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back up camera

  1. R

    Reverse Camera Video Lag

    Anyone notice a lag in reverse camera video lagging? I only recently started noticing it. I put the car in reverse and the video is sort of choppy. When I open the camera while driving, it displays fine. Only choppy in reverse.Maybe I'll try posting a video tomorrow.
  2. F

    Tesla model 3 back up camera green colour on screen

    Tesla model 3 currently on 2020.16.2.1 Recently I’ve experience this twice now where the back up camera on display shows green colour on the screen. Anyone else experience this?
  3. M

    Backup Cam doesnt adjust exp. for night?

    I posted this in the Teslalounge sub but it got downvoted for some reason. I know there is a COMPLETE BLACK backup camera bug going around but that's NOT my issue. My backup camera works 100% fine during the day, it just no longer adjusts its exposure for night, so it's really dark. Its not...
  4. Tezzie


    Since the last update, the screen for my back-up camera shows as completely white after I start the car.. The two white guide lines appear, but not the surrounding area. I have to re-boot the screen for the back-up camera to work. This doesn't happen every time a start the car, but often enough...