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brake pads

  1. C

    UK supplier of 1097416-00-B rear brake pads for the Mando caliper?

    I want to replace the rear brake pads on my 2017 Model S 75. It has unusual rear calipers (no separate parking brake assembly) from a Korean company called Mando. I've found a US supplier of suitable pads ( Tesla Model S Low Metallic DFC 5000 Performance Rear Disc Brake Pads, Mando Caliper...
  2. R

    Racing Brake XT910 Brake Pad Upgrade For M3P

    Well here goes my first ever post, so go easy on me 😅. I just swapped out the stock P3D pads for the Racing Brake XT910 pads, and I cant believe I didn't do it sooner. Living in Ontario, Canada, one of my worries was how they would perform in the cold weather, but so far there are no downsides...
  3. nixnexus

    Model X Original Brake Rotors and Pads

    Pulled from my 2016 Model X at 30,000 miles when purchased CPO to swap to drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic Brembo pads. Original factory rotors and pads for all 4 corners (no parking brake pad), prefer pick up in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area. Will only fit models with separate caliper...
  4. E

    Brake Pads

    Hi folks! I have a '17 plate 75D and the brake pads need replacing. The problem is, I have attempted ordering a couple of sets and neither fit! I'm wondering if anyone has a trusted supplier they used, and part number? I have phoned Tesla and they inform me they are made in the Netherlands...
  5. K

    Screwed up my front brakes. How?

    New-to-me-2014 with 106k miles. The brakes were clearly in need of some attention as there was vibration when braking, so I decided to order new Rotors and Pads from RockAuto: CENTRIC 12052002 BREMBO P09004N Those parts should be correct. So, I believe that I did it "by the book" and removed...
  6. E

    2013 Model S P85+ : Need New Brake Pads & Rotors

    Hi all - need your help on recommendations for ideal brake pads and rotors since the ones quoted from Tesla Service were way too expensive. This is what they are charging for my 2013 Model S P85+. TESLA SERVICE ESTIMATE Front Rotors Part #: 6006-420-00-A $240.00 each Rear Rotors Part #...
  7. E

    Recommendation for New Rotors & Pads for a 2013 Model S P90+ ?

    Searched forums and didn't find any recommendations for new rotors and brake pads. I've got a 2013 Model S (staggered 21" wheels) with 120k miles and need to replace all four rotors and pads. I just received an estimate from the SC and the total is $1,718.00 ($1290.00 for parts and $321 for...
  8. T

    Brake Pad Swap in Chicago

    Hi, I just bought EV tuning galvanized pads to swap out in my Model 3 Performance and I just need to find a Tesla friendly shop to do the work. Any suggestions? If there’s another forum better for the question, please point me in the right direction
  9. T

    Rhythmic rubbing/griding noise from brakes

    No, it's not a pebble ;) M3 performance with 10k miles. Any time the car is moving, I can hear a grinding, or rubbing noise from my front driver's side. I can hear it from inside the car while driving if it's quiet, but it's of course much more noticeable with the windows down, driving near...
  10. beastmode13

    BeastMode13's Dual Purpose P3D Build Journey

    I have the curse of being an enthusiast that can't just leave things alone. Perhaps a few of you out there can relate to this. :) After starting several threads on installations and track performance related FYI, I find myself going back to those threads time and time again when I'm working...
  11. S

    Brake pads fused to discs

    Don't know if anyone had this problem but it was a bugger. Model 3P purchased Aug. 19. Washed my car, put it in the garage, went on 10 days trip, got home, car would not move! Two tow trucks, multiple calls to Tesla (service center is a mile from my house but they wouldn't send mobile...
  12. jipvk

    Brake pads for P3D+

    What brake pads fit the P3D+, so the Model 3 Performance brake callipers. Sorry if it's been posted before but couldn't find any information on it by using the search function. Thanks, Jip
  13. beastmode13

    Racing Brake XT910 vs XT970

    This is a comparison between RB XT910 and RB XT970 as daily driver pad. RB XT910 is part of the Racing Brake BBK upgrade I installed a month ago. You can read about the brake job here. The caliper is a 4-pot just like stock P3 Brembo caliper. Unlike Brembo with a pair of same-sized pistons...
  14. jyalpert

    Horrendous brake feel

    Stock brakes on the M3 standard RWD feel horrendous. Non-linear feel, inspires trepidation rather than confidence. They feel like really cold racing brakes. Even my wife commented on this. Hasn't gotten any better in 1mo of ownership. I saw other threads on this but no solutions. Is this...
  15. Corsair

    Factory Brake Pad Material

    Does anyone know which type of brake pads Tesla use as factory default ? I am asking as I've read ceramic brake pads generate the least brake dust and with summer rolling in, I want to keep my rims (especially the fronts) looking clean.
  16. Bheuring

    Doing a brake job myself help please

    I plan on attempting a break job this weekend .I also am thinking about painting the brake calipers. I have yet to find any instructions or videos on how to do this if anyone knows of any please send me a link. If I do not find any I may make a video of me doing this thanks for any help.
  17. mspohr

    Anybody worn out their brake pads?

    Because of regenerative braking, the brake pads get little wear. I was wondering if anybody has worn out their brake pads? (I'm not talking about compulsive people who have replaced them "just in case" or replaced the pads because they didn't like the OEM pads, etc.) Has anyone actually worn out...

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