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bmw i3

  1. P

    BMW i3 Owners: i3 mats fit in Model 3

    Car didn’t come with mats so using my i3 mats. Surprisingly they fit in model 3. Rear mats fit fine too. God I miss my i3. Such a great car (except for the range)
  2. ImEric

    "Tesla is a SCAM!!" - BMW Dealership

    My Fiance currently drives a 2014 BMW 328i on a 3 year lease. The Van Nuys BMW dealership, where we had it serviced once, has been calling her and mailing her stuff lately to try to get her into a new 2018 330i. She answered today and a woman started offering her all of these incentives to end...
  3. C

    BMW vs Tesla (Battery Weight)

    The new 2017 BMW i3 will be using four M8994 E2 Samsung modules (8.38 kWh each). These modules, according to Samsung, will be > 60kg (>132 pounds) each. Assuming that BMW's modules will weigh 127 pounds (quite favorable), they would be 15.14 pounds per kWh...
  4. DITB

    Tesla Owner and EV enthusiast tries out BMW i3 for 4 days

    In the Hong Kong Drive Electric week 2015 final event at Tamarind, I won third prize. This gave me the possibility to choose the prize of testing a BMW i3 for a weekend. Since it turned out to be Thursday to Monday, it was 4 days of testing, just over 300 km. Two adults and two kids under 2...
  5. River Leung

    "i3 vs Tesla" HK Review

    I cannot help thinking that this "Tesla" review is sponsored by bmw. :mad:
  6. dauger

    Economist article on Tesla and its Gigafactory announcement

    The Economist just posted an article in response to the Morgan Stanley upgrade, praise by reviewers, and the Gigafactory announcement: Electric cars: Fully charged | The Economist
  7. gpetti

    Business Insider talks to BMW about "Why Our New Electric Car Is Better Than Tesla's"

    I guess this isn't really news but I thought it was interesting and possibly humorous. BMW: Here's Why The i3 Is Better Than Tesla Model S - Business Insider