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battery consumption

  1. J

    2022 Model Y initial Wh/mi very high

    Hello, This is probably not a concern but just curious to know if it is. I recently got my MYLR with 19" Gemini wheels and have logged about 680 miles. When I look at the Current Trip Wh/mi reading as I start driving, it starts at 0 and goes upto 600 Wh/mi and sometimes 900 Wh/mi when I turn...
  2. C

    Model 3 Standard Range + Canadian Winter

    Hello all. I am a Canadian and was wondering if you could put minds together and help me with this question. My concern is How would a -25 to -30 degree c weather would affect the battery and performance of the car. Would the car be heated enough from charger through a 240v charger while...
  3. gnuarm

    Wh/mi vs. kW

    In theory kW consumption of the engine can be converted to Wh/mi by dividing by the speed in mi/hr then multiplying by 1000. Sounds great, but what if the kW number displayed on the dash is only the engine usage and doesn't include all the drain from the battery? I say this because I see...
  4. J

    Two miles of charge to get one mile of driving

    Hi folks. We recently joined the Tesla family with our purchase of a Model S 75D. Loving the car BUT disappointed by the fact that our car seems to use 2 miles of battery charge for one mile of driving. For example, drove just under ten miles the past two days but the battery dropped 23...
  5. M

    Consumption since last charge accuracy

    MX 75D delivered in August. I started questioning the trip computer summary which indicated kWh used since last charge. For example, this morning I left with 70%. Now in the picture it shows 60%, and 6 kWh used, which means 10%=6 kWh or 100%=60kWh. It's doesn't make sense as I have 75D which...