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bluetooth audio

  1. R

    iPod Touch no longer connecting via Bluetooth

    My iPod touch (model A1574 version 12.5.7) no longer connects to my 2019 model 3 (version 2023.38.4). Tested and the car connects to my iPhone, and the iPod connects to other devices, including other teslas. Anyone have any fixes?
  2. Colorado Y

    Music status gone?

    I don't have Premium Connectivity, so I listen to Spotify on my phone via Bluetooth. It has always displayed a status panel with the song / group and other info. Now that panel is still there if you go to the Bluetooth page, but leave Bluetooth and you lose the status panel. So you can't see...
  3. I

    Steam Deck Bluetooth audio to Model S connectivity?

    We have a Roadster 2.5 (test case) and a 2014 Model S 75D with upgraded MCU. We also have a Steam Deck. In the Roadster we can successfully connect our Steam Deck to the (Alpine) audio system without issue. But in the Model S we cannot pair the devices. The Deck sees the car in Bluetooth...
  4. B

    Caller can hear an echo plus every bump my car makes on car bluetooth

    I just received my Model 3 and had it serviced because of the echo that could be heard by the caller on the other side. In addition, every bump I make on the road they can hear. The service center says that it is common and there’s nothing they can do except have me turn down the volume. I...
  5. J

    Question: Rear Screen audio in the 2021 Model S LR

    New member here so excuse me if this is answered elsewhere. Couldn't find it. I just took delivery of my 2021 Model S LR. I'm hugely pleased with it but I'm confused about one small thing. I thought I read somewhere that the rear screen, which I am hoping can medicate my small children...
  6. W

    No Device Connected Bluetooth Audio Issue

    I am getting intermittent (more than 50% of the time) "No Device Connected" in the Tesla Audio app when I get in the car. I have to go into the Bluetooth portion and manually connect my iPhone which is already listed as an option but just not actually connected. After that it shows up connected...
  7. Dave Mac

    Bluetooth audio/phone notifications

    I had this idea and tweeted it to Elon, but it didn’t get any traction. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Dave Mac on Twitter Text: When phone is connected to Tesla's Bluetooth and “Phone” is not the selected audio source you cannot hear anything, including alerts and tones that may play...
  8. T

    Bluetooth Version in Tesla 3?

    In light of the fact that I am relegated to using the Tesla's Bluetooth to connect to my own High Res music streaming service (Qobuz), Im wondering what is the version of Bluetooth being used in Teslas and whether they ever update that? Is it version 3.0, 4.0, 5.0? (Yes I know I can playback...
  9. E

    Hear my phone’s notifications when connected to Bluetooth but listening to other audio source?

    I did a search but couldn’t find an answer here. So I have two phones - an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I realize I can only have one connected at a time, so at any given time, whichever phone is connected via Bluetooth, my phone’s notifications are routed through the Tesla...
  10. polinter

    iPhone 10x...caller can’t hear me on Bluetooth

    I have a 2019 Model X. My software has the latest updates. I have been having a regular but random problem with the Bluetooth in my vehicle and my phone. The phone and the vehicle both say they are properly connected yet many times the person on the other end cannot hear me. When the phone...
  11. BZM3

    Album Art over bluetooth not displaying

    Very minor problem.. but a bit frustrating as I am listening to music over Bluetooth 90 percent of the time I am driving... I would say about 70% of the time, the album art doesn't load when playing music/podcasts over Bluetooth. Has anyone else experienced this and have any suggestions on how...
  12. McQ14

    Car "hijacks" phone audio while I'm at home.

    I searched for an answer to this but couldn't find anything more recent than 2017, so forgive me if it's been discussed more recently. And it may be a problem for all Teslas, not just the Model 3. But this never happened with any other of my Bluetooth enabled cars. When I'm at home, using my...
  13. dst87

    Tesla Spotify Account

    As Apple Music users, hubby and I are trying to work out the best way to get our music onto our forthcoming Model 3. Given the lack of CarPlay and Tesla’s slightly feature-less bluetooth implementation we’re thinking about syncing our Apple Music playlists with Spotify. Is it possible to...
  14. plugsnotdrugs

    Bluetooth Phone Auto-connect lost

    Since about middle of May, I've noticed 2 issues with the connectivity for my phone's bluetooth and I'm wondering if others have had this issue and there's a working solution 1. When entering my Model 3, the bluetooth connection does not auto-connect my phone. Thus, I have to select the...
  15. srs5694

    Bluetooth problems on phone calls only

    I took delivery of a Model 3 on March 30 of this year. At the time, it was running 2019.5.15, but within a day it had upgraded to 2019.8.4, then 2019.8.5, then 2019.12.1 a couple of days ago, and finally to 2019.12.1.1 today. Through all of this, I've had no problems with Bluetooth connections...
  16. C

    V9 audio glitches

    I'm on V9 (2018.39.7 9736c9b) and I've been experiencing intermittent audio glitches ever since. The entire audio stack cut out (usually with some static distortion as it cuts out -- think of someone pulling a 3.5mm out of a jack while actively playing off that input, that's sort of what it...
  17. A

    Anyone else with Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone XS Max and v9?

    I am really not sure whether the issue is with my X v9 firmware or iPhone XS Max, but when connected my iphone via Bluetooth and playing music, the connection drops after 30 seconds, and music only plays through phone speakers (vs. X's speakers). Even after restarting the phone, doing two...
  18. A

    Talking on the phone (in hand/headphones) mutes streaming audio?

    Just got our Model 3 on Monday and have noticed an odd issue with phone calls. Obviously, the phone is connected to Bluetooth, but when I take or make a phone call without using the car, any streaming music stops playing. Anyone else experiencing this? More details: - Phone is connected via BT...
  19. DJ_S75D

    Long Road Trip: Bluetooth Audio Lag

    BLUF: Movies playing on a bluetooth-connected Samsung tablet have ~.75s audio lag on YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Netflix. Without an 'aux in' 3.5mm port, is there a good way to stream content from these apps without suffering from audio sync issues? A lot of reading on the Internet...
  20. U

    Why doesn't Tesla's Bluetooth support AptX?

    Dump of background information now follows. If you aren't interested in the nitty-gritty of Bluetooth used for streaming audio playback from your phone, you're about to be bored so just skip to the TL;DR. First, we all know that Tesla cars do not have 3.5" Aux In jacks, which look exactly like...
  21. hidbigo

    No audio playback progress meter over Bluetooth

    [Apologies if this is a FAQ.] When I play music in my Model S over Bluetooth -- specifically using the Spotify app on my iPhone -- the Tesla display doesn't show the progress of the song. It does if you use Slacker. This should be technically possible because when I play audio over Bluetooth...