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  1. tevman

    Body work needed

    Has anyone in the Denver - Colorado Springs area used Status Symbol Auto Body located in Colorado Springs? Recommended? My 2022 MYLR Deep Metallic Blue needs front left bumper work from a parking lot rash that deformed the seal at the lower edge of the headlight. Appreciate any input, thanks. Steve
  2. A

    Interesting body shop experience

    My model 3 was recently hit in a parking lot and sustained a dent to the driver side front fender. The shop had to blend the driver door panel. I got the car back today in perfect condition aside from one slightly odd detail: the driver side handle had a glossy finish. On the work order, it...
  3. E

    ‘22 M3 RWD Front Bumper Damaged

    Just got the top of my bumper scratched up by a large vehicle :(. Just took delivery a couple weeks ago so this was a tough pill to swallow, luckily no one was hurt and there was no other damage. it looks like the bumper is the only part damaged (the white mark on the lip of the hood is just...
  4. D

    Is this damage justified for $4500?

    Unluckily I had a car accident with my 2022 model 3 and have been visiting several body shops recently. I didn't a full coverage insurance so I need to pay the repair myself. The damage includes fender, front lamps and front bumper. There is a minor deformation to the fender, front lamp cover...
  5. S

    Right side front wing collision

    Is there a market for Tesla body parts? I want to repair this without going directly to Tesla. I’m in the UK and I’m looking for third party methods for this repair can anyone help??? Can you purchase the body part easily and fit it through a garage or is that not viable? Is there a market for...
  6. T

    Tesla from hemp fiber?

    Have there ever been plans to make a Tesla body made from hemp fiber? Industrial fiber-hemp grows like crazy and absorbs CO2 (don't know about N2) and is very strong. See Ford video from 1941(they also used with a sledgehammer).
  7. T

    Model S - with stainless steel body

    I wonder how many people with Model S and Xs would pay a premium for getting the outer shell of the Cybertruck? Just for the humour.
  8. I

    Edinburgh SR+ pickup, minor body issues, impressions and other thoughts

    Hey all. A brief account of my experience picking up in Edinburgh on Saturday. There were 5 cars in our group. We got time with a demo car. We were showed about and our apps were set up automagically. Our cars were outside and were 'big revealed'. My white SR+ had no paint issues but did have...
  9. Lilxkrazi

    Looking For A Mod Shop In Los Angeles - South Bay

    Hello, Just picked up my Model 3 yesterday, and am now researching on where I go to do some mods to it. Specifically I am looking for door handle wraps, center console wraps, and tinting for the glass. If anyone has any experience with some shops in the area, would love to hear your experiences!
  10. UncaNed

    Body Panel Availability - Passenger Door, Right Front Fender?

    Has anyone ordered a new Model X right front door and right front fender lately? How available are those items? Cost? Mine are a bit damaged, the car is driveable.... It's just not very pretty right now.
  11. M

    Seattle Body/Paint Shop

    Any recommendations on a good body shop in Seattle for a simple scratch on my rear bumper? It's deep enough that I want to fill it properly, but there's no other obvious damage. Also I have a few other minor paint flaws (to pitted bubbles) from delivery that I want to take care of at the same...
  12. T


    2017 Model S 100D I have had body panels creaking against each other since day one. Highland Park, IL store says that engineering is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. I also have continuing problems with air suspension. Last promises to fix were over 2 months ago. Now I...
  13. DrDabbles

    Model 3 Side Mirrors

    After watching a couple videos about the side mirrors on a Model 3, they look like they're the exact same ones as the Model S. Can anybody confirm this? Whether or not they're the same part number, I don't know. But I'm mostly wondering are they effectively the same devices and do they come...
  14. Lex

    Model 3 body is "Hybrid steel/aluminum" - good for future of MS repairs ?

    Model 3 press kit is currently at : Press Kit | Tesla It says... Body Hybrid steel/aluminum body Drag coefficient of 0.23 Interesting as I thought they were moving to an entirely steel body. I'm impressed at the weight ~3500 lbs with std. batt. If there are similar aluminum elements to...
  15. T

    Model S and X aluminium body thoughts

    Given the high cost of repairs for the aluminium body panels, what would be the weight increase if the body were made of steel or some other composite? (I'm not talking about the underlying structure). What might be the cost differential? Surely, it would make it cheaper to produce and I would...
  16. Mike M

    MX Imperfections: Some Perspective

    I just wanted to take a moment to share a couple quick thoughts, especially in regards to the ease we have of complaining about our Tesla's. From some of the stories I've read here at TMC, I felt rather lucky when I picked up my MX 90D last month and ONLY had a piece of misaligned trim, two...
  17. G

    Tells Body Repair

    My Tesla P85D was in a serious wreck yesterday. Anyone have a recommendation for body work in the Dallas area? Any experiences appreciated.
  18. Bulletproof

    Vendor APR's Carbon Fiber Parts Relased for Model S!

    Bulletproof Automotive strives to offer all aftermarket options for Model S customization and we are first to introduce to you the new APR parts for the Tesla. APR has a background in modifying imported cars and price their parts at good value price points. This is their first attempt at the...
  19. Caloncho

    Titanium Full Battery Shield

    Brought my MS85 today to diagnose a center screen issue and the techs offered me to (optionally) install a shield (titanium-aluminum) specially designed to further protect the lithium battery pack and other critical areas. They have in stock, so I said yes. It will take close to an hour to...