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  1. M

    Mountain bike fit into Model Y trunk / cargo area?

    I have an XL mountain bike and wanted to see if there is a trick/tip fitting it into the trunk (seats down) of a Model Y without removing the front wheel of the bike. Maybe using the sub-trunk to stick in part of the wheel or handlebar? Just wondering if somebody has figured it out, before I...
  2. SisOne

    Precious Cargo: Securing bike inside vs. out

    I am an avid cyclist and every vehicle we own has a bike rack, however, I am reluctant to add hardware to the roof of my new MS. I have a custom Ti Seven road bike and a carbon Argon18 gravel bike, which means that a cargo solution would help keep these sweet wheels more secure. I have...
  3. G

    Compare Over 500 of the World's Most Popular EVs

    Every few days I stumble across a new company building a new electric vehicle. The pace of innovation in the EV space is truly incredible right now, so I built this dashboard to keep track of all the world's top electric vehicles. ZAP EVs | Find Your Next Electric Vehicle Check it out!
  4. FrunkLover

    S Thule Roof Bars - Black

    Hi all - selling my Thule roof bars. They work great, for I believe all glass and moonroof models where the little glass door flips open on the roof. My car lived in its garage for its whole life, used bars about 1/2 the year. Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Xl Black 7604B JY-CMT-NTN14796-7604B...
  5. ckarner

    Model 3 Roof Rack Price went up.

    Had it in my shopping cart yesterday at $450 first thing this morning try and checkout and get error. Refresh page and to my dislike $600 Model 3 Roof Rack
  6. plugsnotdrugs

    Model 3 Roof Rack - best bike attachment

    Hey Model 3 owners with roof racks, I've bought and installed the roof rack and love it - it was super simple and looks great. Now, I'm looking for a roof mounted bike rack system that will support 2 bikes (no issue if that means buying qty. 2 for optimal performance). I've seen a couple...
  7. shauna

    Hitch Bike Rack for Model 3?

    Does this exist? I see there is one for Model X, will it fit Model 3?
  8. Mike Tuccelli

    Bike lane speed limit signs

    Florida is establishing bike trails statewide. The asphalt bike trails sometimes parallel the highway with speed limit signs of 20 posted. More often than not, my Model S will display the speed limit as 20 even when it’s actually 65. Anyone else have this issue please?
  9. R

    Thule Roof Rack Crossbars For Sale

    I recently traded my 2015 S for a 3. Now I have a Thule Roof Rack crossbars (and 2 Whispbar bike holders) that I'd like to sell. Apologies if this forum is not the right place. If that's the case, please point me in the right direction. Important detail - As I recall my S was manufactured...
  10. K

    Tesla Bike

    What do you guys think of this Tesla Bike concept? Behance
  11. M

    Bike rack that fits a Model 3?

    I'm looking for a bike rack to put on the trunk (not hitch or roof) and I have found many that are on sale right now, but Im not sure if they'll fit or not. I looked on the company sites to see if any of them will fit my car, but they don't include Teslas in their lists. Has anyone had...
  12. P

    Fit bike in trunk

    Has anyone tried fitting a road bike in the Model 3 trunk without removing the front wheel? I have a 56cm frame. Thanks!
  13. Sandman1962

    Bromptons in the Trunk

    I just want to share that it is possible to put two Brompton Folding Bikes in the trunk's footwell space. This still leaves a ton of cargo space in the trunk with the seats up. After a bit of trial and error, the only way it worked for me was to place the bikes upside down. I used padding to...
  14. C

    I've been looking for a way to convert a bike to e-bike

    Electric bikes seem to be in the thousands of dollars. I'm researching do-it-yourself options and will let you know what I find. There on some products online that sound promising, like this one. Do you think there is enough interest in electric bikes to start a website or club? Fast...
  15. Chris

    Whispbar and/or bike mount

    WTB Whispbar for MS. And bike mounts. (Need to haul the kids and two bikes around so trunk is not an option)
  16. vangogh

    Nice Bike Rack for the X....

    Went on smoothly in <15 minutes (pretty good for the first time figuring things out)...LOVE IT...1UP USA.... 1UPUSA.com :: Home No hitch extension required....but hatch will hit bikes in both positions when opening if rack/bikes not tilted rearward.....
  17. pox

    Model S 85D Frunk and Folding bikes

    It looks like it might be another year before we get some more super chargers in Wyoming. My current plan is to use RV parks to make it out of the state on long trips. I could plugin to a 50amp 240 for an hour or two and take a bike ride. I was looking at the threads on folding bikes and and...
  18. hyperpretension

    Can It Fit A Bike?

    As an avid cyclist, the third-most frequently asked question I get from friends and family is, "Can it fit your bike?" Yes, much easier than the SUV my Model S replaced, and with both wheels on. Seeing the small pic on the Model S webpage of a bike in the back is what got me to take my test...
  19. PhilBa

    folding bike that fits in the frunk?

    I'm not sure best place to post this. Mods, please move it if there is a more appropriate place. Update: thought I would summarize this thread for those who come looking later. Bikes that have been reported to fit or ones I have personally tested: - Brompton - Dahon Uno - Dahon Mariner - Dahon...
  20. detlefo

    Yakima Whisbar Rack on Model S

    Yakima's fit guide says that the Whisbar rack is not compatible with the Model S. They are correct, however, with a very slight modification it will fit perfectly. The only incompatibility is that Yakima uses a 6mm threaded rod to connect the rack to the cars mounting point. Tesla's mounting...