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  1. michidragon

    2019.32.2.2 Blindspot Detection Limited on back country roads..?

    So the reason I bring this i up is: I've been getting "Blindspot Detection Limited" warnings since a week after I got my car in Dec. 2018. They usually came up completely randomly and lasted all day. They've replaced pretty much everything related: Every camera (some several times), the camera...
  2. H

    Window tinting caused "Blindspot Detection Limited" alert

    FYI: Problem when tinting windows Yesterday I had the windows tinted on my new Model 3. After leaving the shop, I immediately got a warning to the effect: "Blindspot Detection Limited, Camera Visibility Reduced". This warning would not go away and I was unable to use my Autopilot at all. At...
  3. kishdude

    No blindspot warning on Model 3?

    I just took delivery of my Model 3 yesterday and absolutely love the car. For reference I've driven a Model S P85 for the past 5 years. But I'm not used to the autopilot and not sure how it's supposed to work and am looking for some answers to a couple of questions. First, is there no...