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  1. Farzinfar

    Hepa Filter Biodefense Model Upgrade and Option Code

    Hello everybody While I am still wondering how someone disconnected a Tesla wall connector from my car while charging (Read more here please: Tesla wall connector issue), I have one question about the upgrade I made to my car this week. Yesterday, Tesla upgraded my Model S with normal filter...
  2. S

    HEPA/Biodefense in Model 3?

    Does anyone know if Elon has been asked about including HEPA/biodefense in Model 3s at some point? We have it in our S and really would like it in our 3 if it becomes available. Might even be willing to wait to place our order if it does, especially if we can get sunroof and SAS. Unfortunately I...
  3. B

    Bio-defense during hay fever season

    It is peak grass pollen season here in Willamette Valley Oregon. If I am out in it, it's all kinds of not OK. In the S with Biodefense activated, its terrific. Really good. But I do have questions. I assume that anytime outside air is pulled in, including biodefense off, it goes through...