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body shop

  1. P

    Paint-less Dent repair on quarter panel?

    Tesla collision center quoted me a pretty high price for this dent. Do you think this can be PDR? What do you think estimated cost might be around?
  2. P

    Model Y Passenger door damage repair

    When I was rolling back from a parking lot, my back passenger door was opened and hit the vehicle next to me and corner of the door (above rear tire) was bent. Wondering if anyone else had similar bent fixed? You think body shop can repair such a damage?
  3. M

    Recommendation request: Indianapolis body shop

    The Tesla certified body shop in Zionsville (Connan's) has a 2 month wait. I need some rocker panel dent repair and rust repair. Probably ppf and mud flap installation too. Thanks.
  4. G

    Bay Area Auto Body Shops?

    Someone side-swiped my 2019 Model 3 front left fender this morning and was doing some research for body shops that deal with Teslas. I'm currently deciding between Brook's Motors in Fremont and JP Auto Body in South San Francisco. I've heard some pretty good reviews about Brook's in this forum...
  5. D

    Tesla Certified body shop can't resolve regen vibration/noise

    My car was hit from the side at the rear wheel. It's been in a Tesla Certified body shop for over 3 months for repair. The body shop kept discovering more hidden damages over the course of the repair so there's about 7 supplemental parts orders so far. When I first got the car back I noticed...
  6. Jason Bloomberg

    Tesla Body Repair - Denver, Colorado

    They were awesome. When our 2012 Signature Red P85 Tesla Model S was damaged the insurance sent me to another "preferred" body shop which had a higher estimate and was going to tear apart about 1/4th of the car to replace a damaged rear quarter panel. I went to another place that was going to...
  7. EV Family

    Model X crash + an Inside Look at how Tesla’s Approved Body Shops Manage Repairs

    Recently was involved in a crash with our 2018 MX. We got a behind a scenes look of how Tesla’s approved body shops handle repairs, some of the common misconceptions about repair delays and also how you could avoid some of the headaches.
  8. A

    Recommended Paint & Body shops in Upstate New York

    I've been scouring Google trying to find a body shop to take my M3 to, to have the chrome deleted with paint rather than a vinyl solution. With COVID, a few businesses are either closed right now or haven't responded via email/phone. Thanks!
  9. T

    Battery draine to 0% at a body shop

    Hi, I think posts about drained battery might be aplenty but my experience seems little unusual based on my forum searches, so here it goes.. My Model 3 LR RWD got rear ended (other side admitted liability) and car was put into a body shop in San Jose, CA back in early December. My car's charge...
  10. M

    Best Body Shop in Colorado?

    I sent my Model 3 to Stuttgart Auto Body in Englewood CO for collision repair. It has been two weeks since my insurance did their initial estimate and the body shop has not yet started the teardown of the vehicle for their assessment. Every week they tell me they would start the teardown next...
  11. O

    Body Part Shipping and Help

    My car has been at the body shop for over two and a half months after a collision. The body shop has received the front fender in damaged condition THREE times. No update for the 4th order on the same part. It is beyond frustrating to see how a company that is trying to operate leanly is unable...
  12. E

    Bodyshop recommendation SF East Bay

    I had an unfortunate altercation with a loading dock. Reversed slowly while parking but I and the rear sensors missed an overhang and now my trunk is crumpled. I’d appreciate any recommendations for bodyshops in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley etc). Many thanks.
  13. S

    Are the Tesla Service Centers bad enough to cancel my Model 3 order?

    I ordered a Model 3 about a week ago and it is scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday (5/21/19). I've seen some threads where people are describing the horror of taking their Model 3 into a service center (Mainly for body repairs). On more than one occasion there was someone who was without...
  14. T

    Rental Replacement P85D - Turo?

    1st post! Unfortunately it’s because my 2015 P85D was rear ended on 3/27/19. Low speed, stop and go... they were probably texting. Their insurance has already contacted me and claimed 100% liability - which is great news but only the beginning of making the situation right. I’m wondering if...
  15. J

    Body Work Parts Delay

    I was in a car accident in my Model S four months and three days ago. She sustained front end damage and the airbags went off. She's been in a Tesla Certified body shop in Costa Mesa, CA for the entire time, and still not all of the parts have been sent from Tesla to the body shop. I'm involved...
  16. N

    Tesla Dublin, CA Service Center - still waiting for bodyshop 6 months later

    I'd like to hear what others' experience has been like with the Tesla Service Center ("SC") in Dublin, CA, and to see if I'd be better off avoiding this particular SC. I put $1k deposit down shortly after M3 was announced, and took delivery in July '18. It had various panel gaps, so I made an...
  17. B

    Tesla Body Shop in Raleigh, NC

    Does anyone know a reliable Tesla body shop in Raleigh/Durham area? I asked Caliber Collision in Raleigh but they said that they are no longer working on Teslas. According to Tesla Approved Body Shop list, the closest one is in Charlotte. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.
  18. E

    Parking lot damage/dent, seeking body shop experiences in Atlanta

    Hi folks, A sad day for me. I’d parked my car at a covered lot at my workplace and someone either drove or backed into my car while parked (and also left no note!). I just noticed it before I started for home and needless to say was distraught. Attached are a few pictures of the damage. For...
  19. Emvdl

    Tesla Approved Body Shops

    I have my car towed from Tesla Service Center to a Tesla approved Body shop on January 11. I was told by the person working on my car it takes 10-15 days to order parts from Tesla. If they are common parts! Is this true?? Are they importing these parts from Fremont or something? The shop is...
  20. R

    Do body shops make sure the car has a charge?

    So I got into a minor accident and will need to replace the bumper and the driver side headlight and fog light. Given the current situation regrading wait times for body shops to receive the required parts from Tesla, it's safe to assume it can take anywhere from 3-4 months for me to get my car...
  21. A

    Body shop damaging the battery

    So a while back, I was rear-ended while stopped in my Model X at an intersection, while an ambulance tried to cross. The damage was relatively minor, but given that the bumper contains a lot of tech, my insurance estimated the repair at 70 hours of labour. Since there wasn't a "Tesla certified"...
  22. T

    NJ recommended body shop

    Can anyone recommend a good Tesla approved body shop in NJ? While at a stop, another driver reversed her car and hit the front of my Model 3. Light bumper damage, got it on the dash cam (woohoo!). Anyway, I need to get an estimate for the repair so I can make a claim to her insurance company. I...
  23. D

    Valet Mode vs "Shop" Mode needed

    I wrote to the Executive board to request they implement a "shop mode" similar to "valet mode" that is currently available in the app. They quickly replied with, "...Your idea sounds like one that could bring us closer to our target, therefor I have submitted this as a feature request for our...
  24. P

    Rear bumper damage

    Hello Folks, We had some damage to the rear bumper as a tow truck was towing it into a tesla service center. - Anyone have any experience with Pomona body shop in Southern California? -To replace a bumper - does Tesla always send clear bumper which is the painted and color matched? Or can they...
  25. M

    Body shop philadelphia

    Hello! I had a sideswipe to my rear quarterpanel and bumper cover from a hit and run. The wheel well is fine, trunk is fine, tire is fine, rear door is fine. My estimate was in the mid-teens. Does this seem outlandish? Any recommendations in the Philadelphia area? I don't mind driving a few...
  26. seenhear

    Good body shops in So SF bay area?

    Got in a fender bender today. Gonna need a bit of body work done. Has anyone had good experiences with any Tesla approved body shops in the south bay area? I live in Saratoga, work in Mt. View & Santa Clara. Anyone good in SJ, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Los...
  27. J

    Body Shop in Reno, NV?

    My Model 3 got hit by some debris on the highway this morning. The closest "Tesla Approved" body shop is in Roseville, CA. I was wondering if anyone here has taken their Tesla to a body shop in Reno? I know normal body shops can work on Teslas, but they have to work with the local service center...
  28. W

    How to become a Tesla Certified Body Shop?

    I have an acquaintance who owns a high quality body shop, handling mostly high end Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, etc., here in West Virginia. A lot of the cars he seeing now include aluminum body parts, so his team is trained and experienced with working in aluminum. There are no Tesla...
  29. aollivierre


    Well, so I was minding my own business on saturday and someone placed their SUV in reverse instead of drive and backup into my car. The good thing, not too much damage.....bad thing, I now have to take my care to a bodyshop so we an get some items handled. Suggestions on great places to take...
  30. UkrHog

    Front Bumper Sensor Damage by a Rock Chip Park Assist Unavailable/Disabled

    This morning I noticed the following message in my 2017 Model S. “Park Assist Disabled” and then sometimes changes to “Park Assist Unavailable”. I called the SC, they said they would look into it and get back to me. After a few hours I didn’t hear back from them, so I looked over all my front...
  31. C

    My Body Shop Repair Story

    I'll start out by saying that I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I will certainly move it if not. I've had this written up for a while and been debating whether to post it and have decided now to do it. The Accident The accident happened on eastbound Harding Pl...
  32. A

    Lease payments during long repair

    Hi all, I leased a Model S 90D and got into an accident. The car has been in the bodyshop for 2 months, with the first small body shop telling me they had a 25-tesla backlog and that mine would not be done till at least March (they told me this in october). I had it towed to a larger body shop...
  33. fasteddie7

    Does this hole in bumper need covered?

    Recently had a fender bender. Small hole in my bumper and seems like park assist is out, even though it doesn't seem to be too close to the sensor. (Pic attached) do I need to cover this with electrical tape until repair or is it best to leave it be?
  34. fasteddie7

    Body shop help!

    Hello all, I need some help! I got a whack on my bumper in a parking lot. Called my insurance and they have me a body shop to get an estimate and get it repaired. The closest Tesla certified shop is about an hour or so away. Service king I believe. What do I do? Do I go with who insurance...
  35. Adrian Cockcroft

    Recommendations for Roadster paint and audio work in the Bay Area

    I tried searching for paint shops but couldn't find anything relevant... I picked up a scrape down the side of my roadster (SF rush hour traffic...) and I'm looking for a recommendation for a paint shop that knows how to repair paint carbon fibre panels and work on the Roadster. Tesla Palo...
  36. H

    Guess how much the damage cost to fix...

    A few weeks ago, someone crossed into my lane on the freeway and their driver's side mirror hit my model S on the rear passenger door. It was a minor impact as I barely heard the impact and pulled over just to be safe. This could have been much worse as we were travelling at about 60mph. The...
  37. Jett Black

    Real Time Chronicle of my Body Shop Experience

    There has been brooding buzz on the web of late regarding Tesla and what seems to be their biggest weakness: body repair. Here are is some of what I've seen: Jalopnik - Tesla's Potential Body Shop Backlog Nightmare Motley Fool - Repairing My Tesla Model S Has Been an Utter Nightmare -- and...
  38. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Transform Your Tesla!! Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia System

    The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler. This distinctive front spoiler amplifies the performance...
  39. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance: Flagship Fascia System

    Stand apart at the Supercharger with this complete redesign of the front fascia of your Model S! The Unplugged Performance Flagship Front Fascia (Front Bumper) is designed a complete replacement for the entire front bumper assembly on your 2012-2016.5 Tesla Model S. Included in this system are...
  40. Skipdd

    Exterior Repairs, Body Shops, MD Area - Thoughts/Comments

    Damaged right rear quarter panel, doesn't require replacement. Suffering from sticker shock ($3800). Read all previous posts I could find and spoke to Rockville Service Center (very helpful). Have quote from closest authorized repair shop (Euro Pro) and met with them today (they explained why...
  41. Y

    Scratched My newly leased Model S. Need opinion on best approach

    Dear fellow Tesla owners, I painfully scratched my newly lease Model S. :crying:(As you can see in the pic above). The damage is mainly on the left quarter panel and some on the rear door and a little on the side of the bumper and a little on the left wheel. The car is registered in NJ and...
  42. R

    Dumb collision in my garage

    Today is not a good day for me (and my P85D!)... I had a collision in my garage that I don't actually understand the details of yet. I pulled into my garage as usual, and slowed down as I got close to the "end wall" (where a door into the house is too). I have a laser pointing down from the...
  43. B

    Massachusetts Owners - Paint Shop

    I am looking for a few body shops that work on Teslas. I have some minor scratches on my left front bumper above the tire. Service Center recommended Hollis Auto Body but they are even further away from me then service center and the last time they did work on my car it was pretty pricey...
  44. W

    Need Advice: Minor Ding, Incredible Body Shop Quote (insurance? options?)

    The love of my life had a minor incident with a pole. The wheel well is scraped, and two dents on that small panel that surrounds the wheel. No door damage. To my eye, it seems pretty minor league. I call Tesla: Who do you recommend for a body shop? I am in North Los Angeles area. I take it...
  45. N

    Can anyone recommend a body shop in the DC Metro area?

    Someone recently bump into my model s in the parking lot. The rear bumper and the driver side quarter panel in the back needs to be fixed. Does any body know of any tesla certified or tesla experienced body shops in the washington DC metro region that you can recommend?
  46. N

    Body shop in the DC Metro area

    Someone recently bump into my model s in the parking lot. The rear bumper and the driver side quarter panel in the back needs to be fixed. Does any body know of any tesla certified or tesla experienced body shops in the washington DC metro region that you can recommend?
  47. N

    Tales of body shops, insurance and ICE rentals

    (Crossposting from the teslamotors.com forums) (Here's a long ramble - I conclude at the bottom with lessons learned for both current and future owners if you want to skip the story...) Back on a cold and snowy Massachusetts February day, I parked my beautiful gray/tan/pano S85...
  48. A

    Small dent - found great body shop

    I wanted to let the group know about a great body shop that cost 60% less than the body shop the Seattle SC to which we were referred, and did impeccable work. It's McCleod Auto Body in Kirkland. I strongly recommend them (and have no personal connection to them other than being a one-time...