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awd vs. rwd

  1. T

    Which car? [should I buy]

    I am a Tesla newbie. I am thinking of purchasing my first model 3. I live 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah. While it can snow a lot, roads are well cared for in the winter. I am trying to pick between the following Model 3's: 1. 2018 RWD Long Range with 66k miles; Regular autopilot (no...
  2. C

    Prospective buyers- still SR+ or LR AWD?

    Hi everyone, I have been on the sidelines waiting to jump into this Tesla madness. I had my mind set on the basic colour (whatever it was at the time) for SR+ in order to get the federal $5000 rebate. However, the LR AWD has now come down by $3000 as well (and pearl white paint is now free...
  3. D

    Has anyone driven the Model 3 in snow??

    I am currently in line for the first production Model 3 which - if they meet the current production timeline - it will work perfectly with my current lease (ending in September). However, I spoke with someone in the Natick, MA store who recommended I wait for the AWD though he's never driven...
  4. V

    Model 3 AWD Rear Motor Output

    On the standard Model S AWD, the rear motor had less power than the RWD version. Will the Model 3 likewise have a different motor between AWD and RWD? If the motor is the same between both, seems like the AWD should have a materially faster 0-60. Will the P version have a stronger rear motor?
  5. Raindog1

    Dual motor vs. RWD in winter driving.

    I haven't been able to find a good thread on this subject even though I'm sure it exists. Does the extra costs warrant the getting a car with dual motors??? My main concern for getting Dual Motors would be winter handling but I'm unsure of the extra cost? What is your experience/thoughts?