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  1. jammi

    TPMS disable / delete on Model S 2012 to late 2014 "Baolong"

    Hello, this is a topic about disabling TPMS or producing a fake signal to fake "always good" TPMS info on CANBUS. This is not a topic about US legal implications or legal implications in the other areas where TPMS is required by law, so please don't sidetrack this with that. At least Finland...
  2. L

    TPMS gen1 exchange for gen2

    I gave 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen1 I would like to exchange for 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen2. Anyone interested let me know.
  3. S

    FS: OEM TPMS sets (1st gen Baolong sensors)

    Hello. I have two sets of used 1st generation TPMS sensors from a P85 Model S. I'd love for someone to take one or both sets off my hands. Asking $100 for a set. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
  4. Mickie

    4 older style (Baolong) TPMS

    Verified functional by SC. $100 for all 4.
  5. G

    Two sets of Gen1 TMPS sensors for sale (Belgium)

    After upgrading my classic Signature TMS to TPMS Gen2, I am selling 2 sets of 4 Gen1 TPMS sensors (also called Bao Long TPMS sensors) used for earlier TMS (before VIN 56XXX). If interested, please send me a message on PM.