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  1. Parikhrr

    Available 2017 Tesla Model S 75D for Sale!

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2017 Tesla Model S 75D for Sale!. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Parikhrr

    For sale 2017 Tesla Model S 75D for Sale!

    I am the original owner of the car and it has never been in an accident. It drives like a dream. No problems at all. The current mileage is 55,400 and the range with a 100% charge is 230 miles. FREE SUPERCHARGING FOR LIFE OF CAR!! 2.0 Hardware! Compatible with FSD. Clean Title, One owner...
    or best offer
  3. 3

    $65k for a PA 2021 Refresh Blue Model S LR with FSD only 12.5k miles

    Now asking $65k for a 2021 refresh Blue Tesla Model S LR with FSD and only 12.8k miles. Located in Pennsylvania in philadelphia area close to New Jersey, New York. This spec sells for $89,240 when buying new on Tesla’s website right now. The car has a clean title, like new, no issues. Options...
  4. A

    Model 3 long range Lease takeover

    Hello, I have a 2022 blue, long range model 3 and I’m looking for someone to takeover my lease which ends November 2023. $0 down payment. It has a very low mileage balance. The monthly is $750 but I’m willing to subsidize the monthly payment a bit or potentially pay a transfer fee to you to...
  5. B

    1800 miles driven 2022 Tesla Model X LR with Full FSD and 7 row seating configuration up for sale

    Tesla Model X LR 1800 miles Full FSD 7 seat configuration Blue color 22” premium wheels Current List Price: $146,490 Delivery Date: June 2023 Asking Price: $140,000
  6. K

    FS: 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range - Clean - 12.5mi - Blue/White - Ceramic Tint

    Hello, I’m selling my Tesla Model 3 Long Range It has blue exterior, white interior Located in California, Irvine Asking 57k obo 15% all around / 70% windshield tint tint is by Suntek Evolve 11939 miles currently Premium Connectivity until 5/7/23 Home kit installed Clean title, 0 accidents
  7. B

    2019 Blue Model 3 LR FSD New Tires Wheels Ceramic Tint and Coating 69k miles $45,400

    Selling our Blue 2019 Tesla Model Long Range Rear Drive with bunch of nice extras. Price reduced, lowest price in the area with Full Self Driving prepaid ($15,000). Range 290 miles at full charge. Have title in hand. Clean carfax. No issues with the car and in great condition. Paint is high...
  8. C

    Model Y colour change after ceramic coat?

    I’m considering deep metallic blue for my new MY. I saw a post here where someone ceramic coated their DMB MY and the blue appeared slightly darker and I really dig the colour! I’ve read on articles that ceramic doesn’t really alter the colour. For those of you who know anything/have a...
  9. Troglodytes

    $69,420 - Tampa - '20 Model Y LR - Blue/White, FSD, 20", 13K miles, Homelink, Tow Hitch, Full Body Stealth PPF, & more extras!

    This car has been babied. Non-smoker, clean interior, garage kept, charged to 100% exactly twice for longer or overnight road trips, rest of time limited to a max charge of 70%, only hand-washed, still in original warranty period. Super charged for exactly $2.43 of power just to test it out...
  10. TBWGold

    2018 Mid-Range Model 3 - Low Miles!

    Located in So. Cal (Los Angeles) area! 2018 Mid-Range Tesla Model 3 Low Mileage – 18,100 miles Deep Blue Metallic Premium White Interior Enhanced Auto Pilot – summon, auto park, self-drive and switch lanes on highway Tastefully modded; never tracked Recently replaced 12V battery (replaced at...
  11. U

    Tesla Model Y 2022 Wrap

    Hey everyone New to TMC and I wanted to share my new 2022 Model Y that’s s been fully wrapped. In case other menbers are interested in getting their Tesla wrapped and inspire some ideas. Enjoy.
  12. M

    Tesla Model Y (Blue/White) Reservation to transfer account

    Tesla Y Blue with White interior. 9.5K price difference. Contact me if you are interested. Ask is 4K or BO. Thanks
  13. K

    Anybody else's car get "repainted" with the latest update?

    Obviously, this is the least thing from a big deal, but with the latest update did the color of your vehicle in the Instrument Console change? I have a late 2014 build with the "Metallic Blue", a deep subtle blue that fits me quite well. Well, after the latest update, the standard car image...
  14. S

    New Tesla model Y for delivery

    I have a new model y ready to be delivered in 5 days. It costs 9k less than current retail. I would like to make some cash out of it. Long range Blue with black interior 5 seats with tow hitch and full self driving capability
  15. S

    New Tesla model Y for sale/ready for delivery

    I am having a teslA model Y ready to be delivered in a week. Any one interested to buy? Long range - Blue with black interior- 5 seats Tow hitch added with self driving feature I placed order with 9k less than retail, would like to make some cash from it.
  16. H

    Model 3 LR Reservation For sale VIN Assigned

    I have a reservation for a model 3 LR in blue with 19in wheels and white interior to sell. If anyone is interested in purchasing from me let me know. VIN is assigned and delivery says March 8-12. I don’t know how to go about transferring the reservation but if anyone wants to buy it and has...
  17. J

    Paint Repair Kit Deep Blue Metallic (PPSB) - New

    Hello. I sold my Model Y and thankfully did not need to use the oem paint repair kit. I purchased the paint kit from Tesla, which retails it for $60 plus tax. Kit was never used and I am asking for $50 shipped. Thanks
  18. S

    Tesla Model X 75D 2017 (Warranty, Price Negotiable, Specifications Listed)

    *Reposting to include the missing specifications* I've enjoyed my time as a Tesla Owner. I've learned that the things I love the most in a car (quiet cabins, autopilot, low cost of ownership) are found in the Nissan Rogue. I'm looking for a good home for this beauty. Feel free to call or text...
  19. S

    For Sale: Tesla Model X 2017 Blue 75D With FSD Capability Good Condition $69000

    Located in San Francisco Bay Area 5YJXCDE20HF060879 52607 miles Certified Pre Owned From Tesla so the warranty is extended until 60,000 miles or August 28, 2021 75D All-Wheel Drive Deep Blue Metallic Paint 20" Silver Wheels Black Leather Seats Standard Interior Five Seat Interior Full...
  20. S

    Does anyone want my mylr order before I cancel?

    I was trying to push my order. But it just jumped from March-April to next week. I’m Bay Area. Delivery set to seaside. Mylr blue black induction with tow If I can’t find someone who wants it I’ll be canceling. I bought a demo unit before thanksgiving and wanted to hold this one as long as...
  21. BEEZR

    Sold 2014 Model S "75" RWD Pre-AP (60 upgraded to 75 by Tesla)

    $32,000 Purchased this car CPO from Tesla in June 2016; it was about two years old with 53k miles, mostly highway driven in Florida. I am the 2nd owner. I moved from WA to OR, which appears on the Carfax as a 3rd owner (I've submitted a correction for this). In January 2018 Tesla replaced the...
  22. G

    Wall charger - Solid Blue Light - Will not charge properly - Solid Blue light equals firmware update needed on the wall charger.

    I wanted to post this so that I could maybe help others with this issue. If you have a solid blue like on your gen 3 tesla wall charger this is a simple firmware update that was fixed by calling the tesla wall charging dept. 877-961-7652 have your wall charger ID number ready. You do not...
  23. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  24. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  25. H

    Blue Model Y waiting room

    I’ve been lurking around multiple waiting rooms but only saw a handful of Blue MY being delivered recently. It seems like Tesla does manufacturing in batches for orders with similar specs, so was hoping to gather more data points from those that ordered Blue. Here’s mine: OD 6/10, completed...
  26. K

    2021 Model S PLAID for sale

    I received one of the first Model S Plaids delivered to the Philly area on June 24. I drove it a couple of times and decided I can't handle the yoke driving for my every day car. So, sadly I need to sell this car. It has been sitting in garage since June 25, undriven. Total miles on the car...
  27. R

    Model 3 Deep Blue Metallic Front Bumper Fascia Eugene, OR

    This bumper has very slight damage from a piece of road debris on the passenger side corner, but is in great condition other than that! The damage is minor enough that 95% of people would never notice it unless they already knew it was there. Pics coming soon! Located in Eugene, OR $600
  28. J

    Portland - 2013 Model S 85, 107K Miles $32,900.00

    Approximately 107,000 Miles Approximately 249 Miles range when charged to 100% Clean History Free Lifetime and Unlimited Supercharging Free Premium Connectivity (Stays with the Car) Rare Dark Blue Exterior Paint Tan Leather Seats - Recently Reconditioned All Glass Panoramic Roof...
  29. J

    Tesla Model 3 LR RWD with FSD. 2018 - California. Asking $39k OBO

    List of options purchased: - Full Self-Driving Capability - Enhanced Autopilot - Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive RWD - Black Premium Interior - Deep Blue Metallic - 19" Sport Wheels - Rear Heated Seats Sticker was $63k Clean Title. No accidents. No damage of any kind. VIN ***109006 Want to sell...
  30. M

    2015 Tesla Model S 85 Auto Pilot Warranty 52,000 Miles in NJ

    2015 Tesla S 85 Dark blue Autopilot 1.0, cold weather package, panoramic roof and power lift gate. Full bumper to bumper Tesla warranty until September 2021 or 100,000 miles. Current mileage is 52,000. Title in hand. $38,900
  31. DNorris89

    Volk Te37 Ultra w/ Michelin pilot sport 4s and TPMS 20x8.5 +36 5x114.3

    Selling my forged Volk Te37s with performance tires and tpms sensors. 20x8.5 +36 and 235/35R20. Wheels are like new, no curb rash/ bends cracks etc. Tires have less than 2000 miles on them and even wear. Center caps are not included** I am not looking to ship but will travel a reasonable...
  32. Y

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    Figured people would appreciate pictures to help decide between colors and right now the photos are scattered everywhere on the forums/web. Lets have a thread for the blue and keep editing to a minimum. Here is my (unedited) Model Y Performance with PUP and white interior to start things off.
  33. H

    '16 Model S 90D Rear Facing Seats 32K miles Blue $51K

    I'm looking to sell my 2016 Model S 90D for $51K * 32,429 miles (as of 12/2/19) * Rear-facing seats * Deep Blue Exterior / Grey next gen seats * Free, Lifetime, Transferable Supercharging * Smart Air Suspension * Subzero weather package * All Glass Panoramic roof with Sunroof * Ultra High...
  34. S

    2015 Model S - 70D AWD for Sale. Autopilot, Leather Seats, free Supercharging with 50K Miles

    Hello - I am interested in selling my blue 2015 Model S 70D AWD with autopilot . It is in very good condition and has about 50K miles on it . The car has upgraded interiors including leather seats, premium wood trims, sound system etc.. The car comes with free supercharging, weather mats and a...
  35. ICE2EVGuy

    Model 3 - The Amazing, the not-so-amazing and the ugly!

    I have read countless Model 3 reviews with similar details, so I will try to make this as distinct as possible! Background I am coming from a Mercedes CLA 250 that I drove for 5.5 years/ 67k miles. My wife drives a 2017 Mazda 3 - which we both like for the incredible value for money it is! We...
  36. DeedWest

    2010 Roadster 2.0, Electric Blue, $14K in upgrades, 44K miles - $57K

    It is time for the most upgraded Electric Blue Roadster’s torch to be passed! 2010 Roadster 2.0 VIN 523 of 1464 (U.S.) Original MSRP $122,140 Factory options: Electric Blue Premium Paint, Premium Interior, Forged Wheels, Solar Guard Windshield, & Paint Armor Car contains FOUR keys (two...
  37. Sagedaddy

    Deep Blue Metallic Waiting Room

    Forgive me if this already exists...but I haven’t seen one. Since Tesla manufactures in color batches, I thought this would be helpful to us blue hopefuls. 4/1/16 Reservation 6/28/18 Configuration Blue, AWD (Non-P), Aero 7/27/18 Updated to white interior, online account not updated Fremont...
  38. A

    2015 Model S 85D - Blue - Roseville, CA $57,500

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D 85kWh Battery, 270 miles of rated range FREE SUPERCHARGING at the Tesla network FOR LIFE Dual motor, all wheel drive Autopilot features Deep blue metallic paint All-glass panoramic roof Premium interior leather and lighting Tires are less than 2 months old Ultra high...
  39. Akamra

    Tesla Model 3 delivered in Honolulu for sale

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range (310 miles) Car #10 delivered to the Hawaiian Islands Lucky VIN ends with 5555 FAQ * Is it still available? Yes, this post will be removed when sold. Please message us only if interested in buying the car. Serious buyers only please. *payment method? Down Payment...
  40. D

    Pricing Question - Tesla Model S 2016.5 P100D

    Hi Everyone, I'm considering selling my October 2016 Blue Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous. The car has every option including Rear Facing Seats and is a bit of a unicorn as it has perforated heated and cooled seats and AP1 that works flawlessly. I currently have 20,750 Miles and the car is...
  41. Freedom101

    Blue Xpel Stealth vs Xpel Ultimate (side by side)

    I pulled into my xpel installers driveway yesterday to have a small bubble drained. To my surprise, my twin car was there so snapped this photo for side by side comparison an those untrusted:
  42. Freedom101

    Finally Pulled the Trigger - Blue 90D!

    Hi guys, I wanted to thank everyone for all the useful information I've found on here (I've been skulking for a while). Yesterday I finally pulled the trigger at the Vancouver (West 4th) Tesla store. Both Matt and Preston helped me with information / test drive and I wanted to thank them as...
  43. N

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous 3k miles Blue

    I am selling a blue Tesla Model S - Price is 94k 3k Miles - Brand New Condition Range Upgrade Deep Blue Metallic Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 21” Silver Turbine Wheels Grey Next Generation Seats Carbon Fiber Decor Carbon Fiber Spoiler Ludicrous...
  44. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Dr. Torres' Unplugged P85

    Dr. Torres recently came to us with a problem. He loved his Model S but there was another Tesla owner in his complex with the same Model S. Same color, same interior. Dr. Torres wanted to do something different but wanted to upgrade his S in a way that would allow him to drive to the hospital...
  45. Mknac

    Delivery Date is .,,

    August 17!!
  46. SpeedRacerM5

    2013 MS 85 / 19k Miles / Deep Metallic Blue / $49,900 OBO / Rebuilt / 90d Warranty / Price Reduced

    Hi everyone, ** This is my second posting of the car. I've decided to drop the price and provide more detail about the car's history. I've also included more pictures via the link below. For sale is a Deep Metallic Blue 2013 Model S 85. The car was purchased at an insurance auction in Dec 2015...
  47. Ohji

    Deep Blue Metallic - Silver vs Grey 21s and ?Figured Ash

    Hi all, I am in the 1 week grace period for my Model S order, and I have a couple of questions: 1.) I went with the silver 21-inch turbines to go with Deep Blue Metallic, as I think the contrast of the wheels looks amazing. I had a hard time deciding between the grey and silver wheels...
  48. R

    2012 Blue Model S 85kw for sale.

    Navy metallic blue Tan leather interior Still under warranty Tech package and sound studio package Panoramic roof for welcome extra headroom Paint armor 31,000 miles and newer tires Super charger ready Garage kept, one owner, and very good condition Can be readily shipped anywhere MSRP was...
  49. SpeedRacerM5

    2013 Model S 85, 13,689 miles, Metallic Blue

    Hi guys, I'm selling a Deep Metallic Blue 2013 Model S 85. The car is a two owner and has been taken great care of. The battery performs very well and reaches 265 miles on a 100-percent charge. I have only range charged it twice for very long trips and it's normally kept no more than 90-percent...
  50. jbadger

    Electric Blue Hard Top - Bay Area

    Hey guys, I am selling my electric blue Roadster hard top for $3000 or best offer. It's in perfect condition, no dings or scratches. I'm in the San Jose, Bay Area and have no idea how to ship something this large so local pickup would be preferred. Thanks