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  1. Wolverinegeoff

    Model 3 as Getaway Car?

    I'm not sure if this topic has been addressed yet on the forum, but I was wondering how the Model 3 would work as a getaway car. It seems to be the perfect partner in any bank robbery or heist. First, it can drop you off around back and go park itself legally so you don't get ticketed or draw...
  2. C

    Tesla Direct Leases - NEW

    I'm not sure what the details are on this so far or what is out there. But I'll share my experience, which will hopefully help some people. I ordered on 11/8/16, and was told I was approved for a lease the next day. I received a letter on 11/22 from US Bank saying I was denied for a lease. I'm...
  3. chriSharek

    Bank of America SUCKS! Who Wants my Loan!?

    Maybe I'm posting something most of you already know, but had to vent . . . They don't offer loans on "independent" car dealers. I was hoping to go through them as our home loan and personal finances are all with them. Oh well - their loss, right!? I've received quotes from Chase and TD Bank...