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  1. Imundo

    PSA: Bed in your brakes

    I took delivery of my Model Y in December. Overwhelmingly, I have been using regen for one-pedal driving so naturally, the brakes haven’t seen much use. So, imagine my surprise when I, using some of the Model Y’s many horsepowers, needed to use some brakes and she did NOT want to stop...
  2. T

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    I'm asking here instead of directly to Tesla because their only Contact Us options were for solar roofs or calling a store and neither of them knows.... While test driving the Model Y I noticed the regenerative braking was pretty aggressive. I called the sales person from the car to ask if I...
  3. R

    Loud Regen Braking Noise (Cold Battery)

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering what your experiences are with regen braking noise in your Model Y? I have always felt mine was louder than normal, but now that's it's cold out, I've noticed that it produces a high pitched squealing sound when slowing down, especially at higher speeds. Since...
  4. 1

    Power Braking Assist Reduced on my 2014 Model S

    Ok so last Monday When I left for work in the morning I didn't hear my brake booster kick in then a little down the road got this message "Power Braking Assist Reduced". Later that day and getting nowhere with Tesla I took the fronk apart to see what happened... After some tracing I located...
  5. B

    Random braking

    It seems lately with the latest 2020.4.1 and now 2020.8.1 updates I have experienced more of this random braking issue with absolutely nothing in sight as to a possible reason of why the car would want to abruptly stop. It does not seem to matter if I am on autosteer or just adaptive cruise...
  6. W

    While breaking, if you get the error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed"...

    I have a 2019 built Model 3. I haven't had it for more than 3 months. Recently, in the past week or so, I began seeing an annoying error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed" every time I braked. (I was not pressing both pedals). I attached the error message to show what it looked...
  7. S

    Brake Calipers Locking Up During Overnight Parking

    Has anyone else had issues with their brakes locking up when parked? Not locking up while driving, but when parked for a certain period do time (overnight, in garage, when sitting for a few hours, etc)? I've had the car for about six months, and lately (last few months), and it has been pretty...
  8. selfbp

    Brake Pedal wiggles/rattles? Pretty noticeable if AP hits the brakes.

    When AP is engaged, the Brake Pedal will make a loud noise if its giving a little more than average braking pressure when approaching a stop. It doesn’t do it when the car is gradually slowing down, but if it all of the sudden notices it should’ve already been slowing down, it hits the brake...
  9. C

    Phantom braking will get a lot worse before it gets better

    Here is a damning article describing Uber's decision to aim for a "smooth ride" by making it stop its equivalent of phantom braking that we all hate. Inside Uber before its self-driving car killed a pedestrian: Sources describe infighting, 'perverse' incentives, and questionable decisions It's...
  10. mrfra62

    Phantom braking and phantom acceleration

    The my model x suffers from phantom breaking is obviously not an isolated incident. But has anybody experienced - what i in analogue to phantom breaking call - phantom acceleration ? When AP is engaged at some points on my route I have experienced that my model x suddenly accelerats with 10 kmh...
  11. FalconFour

    TACC/Autopilot overreacts to cars changing lanes (not cutting-off)

    Scenario: Model 3 LR/RWD. Freeway traffic, going full speed but comfortably stacked/spaced to each other. TACC set to 70, car doing 68, spacing set to "6". A car in the lane to the right signals to change lanes, matches speed, and fits nicely into the "6" spaced gap between me and the next car...
  12. J

    Tesla refusing to show me my own logs?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently dealing with several issues with my 2018 Model S which is forcing me to open a lemon law claim. To substantiate one of my claims (that the car is randomly braking on the interstate) I would like to see my car's logs with my own eyes. After my latest interactions...
  13. dhanson865

    The case against the Pilot Sport 4S on 18" rims (retail vs OEM Tesla)

    Regarding tires for the Model 3. People assume the same brand, same style tire behave the same no matter the size. Manufacturers can make widely different products under the same name. They can even make OEM and retail versions or multiple OEM and/or multiple retail versions of the same size...
  14. D

    TM3 falls short of CR recommendations due to worst emergency braking

    Tesla Model 3 Falls Short of a CR Recommendation

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