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backup sensor

  1. P

    Backed into pole no warning

    Backed into a wooden electric poll yesterday no warning from the car at all just the crunching sound of hitting the pole. Only 2 months we have had the car very disappointed it will be in shop so soon. I didn't even think it was possible to back into anything with all the cameras and sensors. It...
  2. R

    Backup Sonar Sensors Update Slowly

    When backing up in my garage, I use the rear camera to judge when to stop, which is fine. However, I've noticed that the distance warning color arcs are a substantial fraction of a second delayed. They update the distance with a delay that is too long to be of much practical use. After stopping...
  3. Brightonuk

    Revisiting that backup sensor option with a new idea

    I have come across this system that overlays the backup information onto your existing screen. http://www.rydeenmobile.com/parking%20sensors/Parking-BL-612PM.html As the Tesla does not have an aux input I was thinking it could be wired to activate when in reverse by tapping into the backup...
  4. Brightonuk

    Cusom LCD screen

    I am looking to install an aftermarket front and backup sensor and maybe a camera option as well and have the components to put it together. I have a reputable custom shop that I am confident will do a good job the issue I am having is placement of the screen Attached is a rough mock up of two...