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battery size

  1. Schradey

    (not so) Wild guess about MY SR RWD battery capacity?

    Just took delivery of a SR RWD Model Y last Friday in Scottsdale AZ. I've been scouring the web ever since to find documentation of the battery capacity... to no avail. Unfortunately, I have no access to the scanning tools others mention on the forums, so I'll guess: Although the window...
  2. Y

    What battery sizes will Tesla offer with the Model 3?

    I was thinking we should have a poll for this - what do you think Tesla will offer in terms of battery sizes? Personally, I think Tesla will offer two battery sizes, around 60 kWh and 80 kWh, for something like 220 EPA miles and 290 EPA miles.
  3. T

    Oppinion/Feedback for a battery please.

    I am working on a project. I believe I need a battery that charges somewhat slow, and when full, can discharge quickly. I would be charging it with an electromagnetic induction. Therefore not a non stop current, but would be able to stop the flow of the current from coming back out of the...
  4. Babylonfive

    New Flurry of P delivery dates: are all these 85KWh models only? 8 (

    Hey timdorr: are all the current flurry of new emails and on-line deliver dates for P's just for 85KWh models? Does it look to you like they are skipping lower reservation #s with 60 and 40 KWh packs? It looks that way, as I cant see one person getting the beloved 'email' with anything but...