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  1. T

    FSDb 11.3.6 to 11.4.2 doesn't reset strikes

    Hey guys! Just putting this out there for anyone else thinking about it. I finally got pushed to 11.4.2 today. Since I was at 4 strikes, I forced a disengagement to hit my 5th strike causing the 2 week lockout prior to the update. I then updated to 11.4.2 and it changed the lockout to 1 week in...
  2. E

    No FSD Beta Request Button

    No FSD Beta Request Button. I bought a 2018 3 with FSD and already in the beta program. Of course the first thing I did was transferred the car to my account and factory reset it. It cleared the data and 10.69 was still there. But no FSD. Drove for a couple days and still no FSD. I did another...
  3. TessieRed

    FSD Beta for legacy Model S/X with MCU1 (2022.8.10.8)

    Hello all. I am excited and relieved to say with update 2022.8.10.8 Tesla has brought FSD Beta to Legacy S and X owners with MCU1. I downloaded the update hit the button and was told my cameras needed replacement? I’m a bit confused because I’m already on HW 3.0 and had my cameras upgraded...
  4. pan

    Is it possible to leave FSD beta and return?

    I’ve been on FSD beta for over six months. Although I’m happy with the beta, the pace of new updates is slow. Lately, new non-beta software updates include new features I’d like to try. If I canceled the FSD beta, could I rejoin the beta program easily?
  5. mtbwalt

    Advice for new FSD Beta drivers?

    Just soliciting advice from experienced FSD beta testers for those of us joining the program. In particular I am interested in how and when to report issues back to Tesla (I have heard about a camera button that sounds like it is a reporting mechanism); how to avoid the dreaded forced...
  6. WhiteAdobo

    Finally Got FSD Beta

    Wanted to let everyone know that I just got FSD so they are currently accepting people. I previously had a 100 score with 2500 miles. After 3 months I decided to opt out for the night and back in to see if resetting everything worked. Maybe something got hung. Today I finally got the download. I...
  7. G

    No Safety Score Showing - USA - iOS -v2022.8.2 (latest)

    I have No Safety Score Showing on the app - USA - iOS -v2022.8.2 (latest) I had FSD Beta on my traded in 2018, this is a new 2022 M3 Performance. I read other posts so I tried all I could find I have tried: Logout/Login iOS app Restart Phone Uninstall app reinstall Opt-Out, Opt-In Reset car (2...
  8. M

    FSD Beta - Disengagements, what happens?

    Once you reach five forced disengagements, what happens? Does the car automatically disenroll you or does it come with the next update? Are you eligible to qualify again via safety score or are you permanently disqualified? I ask because after 600 miles of FSD Beta I had no forced...
  9. D

    Has anyone received the FSD Beta software update in between rollouts?

    Although FSD 10.3.1 went out on Monday to the 99s, I achieved my 99 on Tuesday. Now I am, not so, patiently for my software update. Has anyone recieved their FSD Beta software update in between mass rollouts once the target safety score was achieved? If so, how long after achieving the safety...
  10. AlijahSimon

    Have any 99s received FSD 10.2?

    I’ve had a safety score of 99 since Thursday with well over 1000 miles. Despite checking frequently throughout the night (Saturday night into Sunday morning), I never received FSD beta 10.3 on my 2021 M3, and I never received any email. I’m not sure if I got unlucky in the roll out or if that’s...
  11. Vrgs13

    Refreshed LR & Plaid FSD News & Complaint Thread

    Thought I would start a thread regarding all of us with a 2021 LR or plaid that had a perfect score all to be let down and not get the beta. This thread is for anyone to voice their opinions on the matter as well as vent about it and also updates everyone if we hear any news as to why we didn’t...
  12. R

    is anybody using Lane Assist beta?

    I just got a Model Y. I was going to use Lane Assist and I got a message that I needed to enable it in the settings. When I started to enable it, I got a warning that it was a Beta version and should be used with caution (something like that). Is anybody using Lane Assist? Do you recommend...
  13. S

    Autosteer alert disengages with the scroll wheels

    While autosteer is engaged in my 2020 M3, I used to nudge the steering wheel with my hands to remove the alert, "Apply light force to steering wheel", on the display while autosteer is engaged. A few weeks ago, I accidentally adjusted the set speed when the alert showed up and it vanished. Ah...
  14. dst87

    Beta Testers Wanted: iOS Sentry Mode viewer

    First, I hope this post isn't against some rule. If it is, please let me know and I'll remove it. My husband and I have been working on an iOS app to view TeslaCam footage from any USB storage device. This makes use of the new capabilities in iOS 13. We've got something that pretty much...
  15. T

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    Hi everyone, So I understand that AP 2.0 is still "beta" which is kind of frustrating to begin with because I purchased my AP 2.0 Model S in December and its almost May and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel when a fully rolled out version will become available. Anyway now that I...
  16. Skotty

    Why Autopilot Is Considered Beta

    Hey everyone. I just really wanted to share my own thoughts on why they might be calling Autopilot a "beta" product. First, I don't really put a lot of weight on it to begin with. Some think a beta shouldn't be released to the public, but who's to say what is beta and what is not? It's...
  17. gjunky

    Will there be a Model X Beta Event?

    The model S had the October 2011 event to show of it's Beta version. I am curious to see if anyone has any information or thought on a similar event for the Model X? And yes, I am impatient and would like to see the (near) final version :wink: