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backup camera

  1. lorentzd

    Failed backup camera in my MYLR (2022)...anyone else?

    Has anyone else had their backup camera “go dark”? If so, what action did you take?
  2. T

    Adjust backup camera view

    Hello all, wondering if there is a way to adjust the backup camera view to something similar to xc90? Thanks
  3. M

    Rear backup Camera glitches first 10 seconds after v11 update.

    Rear Camera glitch and sometimes purple screen and glitches side cameras specially in the Morning, all that started after v11 update. Any similar cases here? solution?
  4. aesculus

    Backup Camera Disappears when Touching UI on AP1 Cars

    I don't have too much hope any of this will ever be resolved. A number of years ago Tesla made a change in the UI where if the backup camera was showing (default when you put the car into reverse) any touch of the screen would cause the backup camera to disappear. This is a huge safety issue. I...
  5. RNHurt

    Backup Camera Lens

    I love my MY but with the recent change in weather the backup camera lens seems to get dirty/smudgy/foggy easily. I've tried wiping it off, and it does help, but it seems to get "yucky" again pretty quickly. Is there some coating or lens cleaner that you might recommend? Would a ceramic...
  6. NY_Rob

    Anyone know if the main backup cam is analog or digital?

    I have an interesting project where I'm considering co-opting/sharing the main backup cam (the one over the lic. plate frame) on the MY. If it's a regular 12v powered analog cam with standard video out I may be able to use it vs. installing a second camera back there. If it happens to be a POE...
  7. O

    First day problems cost me a garage door and sheet metal damage

    Pulled my brand new Model X into the garage, shaking my head at the warning message already on the dashboard saying that "Autopilot cameras not available" but offering the tepid encouragement that they "Features may be restored on a later drive." Happy day one. I decided, after some...
  8. R

    Blurry back up camera

    I just noticed that the back up camera is a bit blurry, the objects are not looking as sharp as they used to. I haven’t been driving much since a couple of weeks so I am not sure if this is related to a recent update. I have cleaned the lenses and also rebooted the screen. Did anyone else...
  9. C

    Backup Camera Black

    Hey All. I’ve had my MY for a few days now and it’s been awesome. No issues, until this morning. The backup camera is black. I tried the reset by pressing and holding the two steering wheel buttons but that didn’t help. Anything else I should try before contacting service? Thanks
  10. Beta V

    Backup Camera Failed

    I have not driven since the latest update (2020.16.2.1). When I put the vehicle in reverse, the backup camera showed all black with two lines showing the path. I tried rebooting but this did not fix the problem. I tried to activate the camera manually with the same result, but an all-white...
  11. A

    Safety issue: backup camera should override other UI when in reverse.

    Backing out of my garage, I struck another car that was unexpectedly in my driveway. The backup camera was useless, because the quick controls UI for opening and closing the doors was not replaced by the camera view. To my knowledge, every other manufacturer prioritizes safety correctly. The...
  12. Tam

    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    Model S and X have rectangular lifting pads with 3 holes and they are located on the outer edge. Model 3 Jack Points look different (triangular with 1 hole?) and they are not located anywhere near the outer edge but rather more inward. Would anyone please take a picture because the drawing is...
  13. D

    white screen

    Hi i just got my Tesla model 3 couple days ago and when I reverse the whole screen is white. Randomly it will go away but the it starts glitching and is barely visable. Have u guys had this problem how did you fix it. I tried to reboot it with the steering wheel and that didn't work.
  14. D

    Backup Camera not working

    Hi i just bought my tesla.model 3 yesterday and the back up camera is glitching. I already tried the steering wheel reboot and powered it off through security. At first the screen was all white and after I rebooted it it went away and I got like a redish color back up picture, almost like...
  15. D

    Backup Camera not working

    Hi i just bought my tesla.model 3 yesterday and the back up camera is glitching. I already tried the steering wheel reboot and powered it off through security. At first the screen was all white and after I rebooted it it went away and I got like a redish color back up picture, almost like...
  16. A

    Does a front/rear camera switch mod exist for model 3?

    I was wondering, does this kit for the model X/S work for the model 3? If not, is there any alternative method to see the front view when parking? Why is the kit only advertised for use with the model X and S? Is the model 3's camera different in a way that breaks the system? I'm getting very...
  17. Tezzie


    Since the last update, the screen for my back-up camera shows as completely white after I start the car.. The two white guide lines appear, but not the surrounding area. I have to re-boot the screen for the back-up camera to work. This doesn't happen every time a start the car, but often enough...
  18. A

    Screen green lines

    Backup camera only, not on the screen, can't edit title on mobile. I get these once every week or so, 42.2 2018 EAP MS. Any fix for that? I did bring it to service center and asked them to look at it and they actually didn't do anything on this I guess. Thanks!
  19. T

    Backup cam should always be on when moving in reverse (discussion)

    When I back out of the garage and wait for Wifey I sometimes set our destination. The back up camera disappears and does not come back on. Is it just me or do we need to bug Tesla to have the backup camera on at any time we are moving backwards. Even if we are at a stop and accidentally roll back.
  20. zarman

    [resolved] Backup Camera green screen only

    Starting last weekend my backup camera stopped working. All I got was a green screen. I called Tesla remote support and the tech had me reboot the computer. That did not fix my problem. Monday I called to make an appointment at the local service center. On Tuesday I received a phone message...
  21. J

    Problem with screen not showing backup camera image

    Model S 90D. Is there a simple fix, or is this a software update issue? Over the past month, I had my screen not show the backup camera view about three times when backing up. I drive the car almost daily, so the percentage of failures is very small. Just get a blank, grey screen. It works...
  22. W

    Model 3 Backup Camera Sucks

    Harsh title, I know. It's true though. For a bit of context, I already own a Model S and love the backup camera. I know, the M3 isn't the MS... but wow... the M3's backup camera is seriously awful. There is a terrible fisheye effect going on and the camera is so dark, in both day and night...
  23. SharonB

    Back Up Camera Foggy

    My backup camera is all foggy. I had my car professionally detailed last week and I think that's when it started....I thought it needed to be cleaned and nope, something is definitely wrong inside the camera.....it's foggy inside and now the picture is really bad. This isn't good as my car is...
  24. ecarfan

    Wireless rear view camera that could be used on the 1.5 cars?

    This product looks like it could be ideal for the Roadster: a license plate frame with a camera mounted in it, the frame contains batteries to power the camera and to connect your phone over a locally generated wifi network which displays the camera image, plus the frame has a small solar cell...
  25. C

    Frozen video in backup camera

    This morning I backed into another car because of frozen video and guidelines in the backup camera, there was definitely something going on w/ the computer because it took many times longer to start before this happened. I wonder if this is a well known issue and I'm just an unlucky victim of...