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  1. Lasairfion

    Boring China

    Musk decides to take the Boring Company to China as he attends the AI conference there. Elon Musk to visit China for World AI Conference, local Boring Company launch Perhaps we will see not only a huge increase in the pace of boring tunnels created and actively used there, but also the full...
  2. Haxster

    Is the Boring Company really breeding supertooth gophers for the job?

    May not be as farfetched as it sounds. Oh wait! My meds. My meds. I forgot to take them again. Sorry.
  3. S

    The boring company goes to mars

    Does anyone else think that really the ultimate goal of the boring company is to create the first long term habitable buildings on mars? In order to protect the early setlers from solar radiation they need to go down about 100 meters below the surface of the planet. Not only that but in the...