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black screen

  1. B

    Touchscreen black but "functional"

    I saw a lot of threads on black screens or unresponsive touch screens but nothing on what I'm seeing. 2017 Model S 75D, just upgraded to MCU2 the weeks ago. Started driving yesterday and the center screen never turned on. I pressed the scroll wheels to restart it, the backlight came on but I...
  2. Shpigford

    Model X seemingly bricked—black screens all around, reboots don’t work

    Have a 2021 Model X with roughly 15k miles. Drove the car multiple times today without issue. Parked the car at home for about an hour and went to leave and the instrument panel wouldn’t come on, though center screen would. I first did a soft reboot and then neither screen would come on. I...
  3. D

    Black Screen - had to reboot

    Day 7 of owning our MY LR and this morning the screen was black upon entering the car and it would not go into drive. Performed the two button reboot process. The car is on Software 2021.3.101, which as I understand it is a firmware from the factory and the car will eventually be update to the...
  4. LuckyLuke

    MCU1: Black center screen / mcu failure caused by a faulty navigation MicroSD card

    Hi all. Just a informative / warning message from me :) There is now a new, until now largely unknown, reason for getting a full black center screen on a first generation MCU1.0 found on cars up to and including 2015. This report does not cover the newer 1.5 MCU found in 2016 and newer cars...
  5. B

    Stuck in"Waking up"

    Ever since the last update, I am repeatedly getting stuck in "Waking up" on the app. weirdly, the car will open and even drive, but the screen is black, so it's dangerous. So far, everytime this has happened, it was after a cold night where the car was not plugged in. The first time it...
  6. bchan911

    Startup Issues

    Hey y'all! Just wondering if anybody has experienced this or knows of a fix...? I've had at least 6+ instances since taking ownership of the vehicle taking a long time to start/boot up when I get into the car. The car is able to detect my phone and auto unlock on approach but when I get into...
  7. K

    Screen crash after update 2020.28.5 on model 3 LR?

    We've had our blue 3 LR since December 2019, and this is the first time I've experienced a screen/system crash like this! The car has been parked in the garage a lot more often due to Covid and WFH, that said we recently set the do not lock at home feature, and let the update for 2020.28.5 run...
  8. E

    Service Center Drove Over a Nail - Wants Me To Pay

    OK, my title is a little one sided. I'll explain... I sent my car into service to check acceleration shudder and the 17 in. screen going black (refreshing) while driving. The screen issue started after update 2020.8.1. Due to the Corona Virus I have not been driving my car for the past week...
  9. H

    IC (Instrument cluster) went black during MCU eMMC swap

    Car Details: P85+ with AP1 - EU version 2014/12 184.000 km Instrument cluster, Gen2 - 1004788-00-D (The one with the heat-sink on the back and NOT the fan) MCU1 Overall: MCU got a eMMC swap. The first two attempts was unsuccesful (Black screen on MCU). Bad image or something like that. The...
  10. Bet TSLA

    Black screen: MCU replaced (lost state, firmware version went backwards)

    On Friday night my Model 3 LR RWD (December 2017 build) screen went dark and unresponsive. This happened while it was sitting parked. Although I was able to do various things (turn on the headlights, move the seats, etc.) the display was quite dead. Scroll wheel reboot did nothing. After...
  11. S

    New Tesla Model 3 -keeps rebooting screen

    Hello everyone I am new to the Tesla family and loved it first few days! however on the 5th day or so I noticed the screen kept rebooting (with screen going black and reappearing with the Tesla logo). tried restarting it but no luck on fixing the issue. I noticed it happening more when...
  12. MountainPass

    Vendor How To: Perform Hard Reset on Tesla Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  13. Rajainmiami

    Screen needing reset twice in 2 days

    Good Morning. This happened to me twice now this week. I get in the car and press the brake, only the screen in front wakes up and the car is drivable, but the main screen remains black. No AC, no music. I had to reset by pressing the brakes and the two scrolling wheels for a while to turn it...

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