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battery chemistry

  1. cpobuyer

    Loud noise from battery

    Hello, For my 2015 P85D, I have started noticing loud noise from the car both when it is parked and when it is on the road. Being somewhat sensitive to loud noise, this has become an issue for me. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Sound from inside the cabin when the car was on the...
  2. mspohr

    10 New Battery Technologies

    10 disruptive battery technologies trying to compete with lithium-ion Good survey of new battery development
  3. A

    Model 3 - Preheat battery - Winter Range Concerns

    Hello, I have finally decided to make the plunge and get the model 3. Put in the reservation two days ago. I was going through different forums and found this topic in this forum saying range loss of 33% during winter conditions (33% range loss in cold winter conditions). I thought these cars...
  4. C

    No fans on supercharging

    I’ve noticed that I have not heard the fans on my model S churning away during superchargering. This struck me as odd given how hot it’s been during the day lately and how when I plug in I hear other Tesla fans blasting the battery with cool air. Should I be worried? I queried it with Tesla who...
  5. EV-Tech Exp

    My Analysis and Explanation of Tesla's Battery Pack

    I've recently finished a three part video series to explain Tesla's battery technology. Tesla's battery technology has undoubtedly revolutionised the automotive industry, and given the historical significance of the battery pack, I thought it worth looking into further. Part 1 explains the...
  6. EV-Tech Exp

    A review of Tesla's battery technology

    I'm currently creating a video series to review Tesla's battery technology in detail; the first video is all about the cell and it's format, size and chemistry. I've been lurking on these boards for some time but thought it was about time I signed up, starting posting and hopefully this...
  7. JohnnyLounge21

    Low SOC = Terrible Supercharging

    My apologies if this has been discussed, but I did a search and didn’t see anything on it. . . About a 18 months ago, I was in a 2014 Model S P85+ loaner while the Roadster was getting its annual. On a road trip, I ran the battery down to -2% rolling up to a Supercharger. When I plugged it...