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body control module

  1. V

    Faulty Power Conversion System and Body Control Module

    2 Questions - Own a 2013 Model S P85 which recently doesn't charge with my mobile charger. Displays Error "Charging Slowed - Poor grid power quality ". I've reset the mobile unit and the car and tried a different charger. Charges fine at the supercharging station. Suspect it's the PCS unit...
  2. P

    12v battery damage

    I have a model 3 that’s about 14 months old and a little over 12,000 miles on it. A couple months ago I had to have the BCM replaced which took almost 2 months of waiting for the part to come in before replaced. During those two months of waiting, I had some serious phantom draining while the...
  3. DrJeff

    AC Compressor, PTC Air Heater, and Body Control Module

    I've got spares from my EV Conversion project (TesLorean - Delorean with Tesla technology) that I cannot use (PTC too large for DeLorean, AC Compressor is CAN driven, BMC not needed). All the parts come from a salvaged 2017 MS 70D. Note : the AC Compressor and PTC Heater are CAN controlled...