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brake hold

  1. K

    Brake rattle/bounce when engaging brake hold

    I received my car last week. Sometimes, I temporarily notice a loud rattling/bouncing noise when the brake hold is being engaged. Attached is a video of me starting from 0 km/h, and slowly creeping forward up to 1 km/h, then letting go of the gas pedal. As you can see, when I let go of the gas...
  2. Silicon Desert

    Why should a Tesla be allowed to roll backward on a hill?

    It may be something I am overlooking. I'm relating this to my other car that when I am on an incline such as those San Francisco hills and other similar places; when I take my foot off the brake, it does NOT roll backward and potentially hit that tourist behind me so close on my bumper...
  3. plasmo

    Always-on Brake hold mode?

    One of the things that I noticed on my new X is that many times after breaking the car to a stop, I notice the car start to roll backwards slightly right before hitting the accelerator pedal. I know that pushing harder on the brake turns on the Hold mode (which is what I want), but is there a...