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  1. O

    Your Tesla could be easily opened

    My Tesla car was broken into last night without breaking any windows. Seems like someone used a custom key or another electronic device because the driver's side door pillar panel(where the key transmitter is located) was severely scratched. The car was parked in front of my garage and the doors...
  2. J

    Break in without breaking glass?

    I’ve been searching for reports of break-ins without a broken window but it seems like that’s the most common method. My M3 was broken into last night, including accessing the glove box, and there are no signs of how they got in and the alarm never went off (sentry mode was not on). Only thing...
  3. A

    Another Oakland break-in

    Break in: 2020-01-09_21-18-12-left_repeater.mp4 Other sentry videos and photos: Oakland tesla breakin - Google Drive 1 week old model 3. Parked across the street from the restaurant I was eating at in the Rockridge neighborhood 1 block from Berkeley. Black car pulls up and 3 individuals get...
  4. D

    Atlanta Area glass replacement due to break in

    One month in and it happened... my X got broken into in Christmas Eve at a Costco in broad daylight. Caught him on sentry and sent the footage to my assigned detective hoping they catch him - they were amazed and said the video was “pretty impressive to be honest”. That said, I’m still stuck...
  5. A

    My SF Bay Area Mobile Glass Replacement Experience After A Break-in

    Sadly I was a victim of the rear quarter panel break-in. I was in the Rockridge section of Oakland, which is a nice neighborhood, and got my window smashed with the rear seat released while parked on a major street while having dinner. And it was in front of another restaurant if you can...
  6. FilmTraveler

    Car broken into, no smashing, as if it had been unlocked. What happened? [from 2019]

    Hello all. I am heartbroken that my first post to this great community as a new Model 3 owner is to talk about a breakin. But last night, I came out to a parking lot after a movie and my passenger door was slightly ajar and my valuables (fortunately not much) stolen. She was in Sentry Mode and...
  7. T

    Tesla Sentry Mode in Action

    My wife parked our Model 3 in a semi-busy area while she went shopping at Target at 6:30 pm last night. While shopping Sentry Mode caught some punks drive up (in a Mercedes nonetheless), break the rear quarter window, fold down the seat, realize there was nothing valuable, drove ahead to the...
  8. B

    Be careful, park with your rear seat down

    Last week while at dinner in San Jose, CA, there were a few cars broken into. Standard process where a guy peeks into the rear of the Tesla (or whatever other car), breaks a window if he doesn't see what he wants to see, folds down the rear seat, and then checks the trunk for goodies. I try to...
  9. T

    Bluetooth vs Many Tesla Window Smashing?

    Nowadays there are so many window smashing break-ins with Teslas, especially in the Bay Area. Thieves use Bluetooth scanner to look for laptops and phones. They smash windows and open the trunk to grab the bluetooth devices. Since Tesla has bluetooth enabled even when parked, Tesla is especially...
  10. W

    The rational solution for the break in issue.

    Let's put the irrational ideas aside and look at the break in issue from a pure rational way, and figure out the solution: The reason anything happens in large scale, is that the benefit is bigger than the cost/risk. This is just simple economy and everyone, stupid or smart, eventually follows...
  11. zanary

    Improving the Tesla Model S Alarm

    Back in 2005, I installed a shock sensor to the hood latch alarm of my old Infiniti FX35AWD primarily because the alarm in my old FX (like my Model S) only activates when a door, frunk or trunk is forcibly open, not when there is substantial motion detected. With the help of a friend, we...