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  1. vanR

    DIY Tesla Drive Unit Repair

    Check the youtube channel I started about DIY repair of the Tesla Large Drive Unit (DU). This may benefit those who like to fix their car themselves, epecially if it's out of warranty. Here is the link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCIHg1trfQQTYIA88w-ZcCdw Background: The DU in my 2012 Toyota...
  2. T

    Annoying noise at high speeds on Model S

    Hey! Hope everyone is doing well. Here I am with another question, rather a mystery for me this time. Skip to the QUESTION part if you are not interested in my little trip which I will mention shortly as I am very very happy with my car. I feel like sharing. :) I just had a 2750km trip by...
  3. D

    Wheel bearing torque

    Does anyone know the torque for the four screws on the backside of the wheel bearing at the front? Is it 90Nm, the same as on the S?
  4. EVTuning

    Vendor New Replacement Axles and Hub Bearings for Model S!

    EV Tuning has partnered with GSP to bring New Replacement axle assemblies to market. We now have both rear axles, front axles and the jackshaft available. Save 40% over buying them straight from Tesla. For a number of vehicles they're out of warranty and have had some sort of axle failure...
  5. R

    Tire specs on the new high efficiency Model X

    Hello, I tried to post this in another thread but because of the lack of response i thought i’d Post here. I have a x 90D with almost bald tires and been waiting to hear more about the new tires on the redesigned X. since it seems the new tires add additional effficiency i am hoping maybe it...
  6. K

    What's this noise coming from? (videos)

    I've had this noise for about 6 months now. It sounds like a roller bearing going bad...what might the experts in this forum think it is? Here is a link to 2 videos recorded on a fairly smooth road: Video 1, Noise Recording - YCF197.mp4 and 1 more file The sound has the same frequency as the...
  7. m0rph

    Motor/Gearbox bearing - what about that hum?

    So, I'm developing a new problem since a few weeks.. Between 120 kmh and 130kmh (75-85 mph), I have a hum that is quite apparent. It disappears as soon as I accelerate hard, but is there all the time when cruising at highway speed. Now I've read on the German TFF forum that I'm not the first to...