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battery degradation

  1. B

    Scheduled battery preheating vs. battery degradation

    As a new Tesla owner I am wondering about scheduled pre-heating of the battery. I understand that with a cold battery, regenerative breaking and probably acceleration is limited. What I don't know is how driving with cold battery influences the long term battery degradation? (in my daily 40km...
  2. Tagar

    Popping sound when supercharging at 250kWh

    Moderator note: For context, this thread was originally posted to the Model X forum. I was supercharging at 250kWh for ~10 minutes and heard three unusual popping sounds under the floor, somewhat loud, in different parts of the floor (first one was on the right side, and two other ones were on...
  3. G

    Measure the current capacity of the hv battery

    Hi, is there a any accurate way to measure the current capacity of a Tesla model 3. I read about charging to 100%, discharging it and do the math, but is there not a more accurate way to do this? If its not possibly on my own, is it possible to do a measurement in a workshop?
  4. N

    Teslamate projected range down about 2% within just a month of purchase - M3LR

    My first post. First of all let me express my thanks and appreciation for all the info that you guys have put together. I have been spending a lot of time recently on here reading about the specifics of the car (especially the battery, expectations, maintenance, degradation calculation, etc). I...
  5. A

    Displayed Range, Watts/Mile, Calculated Battery Capacity on 2021/2022 Model 3s

    I am considering trading my 2019 LR RWD Model 3 with 19” rims for a 2022 M3P or 2022 M3 AWD. I am trying to judge the real-world range and battery capacity that I would have in a new car. I’d lose radar, and homelink. I’d pick up acceleration and restart the warranty. Not sure what my real...
  6. K

    Helping Tesla battery development

    I am a Penn State faculty member working to create capacity for large-scale, automated, large-field, high-resolution microCT instrumentation. I know that battery terminal degradation is a significant problem, especially with fast charging. Functional change correlates with morphological...
  7. N

    How long do EV main battery packs last before failure (not just manageable degradation)?

    To start with, I'm not asking this question to attack Teslas or EVs in general. I love my model 3 and wouldn't change it for anything (well, perhaps a new model Y...) How long do EV main battery packs really last before they fail entirely? I'm talking about battery failure making the vehicle...
  8. C

    8% degradation after 9k miles, wtf?

    Hello everyone! So, I read a lot about proper battery maintenance (or so I thought), but I’m sitting on 8% degradation after 5 months and 9k miles… which sounds like way higher than most people experience and is pretty worrisome. I charge my battery to 80% everyday as soon as I get home from...
  9. juli1

    Sudden loss of range

    Hi all, Since I got my Model Y, the charge slowed down by a few % every month, which is totally normal for normal usage. However, within two days, I went from 311 miles of range to 303 miles. I had absolutely no change in usage pattern, use the car the same way every day. I know that very...
  10. P

    Okay to Supercharge regularly at 72 kW?

    It's often said that regular supercharging is discouraged due to potential long term battery degradation. However, the outlet near my parking spot is currently down. I see some 250 kW and 72 kW (urban/city super chargers) near me though - would regularly charging with the 72 kW ones (for the...
  11. A

    BTX5 Battery Versions

    Hello all, Thanks first all users for the knowledge shared in this forum. Impressive. After a few years buying and testing a first EV (Renault Zoe, as a second "city" car) we are very satisfied and I am now looking to buy a Tesla S to replace the family car (3 kids). I went through various...
  12. JTesmod3

    Is this normal battery degradation for this 2 year old long range model 3?

    It's a 2018 model 3 long range with 19s. I suck at math, please help me out to check if this is normal Battery is charged to 90% and has 253 miles. Car has 36,599 miles
  13. CertLive

    Model 3 Customer cannon fodder & the right to full refund Dekra Report

    Its been a rather frustrating time owning a model 3. It was meant to be part of an enjoyable YouTube series which ended in me personally not wanting to poster something of bad quality. Yes I held back. I have documented here the cluster of a pickup experience with pictures and video in another...
  14. S

    When to use the ESS Service Disconnect?

    Hey everyone new member here! My goal is (and has been for 10 years) to purchase a roadster, and I am here to learn as much about them as I can. Are there any downsides to pulling the Service Disconnect if you are going on a multi week vacation or storing the car for an extended period? I have...
  15. D

    10500 miles, 10% “degradation” already?

    Hello there, my Model 3 Long Range AWD is one year old and is showing a 10% less range than day one. I don’t know when this happened because I set the car to % battery and never locked back...until I did and didn’t like what I saw :/ When I got my car the range was 499km ( 310 miles ) and now...
  16. CertLive

    ABRP Battery Degradation Comparison Post / Poll

    So its a rather hot topic here and there now seems to be a clear report of degradation from the car via ABRP when connected to your Tesla with software version. I wondered if people would be interested is posting their cars stats up and see if there is a trend. I rarely super charge so 85% of my...
  17. P

    2016.5 90D Charging Questions

    Hey all, first time, short time. I'm looking at purchasing a used 90D with 55K miles on it (my first tesla). At the non-Tesla dealership where I found the vehicle they charged the car all night and it only showed a range of 252 miles. Is this an indicator of issues with the battery or is...
  18. venezing

    Model 3 Standard Range+ owners... how is it in New England?

    I’m very close on pulling the trigger on a Standard Range Plus. I wanted to see how everyone’s experience is owning it in New England. Range loss in the winter? Driving on the “great” roads of New England (I live in Western Massachusetts) How’s your paint holding up? Do you have snow tires...
  19. J

    the reason I didn't buy a Taycan Turbo S but opted for a 911 in the end

    I'm writing this post, mostly because I've been struggling with this alot and maybe, just maybe I'm not the only one ;) Currently I'm driving a Tesla Model S 100D. I 've done about 70.000km. One of the reasons I wanted to buy a Taycan is because the Model S has had many issues. The most...
  20. LHendren

    Maximum Charge of 40kW from 3 different SC's

    I tried charging at 3 different SC locations and 6 different charging stations (less than 55% battery charge starting out) and the maximum I could get was 40kW. Any suggestions? I rebooted the system on two occaisions. A couple of weeks ago, I charged at 13 SC geographic locations with an 88...
  21. B

    Concerned Battery Degradation Raven MX

    Need some advice about the amount of battery degradation my 2019 Raven MX 100D has experienced. I have tried to do a search but I can’t get a straight answer. I took delivery in the beginning of June last year. I have approximately 12k miles on it. I charge it almost exclusively at home level 2...
  22. Z

    Battery degradation after 5k kms

    Hello all, not sure this is what to expect but I am kind of worried. now with 5300kms the car at 90% charge goes to 427 km of autonomy. considering the initial 530km range at 100% this means I lost 10% in 4 months and 5300 kms. never charged the car in super chargers or even fast chargers...
  23. ybbor

    TeslaFi Battery Report - What does your LR car charge to @ 100%?

    I'm curious what your Long range Model 3 charges to at 100%. My Performance 3 is around 276 miles at 100%. I take very good care of my battery. Just curious where everyone else is at. For reference, the day I picked my car up it charged to 302 at 100% and has been going down ever since...
  24. F

    Model 3 Battery Degradation 3% after 1 year 4 month use

    Car specs: Model 3 LR RWD with 42,000km/26,000 miles after 1 year 4 months. Situation: I've been driving and charging the vehicle to 90% every night. Last couple of days I noticed that the car only charge to 87% now. 3% degradation seems high for 1 year use. Questions: 1) Are any...
  25. P

    Battery degradation or BMS error?

    Hi everyone, I slow-charge (220v) my model 3 to 90% (confirmed by the battery% display). Initially, it used to estimate a 90% range of 232 miles, but it has steadily been dropping. Yesterday I saw an estimate of 225 miles when I unplugged. I only have 4k miles on it, and I average about...
  26. gnuarm

    Battery Capacity Down to 86.8% After 18,000 Miles

    Many here suggest the battery should be occasionally cycled between 100% charge and near 0% charge to keep the charge measurement calibrated. So I did that a couple of times. The first time the battery took a very long time to finish after it had reached 100%. It indicated around 8 kW...
  27. O

    Software crash on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d)

    I am on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d) 1) software crashed while driving earlier today. The car continued driving and responding to acceleration, brakes etc but it was a scary moment, the software restarted automatically 2) battery consumed far more than needed. I have an approx 10 miles round trip...
  28. chevycc

    M3 Winter driving causing battery degradation?

    First of all, before that someone complains, reason to post in CA forum: 1. number in km, don't want to deal with math 2. more users driving in cold climate With that out of the way, here it goes. Car in question, LR RWD M3. I usually set my charge limit to 80%. And I try to schedule the...
  29. mspohr

    Tesloop Model X at 350,000 miles

    Battery degradation 13% Total of $18,000 maintenance cost ($0.05/mile) White interior is in almost perfect new condition Exterior paint in great condition (cleaned daily)
  30. K

    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    I've got a 2013 Model S 60 with ~42k on it. Drive normally in LA (traffic, no freezing weather). Original range was 208, now can't get past 165, about 20% down. Repeated visits to Tesla service end up with the same answer: the battery is fine and nothings wrong; essentially, "sit down and shut...
  31. C

    No fans on supercharging

    I’ve noticed that I have not heard the fans on my model S churning away during superchargering. This struck me as odd given how hot it’s been during the day lately and how when I plug in I hear other Tesla fans blasting the battery with cool air. Should I be worried? I queried it with Tesla who...
  32. meloccom

    What’s your 90% in Rated Range on an 85KWH Model S

    My Model S 85 is now 3.5 years old and I have watched the rated range slowly fall at each charge. Some of the change is battery degradation and some is likely changes to the calculation algorithm during updates. Currently when I charge it stops at 90% with 423Km rated range. How does this...
  33. Piney999

    S85 Battery Degradation

    I know this thread has been done before, but I am looking for some fresh data. For the S85 folks out there, whats your milage, and whats your 90% rated miles. I am at 101,000 miles and my 90% is 203 rated miles... That seems too low, but I want some more data points. I still love the car...
  34. P

    Displayed range takes no account of battery degradation.

    My car (2016 90D, Model S) has a slightly degraded battery (72-73 available kwh) and it still displays a 275 mile range when fully charged. My actual range, driving at 340 wh/mi, is about 200 to 220 miles. The cars display of range takes no account of battery degradation. This was a dealer demo...
  35. D

    75K miles and counting

    I bought my Model S P85+ Tesla in October 2013. It's been almost 4 years of happiness with my car. Amazingly after 75K miles it's just like new inside and out, except for for the regular dents of normal use. Battery degradation? When the car was new the battery charged to a max daily use of...