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battery heating

  1. D

    Optimal Battery Temperature

    I am not currently a BEV owner, so I'm just trying to get a handle on how the cold will affect BEV uptake for myself, and any other people in my region (Calgary, AB) that I happen to have this conversation with. For starters, I'm a winter person. I love snowboarding - backcountry, as well as on...
  2. J

    Battery heating without the app.

    The Tesla app in my smartphone has not been able to consistently communicate with my car. Sometimes, it just won't connect, so I can't heat up either the passenger compartment or the battery in advance of driving. With the temperatures dropping lately to single digits (F) where I live (in...
  3. Matias

    Vampire drain in freezing temperature

    I have one question, which is not very actual at the moment :wink: If you leave Model S unplugged in sleep mode and temperature is below freezing, will car let the battery get as cold as outside temperature, or will it try to keep battery's temperature above some limit? At least this video...