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battery technology

  1. C

    Model S 85 research opportunity

    In collaboration with a major engineering university in Tennessee, I am looking for volunteers with P85 or P85D Model S vehicles that are willing to loan their cars for the development breakthrough battery technology. The company I represent will offer to provide a rental vehicle, or to be...
  2. T

    Oppinion/Feedback for a battery please.

    I am working on a project. I believe I need a battery that charges somewhat slow, and when full, can discharge quickly. I would be charging it with an electromagnetic induction. Therefore not a non stop current, but would be able to stop the flow of the current from coming back out of the...
  3. callmesam

    Fourth Quarter 2013 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call - LIVE BLOG

    ​I will be live blogging the conference call at 230PM PST. If you have any thoughts or suggestions before we go live, please post them now. Here is the link to audio: Tesla - Events Presentations LINK TO REPORT...
  4. delanman

    Another High-Energy Silicon Battery Technology - From Start-Up Amprius

    After a similar article in 2010 about Tesla using Panasonic's newest battery technology that still has not been fielded, MIT Technology Review published an article Jan. 10 about a new battery technology from a start-up called Amprius. Startup Gets $30 Million to Bring High-Energy Silicon...
  5. Electric700

    Could Tesla Use Zinc-air Batteries at More than Five Times the Energy Density?

    A company called Eos is close to commercializing zinc-air battery technology. Imagine a Model S with this, able to go over 1,500 miles on a single charge with the same battery dimensions (or 750 miles if the battery dimensions are halved)! Zinc-air batteries have an energy density between 5 to...