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  1. T

    I'm getting various BMS errors, and my model S won't go into Drive (D) or Reverse (R)

    Hey everyone, new to the forum. My 2014 Tesla Model S (new to me) is giving me the following BMS errors (see attachment): - BMS_u008 - BMS_w141 - BMS_w062 - BMS_w033 - BMS_f062 - BMS_f033 I should mention that the 12v battery isn't holding a charge, so I ordered a new one and it should be here...
  2. thetravelingdr

    VCFRONT_a192, VCFRONT_a180, BMS_a063, BMS_a167 electrical/battery/charging/charge port error codes & issues after UMC_a017 Wall Plug Temperature alert

    So I may have an answer from Tesla Service Center appointment on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the following scenario/scary error messages: UMC_a017: Charge Rate Reduced - Wall Plug Temperature high BMS_a167: Unable to charge - Charge port door must be closed to...

    Battery Failure after 9 months and 15k miles: BMS_a029 maximum battery charge level reduced

    Most likely will need entire battery replaced. MYP noticed degradation from 90% 271 down to 251 in 9 month 15k miles. The warning triangle popped up and no longer charging and I just drove it to SC. Now with the distribution and supply chain woes, this can take up to 3 to 4 weeks. On top of that...
  4. G

    Tesla error code BMS_w150 and BMS_f150

    hi guys, I state that the car is currently working perfectly. However, I usually go to check the errors reported in the notification center although they are not active. I found 2 with the codes referred to in the subject of this post. I immediately opened the ticket with Tesla to ask for...
  5. S

    Preconditioning energy usage - plugged in vs. unplugged

    I thought it might be useful to share what I’m able to see using my Juicebox charger when it comes to preconditioning before departure. The screen shot below was taken after 17 min of preconditioning, while plugged into the charger obviously, and the battery was already at its charge setpoint...
  6. S

    Tesla 2021 SR+ Won't drive (BMS_a151 BMS_a192 BMS_a035)

    After 1.5 Months of waiting, I finally received my delivery last week on 12/28. This morning, I go to my car and get three error messages: BMS_a151, VCFRONT_a192, BMS_a035 The gear will not change to either drive or reverse even though it had 208 miles of range. I called roadside assistance...
  7. G

    BMS Drift - does it really matter?

    So I have seen numerous posts about range decreasing and the wonky BMS, but no one has actually addressed the problem with that. Of course, that's assuming you don't have a faulty battery. I feel like in those cases you'd be able to tell pretty easily. Does having a BMS that's drifted cause...
  8. D

    Error: Precharge too long

    Hello everybody! Maybe someone has seen and fixed problem with precharge circuit? I have already tried to swap DC-DC convertor, motor, nothing changed. Maximal voltage seen as spike on HV line is 250 volts for a second maybe, when car tries to close contactors. It tries many times after some...
  9. CertLive

    The only Battery Answer you will ever need! [Personal Opinion]

    So many understandable questions about battery usage. The answer: Your battery is monitored by a BMS ( Battery Management System ) this gives you a majority slice of the pie which is not down to 0% nor is it up to 100% of your battery. So the answer with the latest generation of cells and the...
  10. P

    Battery degradation or BMS error?

    Hi everyone, I slow-charge (220v) my model 3 to 90% (confirmed by the battery% display). Initially, it used to estimate a 90% range of 232 miles, but it has steadily been dropping. Yesterday I saw an estimate of 225 miles when I unplugged. I only have 4k miles on it, and I average about...
  11. S

    Bench charging Tesla battery module

    Is it possible to charge a model s battery module(384 cells per mod) on a bench? Sorry a newb here, the most i know is that the system is composed of 4v lithium ion cells in parallel groups of 6 connected to other groups in series with a BMS which is controlled by a master BMS. Did some...
  12. S

    I think my car is lying to me...

    So try to follow along with this napkin math. I'm going to define some well known facts to start: A. 90D pre-refresh nominal capacity 85.8kwh B. 90D pre-refresh usable capacity 81.8kwh C. 4kwh brick protection, cannot use (A minus B) D. Watts per mile used to calculate EPA rated range for...
  13. widodh

    DIY Lithium battery project(s)

    As I couldn't find a thread about I figured I would start a thread about it. For the past few weeks I've been working on my first DIY Lithium battery project using 18650 cells from Samsung. I have a old Chinese e-scooter which had 4 12V 40Ah batteries and after they died I decided to replace...
  14. Defiant

    S70D (2015) in paniek bij volle accu

    Een kennis overweegt om aan mij zijn prachtige S uit te lenen zodat ik een goede vriend kan chauffeuren op zijn huwelijk. Hij vertelde me van een wonderlijk probleem. Hopelijk weet iemand hier meer. Hij laadt standaard de auto braaf tot 80%. Maar de paar keer dat hij voor een lange trip tot...
  15. Haxster

    Warm-up before aggressive driving?

    ICE or not, I still feel reluctant to be aggressive with the car right after pulling it out of the garage. I know there's no motor oil to warm up or circulate. No radiator coolant to stabilize warming engine parts... But there are still lubricants in the motors, drive train, and suspension and...
  16. emir-t

    How can ReGen bypass the charger?

    AFAIK when regening you create AC power from the AC motor something converts it into DC and puts it back into the battery. However batteries need a charger in between to get the current and voltage they want. It also takes a while for the battery to communicate with the EVSE when charging. With...
  17. jrickard

    Reading Battery Voltages and Temperatures via CAN on Model S

    We've sold a fair number of our SavvyCAN for Tesla Model S http://store.evtv.me/proddetail.php?prod=TeslaCANKit&cat=28. But this tends to be for the real deal geeks out there that want to log off and analyze CAN message traffic primarily from the Drive Train CAN bus. However, Arthur Hebert...
  18. Sogorman

    Phoenix Heat

    Question for the group... Now that the Phoenix heat is here (115 degrees today) I am wondering if there are any ways I can take care of my S85's battery. Thanks to the scheduling in VisableTesla I typically pre-condition the cabin (and battery) 10-15 minutes before I head to and from work. In...

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