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battery range

  1. P

    Need replacement tires Continental, Michelin, Hankook for Model 3 long range

    Sorry to be asking this question again but I find the information confusing in the different forums. Probably because the data is subjective. However, if the new tires I get are noisier then the current OEM Continental ContiProContact RX with Silent Tech, I'll never hear the end of it from my...
  2. W

    My range increased!!

    My range increased from 335 miles to 370 miles! It’s great but I don’t know how or why! About a week ago I noticed as I was charging at home, it allowed me to charge up to 369 miles! Ever since I’m able to charge to this higher amount like it a permanent increase in range. The Tesla tech...
  3. M

    Overview table with SC times for different versions & models?

    Hi I’m doing my research to potentially buy a second hand model s, but I’m reading that SC speeds can sometimes be very disappointing, depending on the model / version. I read about chademo, ccs and it’s not clear to me. It feels like I’ll be waiting a loonggg time at those SC during my...
  4. Mata Hari

    Battery range questions...

    I placed a deposit on the Cyber... I am currently driving a Volvo hybrid. I am considering buying an S or 3 until the cyber truck is available. I admit to having range anxiety, and owning an older 60 is out of the question, but a 75 or 85 might be possible… Here’s the question… I live in a...
  5. K

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    i bought my model 3 in aug 2018. After the software upgrade I only got 316 miles when charged to 100%. Last night I got only 312 miles from 5% SOC to 100%. A 4% degradation within 10 months? Have others degraded similarly?
  6. Q

    370 Range: Rated vs Ideal

    I have a 2019 S100D. This morning I charged the battery fully, prior to a long trip. My rated mileage showed 335 miles full, while ideal showed 417. The stated mileage is supposed to be 370. When Tesla advertises a range of 370, are they talking about rated or ideal? I haven’t been able to...
  7. F

    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    Hi, the estimated range on my midrange model 3 has dropped to 219 miles at 100% charge. Average wh/mi since taking delivery has been 240. 7800 miles on the odometer since 11/2018. Brought this issue up during multiple service visits and got the same answer over and over again: it's just an...
  8. D

    Isolation Fault

    P85D 2015. August 20 ? Firmware update scheduled. Temp controlled Garaged Ambient temperature in 70’s. Next morning dash message “ cell low voltage undriveabke call service. “ but charge “49%” then everything black. No app connection either. For several months I have been complaining about low...
  9. primo

    Available vs Actual Range

    I took delivery of my model 3 AWD about 3 weeks. Loving it so far! I have noticed one thing. I am not overly concerned but wanted to see if this is typical. I do not seem to be getting the battery range that is displayed. For example, I drove 33 miles today so far. I started the day with...
  10. T

    Possible battery issue?

    I traveled 290 miles from the twin cities to Madison Wisconsin for the holidays and had planned to stop at one Super Charger on the way to complete my trip. I kept EAP/TACC at 77 the duration of the trip. Unfortunately, I ended up having to stop at two Super Chargers to make it the entire way...
  11. K

    Roadtrip - Model S - 75D

    Hi All, We are planning a road trip How is the supercharger network, someone might have travel the routes, With a range of 240m do we have supercharges to support the drive (distance apart) OR do I need to pick a different route.
  12. J

    Week old 75D lost 17miles projected range - Normal?

    Hi All, I’ve done a bit of research but can’t find anything about a car this new. I picked up my 75D less than a week ago, and on a 90% charged had projected range (the range displayed on my dash) of 241 miles. After a road trip to get tint/wrap (about 500 miles) and using Superchargers about...