2.0 improvements in 2018.10.4

    Hi all, I got the latest update too and after reading some of the earlier remarks about AP improvements, I took it for a test on my usual test route. Hill crests are taken without veering off to the side anymore. Auto lane change is smoother, although I've encountered some scary moments when...
  37. aikisteve

    Autopilot 2.0 keeps slightly improving in update 2018.6.1

    Just tested the last update I received (2018.6.1) and came to the conclusion that after the previous improvements, we have yet another slight improvement in stability. On my usual test route, it was rock solid when lines were disappearing left and right of the car, where it used to slightly...
  38. aikisteve

    Testing the AutoPilot 2.0 in software update 2018.4.1

    After receiving the update earlier this week, I went out and did my usual test round again. Hill tops are still an issue, although I've had some success with that. And maybe there is a slight improvement in tighter bends, but need a safer environment to let the car completely do it's thing...
  39. aikisteve

    How does the auto lane change work and what happens is you disable the sensors?

    This time l made a video about how the auto lane change works. Last few Autopilot tests gave me the feeling that de side repeater cameras are being used. We know they are active now, but it does not seem to be used in the auto lane change for now. But then we took it a step further to see what...
  40. A

    Does your Tesla try to take every exit on the Interstate?

    In most recent version of vehicle software that I have (2017.32.6 ca 28227) I am having the problem that when I am about to pass an exit on the interstate (in the right lane, with autosteer activated), and there is not at least a dotted stripe on the right, the car will try to take the exit...
  41. E

    AP1 vs AP2 from someone who owns both

    I took delivery of an inventory model X P100DL on Monday, what a car! I’ll do another post about the FWD and the X in general, right now I want to focus on AP. The X comes with AP2 and I have a 2016 S 90D with AP1 that has been my main driver, commute and road trips for a little bit than 1 year...
  42. Plugsuvohio

    Tracking Autopilot Distance / usage

    I use AP1 a lot on my MX90D, and on repeat trips from the Cleveland area to both Pittsburgh and Buffalo, attempted to keep track of when I drove vs the autopilot system. I do not see a way where the system can keep track for you of trip miles in these 2 modes. So I used my wife making paper...
  43. B

    Autosteer disabled after 3hrs?

    We're on a trip right now to Vermont. My wife was driving and right around the 3hr mark she disabled autosteer to get around a semi. Immediatley after that maneuver, the gray steering icon went away and kept saying "Autosteer temporarily unavailable." TACC continued to work. Figuring she just...
  44. C

    What happened to my Autosteer / Autopilot?

    Weird and looking for some advice. Have had my MS90D for about 5 weeks and love it!!! Got the update to 17.28.c and thigns seem so smooth until today. I was driving back from my normal weekend drive (120 miles down and back). Was using autosteer on the way back and it was awesome... a few "hold...
  45. PaulJohn

    8.1 AP2 speed limited to 50kmh on highways

    Hey everyone, Ever since receiving the first update enabling AutoSteer functionality on my HW2 Model S I've been unable to engage AutoPilot over 50kmh on any highway here in Warsaw, Poland. The release notes clearly state highway speed up to 130kmh. It's been about 6 weeks and 3 updates now...
  46. fasteddie7

    What makes autopilot auto adjust to speed limit?

    I have my autopilot set to +5 relative and on my commute to work the speed limit changes between 35 and 50 several times. Sometimes I notice when the speed limit changes up (35 to 45 for example) autopilot will automatically accelerate up to match, other times it will stay at the old limit...
  47. P

    Autopilot Hardware 2 - I Never See the Blue

    I'm wondering if I'm alone. I never see the 'Blue Car' meaning that my car is steering based on the car in front of me. I originally thought perhaps it was just part of the slow rollout of the HW2 Auto Steer - but I saw a Youtube video of a HW2 Model S that was using the lead car and...
  48. Alan Sherman

    Delay in getting Autosteer/AutoPark and Rain Sensing Wipers - We are owed a Refund

    After being the most enthusiastic Tesla owner for the 3 years I've driven a Model S 85, the new 75D I just got in January is disappointing me in a few areas. The salesman I worked with on the upgrade was like most Tesla staff, excellent. But he did tell me that the HW2 cars with the 21 sensors...
  49. psgabin

    Autosteer not available

    what causes autosteer to not engage (version1) on 287 on way to tappen zee bridge. bad weather heavy rain, but lane markings clearly show on display , multiple attempts to engage fail , traffic normal and at speed limit??
  50. Three60guy

    Auto Pilot V8.x - When is database created?

    I have a question. Electrek provided a transcript of the press conference regarding Auto Pilot 8.X. In part Elon Musk stated: "It’s a lot of software and quite a complicated job to fit that software on to the available computer hardware in the vehicle. It was a challenging software problem...

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