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bio defense

  1. LargeHamCollider

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    This thread is to explore the feasibility of retro-fitting HEPA filters to Model Ys that were manufactured without HEPA filters standard. I don't own a Model Y but my parents have one that was manufactured in December 2020. My mom is quite sensitive to pollen and other particulate and I'd like...
  2. NoMoGas

    2020 Interior Retrofit (2014 MS) + Heated wheel / Bio Weapons / Refresh

    Upgraded my 2014 Model S from this... To This... Also added heated steering wheel, and bio weapons defense mode... Thanks to the guys at EV FIXME in Costa Mesa, CA! I absolutely could not be happier with the work that has been performed.
  3. S

    Anyone traveling thru Calif this Summer/Fall check fire map

    If you are planning a road trip thru California this Summer or Fall, you’d be wise to check and keep checking the Calif fire map to locate wildfires in the area you might be passing thru or heading towards. Wildfires season is well underway already. If conditions are windy fires can quickly blow...
  4. M

    Bio Defense MODE QUESTION Pollen

    A few question. I have a model x with the bio hazard mode. ..."As Tesla describes it, “The biodefense button is designed to allow clean medical-grade air into the cabin and keep contaminated air out. When deployed, it pushes the system into full fresh mode, pulling all HVAC air through the...
  5. Haxster

    PUP is kind of a rip-off now

    Without adding the automatic rear liftgate, it's price is STILL $3,500! I ordered it on my 90D mainly for the liftgate. For me, the other features were mostly useless or of little value: Bioweapon filter: I may use this noisy air blaster every year or so when I drive thru the stockyards on...
  6. T

    How does the Bio Weapon filter work?

    Hey Guys I am curious to know how the bio weapon filter works in the MX. Does the filter only filters the air coming from out side or does it also filters the air with in the cabin. A few days ago, I order fast food and turned on the bio weapon to filter out the food odours but I couldn't...