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battery 70d

  1. F

    70D 2015/16 range on original battery

    I have a January 2016 Model S 70D and I’ve owned it since August 2020 (second hand with 29500 miles). It originally charged to 276 miles (100%) and today 5 Feb 2024 it still charges to 267 miles (100% with 95,000 miles). It has lost 9 miles of ultimate range in 3 and a half years. I’m reading...
  2. T

    VIN shows Model S 90D as 70 KwH

    Hello, we're going through the purchase of our first Tesla,a used 2016 90D and just added it to our insurance. I gave the VIN to my agent and the temporary insurance card shows the car as a 70 KwH. I'm confused why this would be. I ask our Tesla advisor and he said that the drive motors have...
  3. R

    Model S Awd Battery Pack Complete 70kWh

    I have a complete Model S 70D battery pack for sale. Located in Des Moines, Iowa I also have many other drivetrain parts, wiring, and modules available. Buy with confidence from a well established family owned and operated salvage operation. $16,500
  4. vandacca

    New battery option 70D, is 105D next?

    The Tesla Motors Website has been re-designed and a new 70D option is available (60 appears to be gone). There were discussions (speculation?) that Tesla was moving to a new battery cell that is slightly larger than the original cells, thereby reducing weight (due to less packaging) while...