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brake rotors

  1. nfs060

    New drilled rotors

    New 2 piece rotors and caliper upgrade I finally got a weekend to install these rotors and covers. Had them in the garage all summer. I really love the look of the wheels with the brakes now. I find they complement each other. I think they are some of the best looking caliper covers you can...
  2. L

    Plug and play carbon ceramic rotors without big brake upgrade?

    Has anyone found any carbon ceramic brake rotor upgrades without having to upgrade to the big brake it? I have a 2012-2020 generation Model S and am thinking about getting lighter rotors for better range and performance.
  3. Visionary

    FS : OEM Model 3 Performance Front and Rear Brake Rotors

    Front and Rear Brake Rotors from a Model 3 Performance. Like New, used only for 9k miles. $400 + s/h. Great to upgrade your model 3 brakes to a larger diameter.
  4. cdub715

    Anybody have experience with Paragon Brakes?

    I'm in the market to upgrade the rotors on my TM3 AWD LR. Through my research on these forums, there seems to be only 4 main options discussed on these forums: MPP, RB, AP, and UP. Paragon Brakes is the only company not discussed here so I wanted to poke around and see if anyone has had...
  5. K

    Screwed up my front brakes. How?

    New-to-me-2014 with 106k miles. The brakes were clearly in need of some attention as there was vibration when braking, so I decided to order new Rotors and Pads from RockAuto: CENTRIC 12052002 BREMBO P09004N Those parts should be correct. So, I believe that I did it "by the book" and removed...
  6. E

    2013 Model S P85+ : Need New Brake Pads & Rotors

    Hi all - need your help on recommendations for ideal brake pads and rotors since the ones quoted from Tesla Service were way too expensive. This is what they are charging for my 2013 Model S P85+. TESLA SERVICE ESTIMATE Front Rotors Part #: 6006-420-00-A $240.00 each Rear Rotors Part #...
  7. Brass Guy

    Brake rotor cross reference?

    Is there an equivalent vehicle that uses a matching brake rotor? Tesla's prices are still outrageous. I have exhausted my search capabilities. I was hoping to find a wiki with parts cross references, but I don't think there is one. Definitely need new fronts, but it'd be nice to know rears too.
  8. Leifp

    Aero wheels, front rotors for sale in DFW

    Wheels & tires and front brake rotors in Northwest Dallas Texas. Virtually no miles on them as I had aftermarkets parts arrive before the car. $1400 for all.
  9. SD_Engnr

    MPP Front rotors for P3D+

    Finally got my set of front rotors from @MountainPass and wanted to share some details and pictures. Quick install guide is after the pics... They are beautiful, so it's a shame I've got to install them to just dirty them up, but I wouldn't have it any other way :) Details: Stock P3D+ rotors...
  10. skrenes

    Model S calliper bolt torque

    Hi everyone. Does anyone happen to know the official torque spec for the calliper bolts and perhaps the hex screw that holds the brake rotor on the hub? I assume it's the same for all Model S', but in case it isn't, I have a 2013 P85+. I want to remove the rotors to spray paint them with high...