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  1. SanDiegoM3

    San Diego: CCA and solar install on Friday - do I stay with CCA, do I have a choice? Other noob questions

    Hi everyone! I'm getting my Tesla solar installed on Friday and I'm currently on EV-TOU-5 and I'm in the CCA instead of SDGE. Is there any practical difference between being with the CCA versus SDGE? If there is, do I have the option to swap to SDGE as part of going solar, or maybe after...
  2. tanderson92

    Credit Card Errors

    Last week I knew I'd be traveling this week, and I logged in to update my credit card expiration date. Since I couldn't update the card, I deleted the current payment method and re-added the card with the new expiration date. I thought everything went well until today I received a warning after...
  3. gnuarm

    The Future of EV Home Charging and the Grid

    The typical home built in the last 40 years has 200 amp service and so can draw up to 40 kW continuously. I've read the distribution grid is designed for an average load of 4 to 6 kW per home. Can anyone confirm this number? Depending on the part of the US you live in many homes use a heat...
  4. YauKwan

    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    Im posting my adventures with getting PSEG to change my standard residential billing(RS) to Time of Use billing(RLM) and hoping some of my experience and some of my contacts will be useful for someone looking to do the same thing in North Jersey PSEG area. So i've reach out more than a month...