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  1. Madeindex.org

    Q & A - Gigafactory Berlin Grünheide - Protests & Expansion Construction

    I have recently written an article about the expansion and protests at the Gigafactory 4 - Berlin Brandenburg. It was also published by Cleantechnica today. The background: The area was close, i decided to go there to check out what the fuzz in the news is all about and to form my own opinion...
  2. tomcat

    New feature identification / tracking

    I recently ordered my Y in the U.K. and am aware of a couple of new features or enhancements that are coming down the line and would like to know at what point these will be introduced. Tesla seems to be as tight-lipped as Apple when it comes to announcing new features or updates and, since...
  3. T

    What is under construction at each factory?

    I am curious do we have through understanding about what is being constructed at each factory? If a thread already exists for this then please point it out to me, My understanding is as follows: Berlin General purpose facilities Paint Shop Battery production facility Stamping facility Model Y...
  4. navt

    How Tesla Builds Its Factories So Quickly

    If you are a bit of an engineering geek like me, you might enjoy this.
  5. ZachShahan

    Cleantech Revolution Event In Berlin, Germany

    Hey, People! In case you haven't seen, we're launching a "Cleantech Revolution Tour" event in Berlin April 9–10. One day is focused on EVs, and one day on solar power. The latest partner to join the event is EnergyTransition.de: EnergyTransition A New Partner! | CleanTechnica Here's an...
  6. Ingineer

    Elon interviewed in Berlin

    Interesting interview: All Charged Up in Berlin Handelsblatt Global Edition If the article is paywalled for you, it can be viewed through Google's cache: All Charged Up in Berlin Handelsblatt Global Edition
  7. ev-enthusiast

    Tesla Motors in talks with German Government - Elon talks to Sigmar, Berlin Sept.24th

    During his European Tour Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is in Germany this week. German Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Google translate; German abbreviation for the Ministry: BMWi), invited Elon Musk to a talk called "Future Economy". The talks will take...
  8. Chris

    Tesla Besitzer in Berlin?

    Gibt es Tesla Besitzer/Enthusiasten, die Lust auf ein Treffen hätten? Ich bin dieses Wochenende in Berlin
  9. hobbes

    Model S invasion at Berlin Electromobility Conference

    This is a screenshot of tonight´s news magazine tagesthemen on German TV: Looks like all EVs in Germany are Teslas :). People from the German forum organized a big meeting there to show that electromobility is a reality already, really successfull obviously! The conference was organized by...
  10. D

    Voor zichtbaarheid - 100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015

    100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015 Hier meer, maar met een niet al te beste thread titel meer: Wereld record E-auto's Berlijn - 23 mei Ik ga iig :)
  11. Talkredius

    100 Tesla Model S on the road to Berlin 14-15.6.2015

    Berlin, June 14 to 15, 2015 It's party time in Berlin! The electric wave steamrolls the city!! Willkommen // Elektromobilität – stark in den Markt // Nationale Konferenz der Bundesregierung 2015 On June 15 and 16 (featuring Angela Merkel and Alexander Dobrindt as special guests on...
  12. rogbmw

    Tesla Circles Berlin!

    Just saw this.
  13. S

    Hello from Berlin & wondering about headliner (top speed pic included)

    Hello, I am a very happy P85 driver, black w. grey interior, 21 inch grey rims, from Berlin, Germany. I have the pleasure to drive many performance cars, and was generally unhappy with the direction Porsche, Aston and all the others are going. When I wanted something new the only real choice...
  14. C

    Meetup in Berlin

    Anyone interested in a meetup in Berlin? http://www.meetup.com/Tesla-Motors-Berlin/ The Tesla store should open here soon...
  15. E

    Charging in Berlin

    I am going to Berlin on friday, but I can not find any public chargers that can be accessed with out a RFID-card. Is there any 22 kW charger with a Mennekes Type 2 plug open 24/7? Best regards Martin
  16. I

    Tesla Roadster presentation in Berlin

    In the VDI-NEWS, which is a german newspaper for engineers, is written, that Tesla will introduce his Roadster in Berlin on 13. August. As an student of electrical engineering I want to see the TESLA. Does somebody know where this presentation will take place?? greets IGBT