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  1. Rusty1

    Second Hand Exhaust

    Second Hand Exhaust I’m writing this because I think we should start viewing gas (including diesel) automobile exhaust as an avoidable pollution which is bad for anyone nearby. Here is a list of items I feel we should consider pursuing with local, state and federal governments. Please add to...
  2. S

    Ohio Bill to Ban/Fine Self-driving Cars on Ohio Roads

    Link to Reddit thread: Ohio representative introduces bill to ban all autonomous capable Teslas from public roads. • /r/teslamotors Link to article: Tesla owners wouldn't be able to drive on most roads if this bill passes Link to Rep. Grossman's Contact Page: Representative Cheryl L. Grossman...
  3. D

    New White House Petition to stop States from banning direct car sales

    Lets try to get this over the 100K mark ASAP, or at least close enough that it hits the news cycles prior to election day to give pause to any other "back room politics" elected officials, esp. this close to election day. If you agree with the petition, I encourage you to sign it right now (and...