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backup camera blank

  1. gallde

    Backup camera suddenly shows black screen

    The screen is black when in reverse or when I choose "Camera" from the pop-up action bar. Model Y less than 2 weeks old. Is this a common thing that has an easy fix? I tried Powering off and back on. Lens looks fine.
  2. D

    white screen

    Hi i just got my Tesla model 3 couple days ago and when I reverse the whole screen is white. Randomly it will go away but the it starts glitching and is barely visable. Have u guys had this problem how did you fix it. I tried to reboot it with the steering wheel and that didn't work.
  3. A

    Issues with backup camera

    Hi All I got a Model S on May 31st and am facing the following issues. If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it. 1) Starting from Day 1 my model S has a black blank screen when I put it on reverse. The guy doing the demo said its a known issue and should fix itself in some days. I...
  4. Tezzie


    Since the last update, the screen for my back-up camera shows as completely white after I start the car.. The two white guide lines appear, but not the surrounding area. I have to re-boot the screen for the back-up camera to work. This doesn't happen every time a start the car, but often enough...