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  1. tonybelding

    Piëch Mark Zero

    Piëch Mark Zero Concept – Electric Two-Seater Targeted for 2022 Aside from the new Tesla Roadster, this Piëch Mark Zero is the only upcoming electric sports car I've seen that I feel like I might be able to take seriously. Even though it hasn't been unveiled yet, this preview article is...
  2. mspohr

    IONA Truck and Van

    Meet IONA Electric Truck & Van: Equipped With Battery & Ultracapacitors Good to see more options. These look good. Interesting that they have ultra capacitors to moderate load on battery.
  3. Cloxxki

    Panoz BEV entry for 2018 LeMans 24h

    Panoz unveils all-electric GT project for Le Mans I love this to bits. I've been advocating dual battery chemistry setups for performance and economy gains for a while. Until a chemistry hits the market that gets bot great density and really high charge rate (for regenerative braking), it's the...
  4. I

    Any Upcoming BEVs with AWD besides the Germans?

    Looks like most Japanese car makers are making an about face with Toyota, Honda and even Mazda announcing they will be producing BEVs by 2019/20. The Germans are at it too with BMW and MB likely taking the lead with VW very much behind promising something by 2025. With AWD, I understand that...
  5. mspohr

    Aston Martin: "Forget Tesla, we'll lead"

    Well, it looks like another car maker has woken up to the potential of electric cars. "The UK-based manufacturer has teamed up with Chinese technology company LeEco to bring an electric sedan, the Aston Martin RapidE to market in 2018. Palmer points out that rivals Ferrari, Bentley and...
  6. Beckler

    Aston Martin DBX concept EV

    Unfortunately just a concept, but this is probably the only thing that would even be in the same league as Model X: Aston Martin DBX Concept Photos and Info Car and Driver