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backing up

  1. P

    profile side-view mirror setting when backing up

    I set up a BackUp Profile to move the side-view mirrors to the best position to have in-place when backing up in our driveway, and heading out into the street. Unfortunately, my saved setting never holds for the backup process. It doesn't matter if I select the backup profile before I start...
  2. D

    Anyone Else Experiencing Regular 21" Arachnid Tires "Thumping" Loudly When Turning While Backing Up?

    I took delivery of my 2021+ Model S in December 2021. It is equipped with regular 21" Arachnid tires. From the beginning, whenever I back out of my driveway and start to turn (either left or right) at the bottom of the drive, I ALWAYS experience a "thumping" or "banging" as my front tires...
  3. S

    Model X didn't warn when my wife was backing up the car and hit a parked car

    Our ModelX didn't warn when my wife was backing up the car and hit a parked car of my neighbor. First of all, the backup camera should come on despite any interruptions it may have and the warning and automatic stop should be there. I am annoyed because now, I have to spend my deductible to...
  4. WindyCity

    Caution: Backup Warning System Imperfect, Hood Design Creates Optical Illusion

    Hi. I took possession of my P85D at the end of January. I've already scraped it three times while parking, despite moving slowly and being extra careful. Here's how it happened. I was relying on two occasions on the rearview camera and the sonar and radar alert system. These normally work...