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  1. B

    This 10mm bolt fell when I took off the wheel

    I was swapping out wheels for the first time on my 2021 Model Y with 22k miles. The tires have been rotated before by a tire shop. This is the first time I took off the wheel at home to swap them. I have the OEM 19 inch Gemini wheels. As I was taking the front left wheel off I hear something...
  2. itch808

    BRAND NEW Homelink Module for Model 3 / Y (comes with bracket, module, AND bolt)

    Selling a new Homelink for model 3/Y. Includes the Homelink, bracket and mounting screw. Can be installed via the service menu as a DIY. Part #1114984-00-B. Asking $185 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. Payment via PayPal F&F (otherwise you can pay the additional 3% fee) or Venmo. Feel...
  3. A

    Cheated on Tesla for 10 minutes

    Please put this comment in the correct section - So while I’m waiting for my M3 order I still look at tons of cars on the road and in parking lots and of course online - I really wish Tesla had a model 2. About $10000 less then M3 and 175” long - would be better for me as a 2nd car - I was...
  4. BryanC63

    Broken hitch bolt

    I (stupidly) broke One of the eight bolts holding on the hitch at the rear of the car. I found a replacement part but I can’t figure out how to access the rear frame rail where the bolts are connected. Would I be able to remove some of the carpeting and inner paneling near the trunk to access...
  5. El joe

    Anyone Plan On Making The Cybertruck Their First Tesla?

    As someone who has a Bolt but has preordered the Cybertruck, I feel a little awkward browsing the forums without any firsthand Tesla knowledge and am curious if I’m the only one or if there are others like me. Also wondering if anyone else is making the jump from another EV and is as excited...
  6. I

    Model 3 Front Seat Bolt Front

    Hmm made a mistake with the thread title. Should be "Model 3 Front Seat Bolt Torque" I unbolted and moved the fronts seats to install some deadening mat. Surprisingly it took 70-80 ft-lb to break and loosen the bolts holding the front seats. This is a scary amount of torque to be applied to...
  7. G

    Rear fascia bolt cover fell off. Replacement available?

    Noticed the other day that underneath our rear bumper, the right side bolt cover fell off. Took M3 in for service and SC said they don't have a replacement bolt cover, so I'd have to replace the entire rear fascia at a cost of about $180 (parts + labor). Anyone have had this same issue? Is...
  8. Kappelan

    Your EV story

    Just curious to see how people are coming into the EV market. I've noticed that many people came from plugins like Volt or hybrids like Prius. What is your EV story? What was your first EV or plug-in vehicle before Tesla and what do you drive today. What you would like to drive in the future...
  9. Daskid

    Bolt Torque Specifications

    Hello, Is there documentation / manual where I can find torque specifications of nuts and bolts of the Model 3? Mainly interested in the suspension components. Thanks!
  10. D

    M3 MR vs Chevy Bolt (energy consumption)

    So I have been measuring the energy consumption of Chevy Bolt and M3 MR, driving the same urban route (mostly stop and go, lots of lights, average speed probably about 20 MPH). In both cases the weather is moderate, around 70-80 degrees, with minimal AC usage, and no heat. I am not relying on...
  11. B

    Used Model S or New Chevy Bolt

    Hi everyone, Read a few posts on here about this question, and learned some stuff, but had a few other questions. I'm looking to enter the EV world. I'm leaning towards the Bolt, but thought I'd see what others here think about it. Living in Texas, I can get $10k in rebates or tax credits on a...
  12. Adm

    Poll: When will Model 3 deliveries overtake Bolt sales?

    With the production and deliveries clearly ramping up it's a matter of time before Model 3 deliveries will overtake Bolt monthly sales. Question remains: When? Will Tesla be able to do it in January already? Don't be shy! Speculate away.
  13. David29

    Did the Bolt ruin it for me? At least a little?

    Recently I drove a Chevy Bolt at an EV event. Just a short drive, a couple of miles on local roads, nothing dramatic. But the regenerative brakes were surprisingly powerful. They could and did bring the car to a complete stop. At the time, I questioned the salesman how they did it -- whether...
  14. wilhelmspencer

    I just configured a Chevy Bolt. How much does yours cost?

    The Chevy Bolt configuration tool went live today: Chevy Bolt EV for Sale: 2017 Bolt EV Pricing | Chevrolet For a comparison, I configured a Bolt as close as I could to what I want in my Model 3 and it came out to $43,905. I was impressed that this was extremely close to what I am preparing...
  15. S

    More Model ≡ or Bolts in 2017?

    With the official release of the Chevy Bolt supposedly happening tomorrow, I thought this would be a good time to ask the question. I went back and forth between focusing on production or sales but since Tesla and Chevy count sales differently, I finally settled on production so that it would...
  16. Pilot_51

    Random Bolt Sightings

    Given that I'm in SE Michigan where the Chevrolet Bolt is made, I have a unique opportunity to see it in the wild before it even reaches customers. Well, today was my lucky day. As I drove past the 22 Mile & Romeo Plank intersection, I caught a glance of what at first I thought was a 2016 Volt...
  17. MSEV

    Chevy Bolt a "Commuter Car?" Not Available Until April? Help!

    I have looked a bit to find information about taking a Bolt on the road and not been successful at finding it. I have looked at comparisons between the Model 3 and the Bolt. I even called the dealer. I wanted to know: How do I drive a Bolt to Colorado, 500 miles away? So I called and asked...
  18. FredTMC

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    WSJ is reporting tonight... To be revealed Monday at NAIAS. WSJ: GM to release the $30,000 Chevy Bolt electric vehicle in 2017 finally, the auto industry will produce a competitor to tesla and Model 3!