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blink charger

  1. srs5694

    Blink Tesla compatibility -- vaporware claim?

    I recently noticed a few new Blink Level 2 EVSEs pop up in my area on PlugShare (one actually replaced a ChargePoint station that had been reported as unreliable, but another is so new that the soil around the stations had clearly been recently disturbed by the installation). Previously, I'd...
  2. gnuarm

    Blink Network Website Down

    I'm trying to plan charging for a trip tomorrow and one of the locations we are stopping at has a Blink J1772 connector. It is not clear if I need to pay and/or if I need an account so I tried to reach the Blink web site only to find it down. Anyone know how the Blink network operates? Are...
  3. cdub

    Bent pin on my Blink Charger?

    As I patiently wait for my Model 3 invite to config so I can upgrade from my original 2011 Nissan Leaf, the Blink charger that came with the car (aka the Spawn of Satan... charger NOT the car) seems to have developed another issue besides just deciding that it doesn't want to work sometimes. I...
  4. Marito

    Shared Parking spaces (Disabled/EV)?

    Just saw this at an IKEA in Miami. I was hoping to charge my X while there, but someone who definitely needed the spot more (disabled) was already parked there, which got me thinking... What if it had been the other way around? What if a disabled person had to park farther from the entrance...
  5. reddy

    Blink residential chargers downgraded to 24 amps without warning

    I've had a Blink in my garage since March 2011 when my Leaf arrived. Outside of it needing a new SD Card once to boot from, it's been reliable. After we added the Tesla, I didn't mind so much that it could only deliver 30 amps when the MS can handle 40 amps. I was surprised the last 3 -4...
  6. LJordan

    Blink Chargers at IKEA in Bolingbrook, IL

    I was at the Bolingbrook IKEA today. There are now 4 Blink chargers that are operational. Oddly, the Blink Mobile App and Web Site does not show these chargers. The IKEA is near the junction of I-355 and I-55 at the I-355 Boughton Road exit. See...
  7. A

    What EV Charge Station Memberships are PNW Tesla Owners using?

    Was wondering what EV charge station memberships PNW Tesla Owners are using? Expecting delivery of our Model S in April. Will frequently make trips to/from Bend, OR and various OR coast destinations; and probably quarterly or so to Seattle, WA. Not worried about local charging in PDX w/the...
  8. TonyWilliams

    San Diego LEAF meet invites Tesla drivers, Nov 17, Santa Ysabel

    If you would like a nice Saturday morning mountain drive in your Roadster or Model S, San Diego LEAF owners would like to buy you breakfast at our next meeting: Link to the beginning of this conversation. Saturday Nov 17, 2012 10am - 1pm Start planning your "long haul" adventure to...