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battery capacity

  1. N

    Sudden capacity loss

    Up until a couple of weeks ago, my 2021 model S LR (34k miles) would charge to ~385 miles if I needed a full charge. I noticed my normal, 80% charging was not starting at what it used to. I am suddenly only getting about 350-360 miles out of a full charge or 280 miles out of an 80% charge. I...
  2. 2

    Significant overnight drop in battery capacity after lightning strike..

    I have a 2023 M3 Performance with 5,700 miles on it. I've been using the Tessie app since about 2.5k miles to track battery health. I have been tracking on a consistent line just under "fleet average". The other night we had a lightning strike in the backyard, which resulted in several GFI...
  3. C

    2013 P85 Needs HV Battery Replacement - Options?

    My beloved OG (vin P13161) P85 appears to have driven her last mile. A few days ago, got an error code that max charge capacity was reduced; appeared to be some kind of short as error codes were cycling and battery icon was changing. Called tow truck, he "jumped" my 12V and I was able to get...
  4. M

    MYLR2021/ 27kMiles/ Battery Degrading already?

    I charged my MYLR 2021 100% last night so I could take it from Raleigh to Charlotte NC. A distance of about 180 miles. By the time I got close to Charlotte- about 50 miles short, the battery was at 35%. A whopping 65% eaten in just 135 miles!! Doesn’t digest. Have you guys seen this happen in...
  5. EstebanP212

    Just bought a 2015 85d w/180k miles

    You guys think this have a original battery on it with this miles here’s some screens from scan my tesla the cells balance seems really
  6. G

    Measure the current capacity of the hv battery

    Hi, is there a any accurate way to measure the current capacity of a Tesla model 3. I read about charging to 100%, discharging it and do the math, but is there not a more accurate way to do this? If its not possibly on my own, is it possible to do a measurement in a workshop?
  7. C

    Range on road trip much lower than expected (<200 miles on full charge)

    My car is a 2121 Model Y, with 20" Induction tires, just upgraded to the Holiday release. Taking a road trip from Seattle to Eugene OR. Taking the trip on I-5, I've noticed that depending on my speed, I'm getting as little as half of the nominal range. Once I got to measuring, I noted the...
  8. C

    Long Distance Driving Range

    Hi everyone, I just had a general question. I recently ordered my Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus here in Montreal Quebec (taking advantages of those sweet government incentives). Expected delivery in Jan/Feb 2022. I work as a Field Service Engineer and this would become my daily driver. The...
  9. O

    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    Hello everyone . Just dropped 14 thousand on a “remanufactured “ 85 pack for the car 2012 s. New pack is still 216 miles range when 100% full. I’m close to raging angry. Should I be happy paying 14 grand and getting a used pack with no more range at all ?
  10. AlanSubie4Life

    Model Y Standard Range EPA Doc & Battery Energy (54.8kWh)

    FWIW, the EPA doc for the 2021 Model Y SR is now available. (Ironically, the vehicle is not?) (Should have put 2021 in the title of this thread though I guess so far there is only one model year of Y SR...maybe mods can add?) It shows 54.8kWh available in their full discharge test. So I'd...
  11. K

    Battery Range decreasing

    Since i got my Model Y in June 20, the range is constantly decreasing every month. It started at 316. Now it is at 301. Any one else experience the same? Should i be worried?
  12. A

    Energy used since last charge does not match true range

    We took a nice fall drive with my M3 SR+ that I bought last year. I started with 100% charge, with a range of 227 (max when new was 231, not 240mi.) It was cool out so I set the interior manual temperature to 65 deg with A/C off. I have Sentry mode on when away from home and parked for about 5...
  13. AlanSubie4Life

    Request for info on SR (NOT SR+) 2020 Range & Constant Info (and a 2019 datapoint for reference)

    Up until today I didn't realize there were any SR vehicles sold in 2020 model year (or in 2020 in general). But, it seems that there have been. I am not talking about the SR+ - obviously those have been sold this year. For range/constant documentation, for anyone who has an SR (not SR+)...
  14. L

    Long term storage

    Hi Forum - I am leaving town for 3 months and do not have a garage to store and plug in my Tesla 3 so looking for another solution. I live in Potomac, MD. Can it go that long unplugged? Is there a storage lot I can pay to use? Is there a trusted, bonded service provider that can come and get it...
  15. CertLive

    Advertised EV's should more realistic after the first charge @ POS

    So when you go to purchase your SR+ with a stated range of 240 miles do you realise that after the first full charge it will never reach that range again. First year 230. Second year 212. Before a level off this is the nature of lithium ion technology. But does the consumer new to the game...
  16. CertLive

    Range degradation for 2020.28.6

    First time in ages since I have done a 90% charge then switched to miles for a peek. Out of the original 240 my SR+ is rated for at 90% I have 209 miles of WLTP range @ 21c ambient temp. This would seem to represent just under a 3% range loss for 5690 miles at 9 months old. My thoughts on this...
  17. BizJet

    Battery Degradation: Tale of Two Teslas

    I've been tracking battery range degradation religiouslyon my two Teslas -- a four-year-old Model X and a two-year-old Model 3, and differences in battery performance versus the fleet average are truly remarkable. My Model X 90D, delivered in June, 2016, started at 264 miles of range, but is...
  18. T

    Acceptable Degradation?

    2017 Model S 75D (259 mile range) Has not been charging to capacity for a couple of years, expected. However mine has 33,532 miles and is showing a battery degradation of 10%. Avg 347 times 163 mile projected range, divided by 84% = 0.897793650793651 First is this correct n the calculation...
  19. psnyc73

    Should Tesla do something about my degradation?

    I own a 2013 Models S 60 (EPA rated range 208) purchased in September of 2018. After taking delivery I charged to 100% and the rated range was 177 miles. I brought this to Tesla's attention immediately and the response was "it's normal". Now, a year and a half later it gets 160 rated miles to a...
  20. S

    Battery Capacity Calculation

    Searched forum for this. Found some threads, but they seemed to over complicate what is a simple calculation (unless I'm missing something). So I decided to post my own. To calculate your total battery capacity you will need to drive your Tesla for at least 15 miles, preferably 30. At the...
  21. A

    Model S as a Long Range Commuter Car

    I am considering taking the plunge into EV's with a Model S, the technology and performance are the draw for me. It is also intriguing that there is not much to wear out vs. a conventional engine. This could be a car I could keep for a very long time. But there is a catch: My drive to work is...
  22. T

    Confused about Plaid/Refreshed Model S

    So, I'm currently in the market to buy a new Model S. I love everything about it. While I want the car yesterday, I want to minimize buyers remorse when the next refresh hits. I had settled that I'd wait until the Plaid Model drops (summer 2020?). However, range and comfort matter far more to...
  23. CertLive

    Do miles even matter anymore?

    So shortly after buying my model 3 the first couple of runs were done with miles. I just wanted to see what I could really get before the real cold set in. So 220 ish was not bad I was not driving eco and ac always on. Then I decided to switch to percentage and plan my routes that way. I found...
  24. T

    I am about to buy a used 2014 model s 60 with 80k miles for 28k. Am I making a huge mistake?

    I have all the service records and alot of things were replaced in the vehicle including MCU, 12V battery and drivetrain. However the HV batteries have not been replaced. The batteries do have 2 more years of warranty on it but nothing else on the car has a warranty and I spoke with tesla and...
  25. K

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    i bought my model 3 in aug 2018. After the software upgrade I only got 316 miles when charged to 100%. Last night I got only 312 miles from 5% SOC to 100%. A 4% degradation within 10 months? Have others degraded similarly?
  26. F

    Battery Degradation, cause for concern already?

    A little bit of background: I live in Maryland where we get legit four seasons I live in an apartment and I do NOT have access to charging at work or at home I have had the car since June 2019 Here is some information I sent to Tesla recently: I have under 5,000 miles on the car. In V9 I...
  27. K

    URGENT advice needed on range issues with new Model X.

    Hello. I purchased a model x long range and I am getting much lesser km to actually drive than the rated range. Sometimes less than half. When I spoke to Tesla, they were surprised by this deviation from range estimates but have not offered any concrete reason. My usage is around 285 Wh/km...
  28. P

    Tesla appointment for battery health concerns mysteriously disappeared

    I have had my M3 SR+ for over 4 months now and drove for about 7k miles. The specified range for this car is 240 miles. My regular charging limit is set to 80%. The Miles range on top left of the Dashboard is now consistently 182-183 miles when charging completes. I believed that range number...
  29. H

    sad - because I don't understand battery performance

    hi I got me a pre-owned 2016 P90D. it drives great - but I don't understand the battery performance at all. rated at 100% is 257 miles (per google) I charge it every week or so to 90% and it shows 231 miles. I use a mix of 110, 220 and supercharging as available to me / when available to...
  30. T3slaOwner

    Help Me with Tesla Math

    I've checked this several times and I'm not getting it. Trip of 124.8 miles, 300 Wh/mi average. 100 kWh battery started at 76%, ended at 33%, so 43 kWh used if no degradation. 124.8 miles * 0.300 kWh/mi = 37.44 kWh + 33 kWh remaining = 70.44 kWh starting. Wait... that's 5.56 kWh short...
  31. D

    is this normal

    Hi I have had my model 3 for the last two months, and noticed when I charge I dont get as much charged. for example when I charge to 90 percent I get only 209 mi, I believe b4 I used to get 216. I have the standard range plus . What should I do? is there a way to reset the calibration, should I...
  32. gnuarm

    Battery Capacity Down to 86.8% After 18,000 Miles

    Many here suggest the battery should be occasionally cycled between 100% charge and near 0% charge to keep the charge measurement calibrated. So I did that a couple of times. The first time the battery took a very long time to finish after it had reached 100%. It indicated around 8 kW...
  33. 1

    Calculating the battery pack capacity

    Today I checked my battery pack capacity by using the data provided in the "Since last charge" tile and found i was down 5kWh of capacity. First here's how I do the calculation: Miles driven * Energy used per mi divided by the change in SoC. For me the numbers were 72.8 mi * 319 Wh/mi/(.9 -...
  34. Y

    Am I able to unlock my battery OTA?

    Yeah topic sounds dumb, I assure you it isn't. let me explain. My 2014 S 85 (non P/D) wouldn't start 3 weeks ago. I had to have it towed to the shop, car was throwing a ton of warnings, and roadside service said the 12V wasn't seeing the HV pack. 3 weeks later, I get the car back, except now...
  35. Chris350

    Stranger Battery Issue - Increased Range RWD LR?

    Ok... Anyone seeing this? Last Friday, I wen to a SC to charge to 90% - Charging completed at 279 miles.... Upon driving out of the lot.... Mileage changed to 282 miles... Thought it very strange... Today, I pull in and start charging at a SC (same spot as above) to 100% for a trip...
  36. K

    My Trip and Range math does not work.

    Good afternoon, I would like to better understand the Indicated Range and Trip screen. I know about vampire drain, but I wonder if this is normal. Yesterday's morning, the car was showing 181 miles. This moring - the remaining range was 87 miles and distance since last charge was 78. 23.4 KWh...
  37. O

    Not getting enough miles

    we have been on the following trips so far and here are the numbers 1) destination 80 miles but car consumed 150 miles 2) destination 98 miles but car consumed 130 miles Mine is a 75D Model X bought brand new 4 weeks ago. Why this discrepancy especially when the 237 rated miles factor in...
  38. K

    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    I've got a 2013 Model S 60 with ~42k on it. Drive normally in LA (traffic, no freezing weather). Original range was 208, now can't get past 165, about 20% down. Repeated visits to Tesla service end up with the same answer: the battery is fine and nothings wrong; essentially, "sit down and shut...
  39. E

    60KWH usable capacity on 2018 model S 75D?

    Hi, Guys , I have a 2018 Model S 75D. It’s about 1 month old and has done 2000KM. I am in Australia and the temp is perfect now about 10-20c. My AVG. energy consumption is about 200wh/km. I usually charge the car to 80% during night. When I found the battery drop to 60% , the console showed...
  40. O

    Can hight voltage battery die at all?

    Hello guys! I'm looking for used Tesla model X from a salvage auction, and I'm pretty worried about fact that cars staying unplugged for 4-8 month. So there is a questions, can (!) hight voltage(main, not 12V) battery completely die for staying unplugged for half of year? Searching for this...
  41. ishareit

    Confusion regarding battery capacity

    Hello all... I have some confusion regarding how much usable battery capacity my 2017 75kWh RWD car has based on the trip information from my drive today. We left with 100% charge, did not stop anywhere on the way and arrived the SC with 5% charge remaining. The trip stats for this trip as...
  42. dndcruz

    Model 3 maximum battery size is 75kwh

    Elon replied saying this : @kryniog The shorter wheelbase only allows for a 75 kWh pack in Model 3 at current cell/module energy densities..... So with this we can assume the largest battery size for the model 3 will be 75 kWh , makes sense why they removed the 60kwh model s , and made the entry...
  43. Darryl

    Tesla Announced 100kWh will be the largest battery for X and S

  44. singleview

    Charging habits?

    I know there's been several posts on the virtues of not charging to 100%, on not worrying too much about this etc. But I thought it would be interesting to find out your general charging habit as it relates to charging your Tesla to a 100%. Feel free to add any comments/insights. Thanks!
  45. S

    Information needed by Transport Authorities

    Hi Tesla Owners, I have imported a Tesla Model S 90D (2015 version NOT face-lift) The Transport Authorities needed me to answer these few questions. I need assistance/help. These are the questions I was asked regarding the imported car and also to provide "supporting" documents: 1) Battery...
  46. Master One

    So has anyone already received a new S 60 with software-limited 75 kWh battery?

    Is it still speculation, that the battery of the new S 60 can be charged till full (=80% of real capacity) at all times without downside? the software-limitation is implemented in a way, that the charge slider does not allow to be moved beyond 80% (capping capacity only from the top end)...
  47. Three60guy

    Impossible to hurt current 70D locked battery?

    Greetings: First, let me say I am proud to join your club. Next week I take ownership of a 2016 Tesla Model S 70D with a 75 KW battery in it. I was one of the lucky ones to order a 70D prior to Tesla changing back to a 60D. I was given the option to unlock my 70D and turn it into a 75D but...
  48. B

    New 70, comes with a 75 (disabled) would 100% charge ~ 93% charge

    We all know to help retain the life of the battery we must sacrifice range on daily charge to 90%. If the new Model S 70 is "really" a 75, would charing the battery to 100% really equal 93%? My question isn't if I should change to 100% regardless, just curious about how the artificial lowering...
  49. mtavel

    Countdown for 75kwh pack in Model S?

    A little backstory, I've been planning to get a Model S since before they were unveiled. I put down a deposit for one as soon as reservations opened up - but I had to cancel as the price of the car went up, and the recession of 2008 just got uglier. Here I am now, still saving my pennies to...
  50. Z

    To Increase Range, Could Tesla Just Stack Battery Packs?

    Recently visited a Tesla store and saw the "simple" design of how the battery pack is the floor. With a flat design, couldn't Tesla just stack the battery packs to increase range and battery capacity? It seems like it would make sense, especially since everything above the undercarriage is just...