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  1. W

    MY LR Breakdown in France. 18 months old.

    We were heading to La Plagne for a week of snow for the first week of the Easter holidays... it was an incredibly wet drive. Apart from a brief interval at Reims, it was hammering down for about 7 hours. As we were heading towards Lyon we received a message saying there was an issue with the...
  2. N

    Careful Where Park

    Careful Where Park! A big PSA & FYI! For any drivers up in Scotland. Yes my model 3 will easily fit underneath, but what happens when it doesn't want start and can't get it out? Well, Tesla will obviously sent a contractor recovery person out, when they start scratching their head on how to...
  3. D

    Model 3 becomes a brick/nonfunctional

    Greetings. Wondering if anyone else has had the following problem with their vehicle. On three separate occasions, my M3 has become completely unresponsive. Each time, the car was adequately charged and had recently been used (the first time, it had been driven 30 miles and parked for 2 hours...
  4. H

    7k miles. New motor put in and now need gear box fluid service. Anyone had similar experiences?

    Some details about my car: 4 months old 7.4k miles Model 3 Performance motor (un-bundled) Daily commute 80 miles Last week at work my car experienced power failure, followed by a message stating that: Vehicle may shut down unexpectedly 12v power reduced, vehicle needs service After calling...
  5. G

    UK Breakdown Cover?

    Does anyone have any thoughts/info/guidance they can provide on the need for extra breakdown cover for a model 3 in UK? (I know, it's never going to break down, but....) I'm hopefully picking up my model 3 this week & just arranged insurance with Direct Line. They offered me additional national...
  6. sledom

    Drive Unit Failure- No warranty- Going to Catalog my experience with repair or replacement

    Hi guys, My 2013 P85 hit 60000 miles yesterday and today after a 20 minute drive I put it in reverse to park it and the Motor quit working, started jumping and jerking and would only move at idle. If I stepped on the gas it would clunk and jerk and not really move at all. I'm fairly certain it...