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  1. R

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with FSD For Sale

    Up for sale is my immaculate 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with Full Self Driving! Below is the facebook marketplace listing. My Phone number is 248-974-9943 and my email is [email protected], feel free to reach out with any questions, offers, and trades...
  2. M

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor with FSD and $1000s in extras

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor with FSD and $1000s in extras Active battery and powertrain warranty that expires at 120,000 miles or on 9/21/2026, whichever comes first. Odometer: 66,500 miles VIN: 5YJ3E1EBXJF088136 Location: Sacramento, CA I will be posting photos soon. Asking...
  3. S

    2022 Pro S AWD - White Exterior | Gray Interior - 1 owner - ~8000 miles

    We took delivery of the 2022 Pro S AWD ID4 in 2022 and loved it! We are looking to move to a bigger car this year and need to sell it. All Wheel Drive White Exterior Lunar Gray Interior 19" wheels 100% charge to 245 miles Located in Philadelphia, PA Looking for $46,200 It has the following...
  4. N

    Thinking to purchase a high mileage model 3

    Hi everyone, In the market for a new (to me) car! Have been keeping an eye on teslas as I know that is what I want my next car to be. I was originally looking to spend around 34k for one but I have found one that I am debating on due to its pricing. I have found a late 2018 build model 3 with...
  5. R

    Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Springs

    I have a set of lightly used springs sitting around my garage for a while. I am looking to see if anyone is interested in them. These are for the. M3 LR AWD. They may have about 5k-10k Miles on them. I took them off a few years ago, and they have been packed in a box. They were very good when I...
  6. N

    22 Model Y for sale with speed boost

    Hi I have a 2022 model Y long range for sale with 9300 miles on it. Excellent condition, babied and charged at home 95% of the time to 80%. I purchased the speed boost for 2k a few months ago. Also I ceramic coated the car. I’m buying a model 3 instead which is why I’m selling. I’m in Thousand...
  7. R

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Lease Takeover (RI/New England/Boston area)

    Hi all! Lurked here quite a bit and decided to join to post a lease transfer. My living situation has changed and I will no longer be needing my Model 3. Rhode Island/Boston area 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD (with Ryzen) Red 18” Aero Wheels ~2400 miles, 10k per year allowed Lease...
  8. J

    2020 Model 3 AWD acceleration boost/FSD 52k SOCAL

    Selling my 2020 model 3 with acceleration boost and fsd included. White exterior with white interior. (Currently has red seat covers) 18” rims. Spoiler Ceramic tint all around including windshield Chrome deleted. Has approximately 45400 miles. Build is December 2019. Open to offers...
  9. Aloha_MYP2022

    FOR SALE: 2022 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD | 2,400 miles—Perfect Condition | Virginia ($56,800)

    Selling our 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. The vehicle is only 3-months old (Purchased August 2022) and is in absolutely perfect condition. Purchase Price: $61,835 | Asking Price: $56,800 (Amazing deal for a new Tesla) Vehicle Details: VIN: 5YJ3E1EBXNF318991 Vehicle Location...
  10. T

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD - 23.2K mileage - SF Bay Area

    Amazing condition Model 3 for sale! This is the All-Black Interior Long Range Dual Motor AWD trim with fewer than 23,200 miles on it at the time of this posting. Still drives like the first day I received it and still has 1+ year / 26K miles left of basic warranty, and 5 years / 95k miles left...
  11. F

    Looking To Buy a Clean 2018-2020 Model 3 LR AWD under 52K

    Located in CA, willing to pick up the car anywhere in CA, Nevada, Washington. One owner, clean title, mint condition and mileage under 60K preferred. Cash, looking to buy asap.
  12. S

    For Sale: 2016.5 Model S 75D (Bay Area) Free Supercharging + Upgraded Infotainment

    Asking $55,000 OBO, selling because needed a more family-friendly car. VIN: 5YJSA1E25GF158027 Trim: 75D Full Style Name: 2016.5 4dr Sedan AWD 75D Vehicle Configuration - Deep Blue Metallic Paint - Panoramic Sunroof - 19" Silver Wheels - Tan Next Generation Seats - Dark Ash Wood décor -...
  13. E

    2020 AWD Model 3 White on White with FSD Beta - San Diego

    2020 Model 3 dual motor AWD LR Pearl White exterior White interior 19" rims Full Self Driving Package, currently running FSD Beta v. 10.8 Ceramic tinted windows 35%F/25%R Full front PPF Jeda hub w 3 USB-A & 2 USB-C ports & Samsung SSD RPM Tesla white center console cover (not wrap) 38k miles...
  14. A

    Tesla 2022 Model Y Long Range Reservation for Sale

    Hello! I have a reservation for a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD I am unable to take delivery on, which I am happy to sell for $5,000. Pick-up is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Details on the vehicle are below. I can transfer the registration into someone else's name. Cost of Vehicle +...
  15. W

    2021 Model Y Long Range AWD, $65K - Columbus, OH

    5435 miles on it currently (will continue to slowly go up until sold) - 5 seater, FSD until October 22nd. Premium connectivity for the next year, 20" Induction wheels. Fun vehicle, price is firm especially with the new 1K increase on MSRP. Located in Columbus, OH - also interested in trade +...
  16. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  17. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  18. M

    2018 Tesla Silver/White Model 3 AWD+EAP+20” Vossen, 18K miles - $49.5K

    I am the original owner with pink slip in hand. Took delivery Sept 2018, and have taken excellent care of it from day 1.. The exterior is ceramic coated as washed often. White Interior is clean and still has some new car smell. There are no door dings, and other than some minor normal wear, the...
  19. K

    Model S Facelift AWD retrofit?

    i found some old discussion for Pre-Facelift Model S in this forum but was wondering if an AWD retrofit might be possible for the facelifts? At least for Model 3 it seems to be "relatively" straightforward as you just need to add the front drive unit (maybe a different battery pack as you need...
  20. A

    Tesla Model Y 2020 White LR AWD

    Putting this on here to gauge any interest to sell my 2020 Tesla Model Y White Long Range Tow package installed from Tesla No FSD Front tint professionally done to match rear Has Interior matte black plastic covers installed (to protect the piano black) (put on same day I got the car, can be...
  21. N

    MY LR New Features

    Took delivery of MY LR today. Confirmed features: Heated Steering Wheel New Center Console Could not confirm New Headlights? I guess not? (See pic) 82 kWH battery - How do I confirm?
  22. 5

    Ride Quality - Tesla Y RWD vs AWD

    There is a 500 lbs weight reduction from the AWD version (4,416 lbs) to the RWD version (3,920 lbs). For those who have driven both versions, does the RWD have a noticeable better ride quality?
  23. K

    Odd tire wear on M3 Performance

    Hey what’s up! Hope everyone seeing this has been doing well. I thought I’d ask some of you experts here, but I have a 2018 Model 3 Performance. I got the tires replaced last year with original Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (all 4 replaced at the same time). On year and 7k miles later my tread...
  24. L

    WTB Tesla Model 3 w/ white interior, awd, priced around $40k

    Looking to buy a used tesla with the following specs: Priced around $35,000 to $40,000 at least EAP software (if not EAP, price should be around $35k) White interior Long Range AWD I'm located in Michigan, but would be willing to travel to visit the vehicle if the right vehicle comes along.
  25. rshields89

    ISO/WTB Model S 75D or 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled

    I posted earlier this week wanting a Model 3, but after test driving a few today here in Austin, Texas I am set on wanting a Model S. I am looking to purchase ideally a 90D w/ FSD or EAP enabled, but would settle for a 75D w/ FSD or EAP...Bigger bonus if they have the 21” wheels! I’m totally...
  26. D

    2015 Model S 70D AWD Autopilot Free Supercharging

    Selling my fantastic Black with Grey Interior 2015 Tesla Model S 70D only because I bought a P85D. I purchased the car from the original owner in NJ around 67,000 miles. - Under Unlimited Mile powertrain warranty (battery and motors) until 2023 - Free Super charging for life - Free Premium...
  27. J

    Help! My M3 won't turn off!!

    I've been fighting this issue for over 2 weeks now. I have a 2020 M3 Dual Motor with just over 15,000 miles. Christmas Eve was my 1 year anniversary as I got my car on 12/24/2019. No problems with my car until two weeks ago when I was traveling out of town. I left work and drove to my hotel and...
  28. H

    FS: Unplugged Perf. Dual Rate Linear Lowering Spring Set for M3 - Dual Motor, Non Performance, Mild

    Selling my Dual Rate Lowering springs after changing over to MPP coilovers. They were used for ~1 year and have approx. 6k miles. See Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Linear Lowering Springs Tesla Model 3 for more details. $150 OBO, prefer local pickup/dropoff
  29. AlanSubie4Life

    Preliminary EPA Data for Model 3 AWD & Model 3 P 2021 Released

    So the preliminary document from the EPA for 2021 Model 3 AWD & Performance is released: https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51235&flag=1 Covers 18" AWD and 20" Performance in detail. Note: it describes the details of the heat pump similar to the Model Y. Summary (AWD)...
  30. A

    Strange Buzzing/Whirring noise coming from car when off-road

    Hi Guys, So for some context, my car is the AWD Long Range Model 3. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I'm on holiday in Scotland and the drive/path to the cottage is littered with massive potholes so I try to be cheeky and drive half on the grass, half on the road, just to...
  31. B

    Model 3 Dual motor , Long range, Enhanced Autopilot - 3593 miles

    2018 Tesla Model 3 for sale: 1. Long range 2. Dual motor 3. AWD 4. Enhanced Auto pilot 5. Low miles - 3593 6. Driven short distances 7. Always parked inside a garage 8. Excellent condition 9. Washed weekly with premium carwash subscription 10. Bought in Nov 2018 but did not drive until Jan 2019...
  32. K

    WTB Tesla model 3 red long range AWD - Chicagoland area

    Looking to buy red model 3. Preferably less than 25,000 miles. Thanks, Kevin
  33. G

    Model 3 LR AWD+ vs. Model Y Performance

    Hello all, Long time lurker here. I know there have been lots of comparisons between LR AWD+ and Performance model 3, and even Y vs 3. I'd be curious though if anyone has compared the 3 AWD+ vs MYP. On paper the model Y has a huge power advantage, but is it enough to overcome the weight...
  34. V

    2018 Tesla Model 3 * Long range * Dual motor * EAP * 3589 miles

    Hello I'm selling my Tesla Model 3; 2018 Model 3 Long range Dual Motor AWD, blue metallic, premium black interior, I purchased it new in Nov 2018 and didn't start driving until Jan 2019. Date of manufacture 11/2018. I purchased the enhanced auto pilot. I did not purchase the FSD. The car has...
  35. kimbahpnam

    2020 Model 3 LR AWD Red / Seattle Area

    Went from ‘17 MS 75 to this 2020 Model 3 LR AWD and looking to go to a Model Y primarily for the extra space. 7.5k miles. Took delivery in December. Haven’t thought of an exact price yet. Just wanted to get this up. Some small mods installed. Nothing that can’t be removed if necessary. Battery...
  36. V

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range ** AWD ** EAP ** 3589 miles

    2018 Tesla Model 3 for sale: 1. Long range 2. Dual motor 3. AWD 4. Enhanced Auto pilot 5. Low mileage (3589 miles) 6. Driven short distances only for commute 7. Always parked inside a garage 8. Excellent condition 9. No modifications Car was maintained well with weekly carwash club...
  37. C

    WTB - Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Looking to buy 2018+ Model 3: Long Range AWD Full Self-Driving Premium Interior 19" or 20" wheels Less than 25,000 miles Preferred exterior: Red, White, Blue, MSM, Black No accident, no salvage title Based on what I have seen trending around the forum, onlyusedtesla.com, and a motivated...
  38. Red Rocket IV

    2020 Model 3 AWD suspension

    Spring and shocks from 2020 Model 3 AWD. Only part missing is the top hats. Replaced these with MPP hybrid coil overs. DFW area pickup preferred $350
  39. X

    Cybertruck AWD - Will TRI motor be safer than DUAL motor in winter?

    Hi there, I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on the difference between DUAL and TRI motor in snowy/icy winter conditions. I've read other posts in this great forum that covered the RWD, but I'm interested in whether DUAL AWD would be any less secure in slippery conditions than TRI AWD...
  40. RubinRA

    [Mistake - Resolved] LR AWD price drops $1300--What would you do?

    I ordered a blue LR AWD w 18" aero wheels, have the VIN, have insurance, am paid in full, due to be delivered in 3 days, and now the configurator shows a $56,990 price. I paid $58,290. I haven't taken delivery yet. Should I ask for my money back, re-order, and wait another 6-8 weeks (if Tesla...
  41. C

    Standard Range AWD Model 3

    Now that we have more information on the model Y. It seems as though (for the time being) they have removed the RWD version and could possibly be only making AWD to stay competitive to the market? As we all know they no longer offer the long range RWD model 3. Meaning that the only version of...
  42. N

    Need an opinion: AWD or Full Self-Driving Capability

    Guys, I can't afford both in my Teals 3. I have been researching about the both functionalities but can't make a decision about which one is worth it more. I live in NJ and never drove AWD car before. I know i can get the Full Self-driving later on but I just don't want to spend the more money...
  43. C


  44. W

    2018 P3D Stealth + FSD Blk/Blk 7K miles $51K

    I'm thinking of selling my Performance Model 3 Stealth with the 18 inch wheels. It has 3.2 seconds 0-60 and track mode, but with 18 inch wheels for better clearance and winter handling. It is the 2018 model with full self driving. A new model with this configuration will cost you $57,000...
  45. X

    Is it possible to order Model 3 Standard Range with AWD and Premium Interior ?

    I know it is not an option on the website but I am wondering if you can order it through a sales advisor. (apologies if this was answered before)
  46. U

    Wh/mile specifically for M3 LR AWD with 19" wheels

    Model: Model3 LR AWD Mileage: 1000 Wheels: 19" Sport Average Wh/mile: 360 I've been driving my M3 for about a month. I know the 19" sport wheels have a 5-10% efficiency hit (crazy amount by the way) compared to the aero wheels, but I'm still getting a crazy high Wh/mile for standard drives. I'm...
  47. B

    New Model 3 Making Noise

    Hi, just got my new AWD LR Model 3, I love it but am experiencing a noise when acccelerating in between 25 MPH and 45 MPH. I have attached a recording, it is a high pitched pulsing / whistle sound coming from the front. Is this normal? I know its subtle but I have three days left to return it...
  48. O

    Freshly Superwrapped and Lowered

    I’ve had my Model 3 for about 10 months now and I purchased superwrap and the unplugged performance Low Springs to install several months ago... finally got to it today, what do you guys think? I used the superwrap bronze kit, and the unplugged performance off menu low springs for the AWD version.
  49. gdgtgeek

    Another battery/ range question LR AWD Range 250!

    The reason I am posting this is because what I am seeing appears to be well outside the norms of battery degradation. Battery was charged to 80%. At about 31% (so 49% usage), I got 122.4 miles. Extrapolating this to 100% means (122.4/49% = 250 (rounded up). That is a significant drop. I had...
  50. N

    Model S 75D for Sale

    Have a model s 75d manufactured 12/2016 with the following specs for sale: - all wheel drive - enhanced autopilot - full self-driving capability - full glass roof - 21” grey turbine wheels with brand new tires - black exterior color - grey next generation interior seats - black alcantara...

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