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battery life

  1. F

    Charge or Not charge to 100%

    Hello, I just pickup my 2013 M3P last Saturday and I'm confused about charging. I have seen sources telling to charge to 100% and others to go between 60-80%. What's the correct for the 2013 model? Attached pages I found online searching
  2. C

    8% degradation after 9k miles, wtf?

    Hello everyone! So, I read a lot about proper battery maintenance (or so I thought), but I’m sitting on 8% degradation after 5 months and 9k miles… which sounds like way higher than most people experience and is pretty worrisome. I charge my battery to 80% everyday as soon as I get home from...
  3. E

    Significant loss in mileage

    Just curious if anyone has seen a massive loss in mileage lately? My Model Y (2020) was at 512km (318 miles) at 90% charge when I first got it in September. Now, it's down to 405km (252 miles) at 90%. The Tesla repair shop says that's completely within range of a normal battery. I call bullshit...
  4. E

    Model X battery operating at roughly 50%....

    I charged my model X to 94% in order to make a 120 mile trip. It’s a 2018 model X with 30,000 miles. I have the 75D. It is telling me to stop and charge or else I will arrive home with 3% battery. I am driving in range mode on the interstate going 68 mph. I should be able to make a 120 mile trip...
  5. C

    Battery life changing at home

    Hello, we got our model S recently and just realized we can't put a good breaker is our home for 60A charging or even 30A since we are already at the limit. We have been charging at 15A I wonder if this has any negative effect on battery life, I grew up with the idea that slow charging Li...
  6. gillfoto

    Notification that too much charging can harm Battery

    Pity I didn't do a screen capture on this notice from App. The message was to the effect that charging to full capacity can be harmful to battery life. This happened just two days after download of latest OS 2021.4.6 e44dbab07c42. I became aware the battery was at 300 miles; prior to this we...
  7. D

    Question about free charging

    I purchased a Model 3 in March, just in time for the country to shut down. Nowhere to go. After 6 months, I still have under 2000 miles. My free 1000 miles of charging will expire at the end of October and it seems to be a waste no to use it. Here's my dilemma. I drive just a few miles a...
  8. A

    This can't be right, bad battery or normal?

    I took my first small day trip yesterday with my new MY. When I left my house, it said I could go 274 miles. I was traveling 98 miles away. I figured roughly 200 miles round trip would give me 74 miles fluff and that I'd be ok. I've heard that I'll never get 315 mi but guys, it wasn't even...
  9. Mikedrives

    Can I charge to 100% in this case and still have maximum battery life?

    I have been following the recommendation to only charge to 100% for trips, and to charge to the top of the daily driving range the rest of the time. But our Model 3 SR started life as a Model 3 SR+ and then took a software downgrade. I had them dial back the 20 miles of range and some AP...
  10. D

    Rated Range Cold vs Warm & Charging

    The Rated Range in my 6-month old SR+ is now about 237 when warm ambient and about 227 when cold (<30 degrees F). So charging to 85% when warm gives me a little over 200 miles rated range, but 85% when cold gives about 193 miles. Is charging up to, say, 100% when cold as detrimental to the...
  11. rwang

    Battery Won't Charge Past 41 miles P85 2012 ModelS 110k miles driven

    we hit an issue with the battery last week where we no longer can charge the battery past 41 miles. Seems like a lot of the cells are out. Looks like we'll get a replacement battery Anyone else with this issue? Please share!
  12. E

    Model S Battery Question

    I have a model S. The other week while driving a 40mile drive I started around 220miles. The miles were RAPIDLY dropping near the end of my drive. For every mile I drive about 10miles were taken off my miles left to drive. I arrived with less than 65miles on my battery for a 40mile trip. Mind...
  13. D

    How much battery is lost when car is parked for long periods?

    Anyone left their car for an extended period of time without charging? Can the model 3 Long Range be left parked for 70 days without charging it? Will there still be battery to start it and move it to a charger?
  14. jpaz

    Arizona, the good and the bad

    For those of us in the Southwest, the summer heat is here. I've noticed the vehicle is a bit noisy when I first get in and drive off and presume it is the battery cooling system doing its thing. So far, ,it has been as high as 117 Fahrenheit, based on the thermometer reading on my dash panel...
  15. GasKilla

    Does charging multiple times a day reduce battery life?

    I have the option to charge at work using a 120v outlet, after work where I exercise 240v, then when I get home on 240v. Will charging multiple times a day (on different voltages) effect battery life? Should I only charge a few times a week when I really need to add range? Honestly I could get...
  16. MSEV

    Advice Please: Charge Every Night or Not

    I have a short commute to work (6.5 mi). I may have another short errand to do on the way home, taking me up to 20 mi round trip. I believe Tesla recommends that you plug in every night. I wonder about things like the number of cycles of the battery. I have been charging to 80%, but only on...