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british columbia

  1. Big Earl

    Supercharger - North Vancouver, BC - Marine Dr (under construction, 16 stalls?)

    @NSTM3 found a new location in North Vancouver. Post in thread 'Western Canada Superchargers' Western Canada Superchargers
  2. C

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Garden City Rd

    Looks like someone found a Tesla supercharger.
  3. J

    FS: M3P stock 20” Uberlines on 255/35r20 Michellin Pilot Sport 4S with TPMS - Kelowna, BC

    Located in Kelowna/West Kelowna area - BC, Canada. Selling my wheels and tires off my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance. These come with Tesla tire sensors installed. These are ready to be mounted and driven right now. If you’re wondering if these rub the front steering knuckle, they do not. I...
  4. C

    Supercharger - Golden, BC - Trans-Canada Highway

    8 stalls, v3.
  5. C

    Supercharger - Coquitlam, BC - United Blvd

    1450 United Blvd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Y2 16 stalls, cone. https://driveteslacanada.ca/supercharger/second-tesla-supercharger-under-construction-in-coquitlam-british-columbia/ @Big Earl @Chuq
  6. R

    Supercharger - Valemount, BC

    Targeted opening Q4 of 2023 according to Tesla's Find Us map
  7. bolero

    Supercharger - Surrey, BC - King George Blvd

    Newton Surrey BC Supercharger?
  8. D

    Supercharger - Nanaimo, BC

    Moderator note: The first 8-ish posts here are a consolidation of posts from two different threads. I saw a local report and photo that new superchargers are being built in Nanaimo, BC (Country Club mall) but don't see them listed here, which is a bit odd?
  9. C

    Supercharger - Delta, BC

    https://driveteslacanada.ca/supercharger/tesla-supercharger-in-delta-under-construction-british-columbia/ Orange Cone 5206 Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta, BC V4K 1W3 12 stalls
  10. A

    Door ding with sentry mode evidence (Vancouver, BC)

    Hi all, I recently just noticed a door ding dent in my car and luckily thanks to sentry mode I have full video proof and the license plate of the driver. I'm not sure if this changes the situation at all but this happened in Seattle (ICBC's website states that coverage applies in America?). The...
  11. C

    Supercharger - Langley, BC - 204 Street

    8750 204 St Langley , BC V1M 2Y5
  12. C

    Supercharger - Vancouver, BC - Kaslo St

    2710 Kaslo Street Vancouver, BC V5M 4J1 https://www.tesla.com/findus/location/supercharger/VancouverBCQ322
  13. C

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Steveston Hwy.

    Creating thread. I first saw this article, and didn't post it without any real proof: Tesla Supercharger in Richmond under construction [British Columbia] But, someone posted proof on Facebook confirming it. (note: I forgot where this screenshot came from)
  14. A

    Supercharger - South Surrey, BC - 160 Street

    Moderator note: The first seven posts of this thread (plus a few others) were merged from a different thread. Found a new location for South Surrey Supercharger. Talked to some surveyors at the Walmart at 160th and 24th. They said they where planning for Tesla superchargers at the north east...
  15. N

    Supercharger - Maple Ridge, BC

    Maple Ridge, BC, Canada - Supercharger Update After some digging through public records and permits, I found the attached document which shows the approval of 12 Tesla Superchargers at the South-West corner of the parking lot of the Maple Ridge Square Shopping Mall at 22441 Dewdney Trunk Road...
  16. J

    Supercharger - Merritt BC - De Wolf Way

    Just drove through Mary browns drive-thru. There are a bunch of new superchargers being constructed.
  17. C

    Supercharger - Kamloops, BC - Notre Dame Drive

    Approx address : 1380 Summit Dr Kamloops BC V2C 1T8 Canada Let me know if I am off.
  18. C

    Supercharger - Squamish, BC - Commercial Way

    https://driveteslacanada.ca/supercharger/tesla-supercharger-under-construction-squamish-british-columbia/ 1201 Commercial Way Squamish, BC V8B 0A4 Article says: 10 V3 stalls, but I count 8 V3 stalls (I guess they are in a rush)
  19. J

    Supercharger - Revelstoke, BC - Victoria Rd.

    8-12 stalls going in at the saveonfoods parking lot? My buddies girlfriend is a waitress and served the construction crew working on it. They said it was for Tesla.
  20. M

    Supercharger - Sechelt, BC

    Info from Drive Tesla Canada. 12 stalls are coming soon to Tsain Ko Center on the Sunshine Coast Hwy. @Vancity-Tes1a https://driveteslacanada.ca/supercharger/tesla-supercharger-coming-to-tsain-ko-center-in-sechelt-this-spring-british-columbia/
  21. Vancity-Tes1a

    Supercharger - South Surrey, BC

    Okay looks like it finally started! 😄 I know we have all been waiting for this one. I can't wait for us to have a Flamethrower ribbon cutting ceremony! I posted on Twitter: This site should be done by end of November, next up to Tesla & BC Hydro when to turn on.
  22. M

    Supercharger - Kamloops, BC - Powwow Trail

    8 stalls coming soon to the Petro-Canada at 301 Southern Yellowhead Hwy, and it could be the first ever Supercharger built on native land in Canada!! https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/local-news/tkemlups-looking-to-supercharge-its-way-into-2022-4542450 Article copied below: "Tk’emlúps te...
  23. C

    Supercharger - Clearwater, BC

  24. Microfiche

    Delayed delivery in BC...

    First time buyer here, have been getting pretty frustrated with the process here in BC lately. We ordered a base white Model 3 on April 10 and arranged to pick it up at Richmond after we were told there was no way to have it shipped to Kelowna (person on the phone said it "was against the law?")...
  25. nick010101

    Supercharger - Merritt, BC

    Merritt is getting eight more locations. At the Esso Across from the existing superchargers. Its mostly built but still fencing around it. Saw it at noon today. Now there will be 8 150KW chargers (existing at Best Western) and 8 250KW chargers (new) in Merritt. should prevent lineup issues in...
  26. lestager

    Supercharger - Hope, BC - Klassen Road

    A new 250kw supercharger has popped up in Hope, BC. 12 stalls located at 19700 Klassen Rd by the Esso station.
  27. J

    Vancouver, Canada: Rent your CHAdeMO adapter for one week?

    Hello fellow Vancouverites! I'm doing a road trip up to Smithers, BC around Canada Day this year (2021), and the new Tesla Superchargers don't seem like they'll be ready in time. It looks like there are a bunch of CHAdeMO 50kW chargers on the way up north but I can't buy an adapter anywhere...
  28. M

    Supercharger - Invermere, BC

    A new Supercharger is coming soon to the Crossroads Esso Gas station in Invermere. In an email from the planning department, I was told old plans from Tesla to work with the city to install a Supercharger on municipal land: Invermere (search Tesla in top left) didn't go through and that now the...
  29. Loqutisss

    British Columbia Residents Referral Code Petition

    Sign the Petition. PLEASE SIGN PETITION THANKS :) I am a firm believer of saving the environment and sustainability which is why I bought a Tesla. When you buy a Tesla you get a referral code which you can give to friends and family so that if they buy a Tesla they will receive 1500 km free...
  30. C

    Novice Driver Requirements/Rules for Model 3 in Vancouver, BC?

    Hey Vancouverites, We're currently looking to get an EV and I'm interested in the Tesla Model 3. However, we were wondering if Novice Licensed drivers are allowed to drive a Tesla Model 3? The reason we're asking is that there are lots of strict rules when comes to drivers in the N stage, such...
  31. M

    Supercharger - Prince George, BC

    And we now know the location for Prince George!! 8 stalls coming to 3030 Recplace Drive, along the Yellowhead Hwy. Anyway, I'm done for the night, if anyone wants to post the threads for the AB and SK Supercharger on the list (link below) 🤯🤯🤯...
  32. M

    Supercharger - Creston, BC

    Location revealed in the new NRCan funding grants list. 8 stalls coming soon to 1809 BC-3A, at the Ramada in Creston...
  33. E

    ICBC Discount Questions

    Hi all! First this isn’t an ICBC bashing post just a question and something I noticed. I know Teslas qualify for the 10% autonomous braking discount but does anyone know if Teslas qualify for the passive immobilizer discount? The wording ICBC uses to explain what qualifies as a passive...
  34. S

    New Service Centre in Surrey BC

    Booked TM3 on 22 November 2020 stil no VIN yet but have estimated delivery date for December 13 to December 31st 2020. Just got text message that my Tesla delivery location is changed to new location 19886 60 AVE Surrey BC from Vancouver.
  35. M

    Supercharger - West Kelowna, BC

    Just got word that Tesla is building a new 8-12 stall Supercharger at the outdoor shopping centre at 525 BC-97 in West Kelowna, BC. We should get some photos soon and I'll add it to Supercharge Info then...
  36. S

    New WeatherTech FloorLiners for Tesla Model 3 - Victoria BC

    WeatherTech FloorLiners for first and second row of 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3. New in box. Long wait for delivery so I purchased the Tesla version and now have the WeatherTech for sale. New cost $302, sell for $150. Willing to deliver on Vancouver Island.
  37. Xelloss99

    Supercharger - Golden BC V3

    There is a new 8 stall V3 Supercharger under construction in Golden BC at the Fas Gas Plus/Tim Hortons on Highway 1 near the visitor centre, across the highway about 300 metres SE of the existing 4 stall V2 Supercharger. Google There are signs for 8 stalls and some equipment installed, with...
  38. M

    Supercharger - Princeton, BC

    I just found a Tweet showing a new Supercharger permit in Princeton BC at the Princeton Plaza. The sender of the Tweet indicated there were several other Supercharger permits as well, none released yet. As far as I know, I don’t think these permits are generally available to the public, so I...
  39. M

    Supercharger - Cache Creek, BC

    Now, I know that Tesla doesn’t have a Supercharger planned for Cache Creek in 2020. However, I found a document from a council meeting from September 16th 2019, saying the town was looking to install a Supercharger station (unknown number of stalls) at the Tourist Information Centre, which...
  40. M

    Supercharger - Abbotsford, BC

    A new Supercharger has been built and is waiting for power in Abbotsford BC at the Highstreet Shopping Centre 3122 Mount Lehman Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2M9, Canada (49.058197, -122.378232) Construction has been confirmed by the crew in Surrey, which is expanding that station to 16 stalls from...
  41. M

    Supercharger - Castlegar, BC

    Creating this thread to track the progress of the supercharger in Castlegar BC. Anyone have insights on the progress?
  42. Vancity-Tes1a

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC

    Hey guys, I was up to no good like always and I found this construction of 20 Tesla Superchargers by the Richmond CF center. Just by the North entrance and Westminster Highway. I believe it's 20 stalls @ 150kW because the V3 stations are rare and new. I'll check more tmr or within the week, and...
  43. A

    BC and Federal incentive for 3 SR+

    With the federal and provincial credit for BC being $8000 off the SR+ I'm wondering if people are still ordering the long range model. With the credit it looks like it's $22,000 more to add a few more kms, get a premium stereo and internet/map upgrades. The LR is my preference for that little...
  44. B

    Supercharger - Osoyoos, BC

    Hi, Yesterday, Osoyoos City Council has approved the installation of eight Supercharger stations. From the detailed city council report located here: https://osoyoos.civicweb.net/FileStorage/9CF4CC6A10E84F4FB614A4C8B433935E-2019%2007%2002%20REG%20RPT%20Electric%20Vehicle%20Charging%20Stati.pdf...
  45. B

    Supercharger - Vancouver (#2) - CF Pacific Centre parkade

    Hi Everyone, I've confirmed that 22 urban superchargers are being installed at Pacific Centre Mall in downtown Vancouver, per the link here: Notice of Intent Abstract: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations CF Pacific Centre Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – CF Pacific Centre Notice is hereby...
  46. Kermee

    Supercharger - Victoria, BC

    Looks like Victoria, BC is finally getting their Superchargers. Anyone know where the exact location will be? The Tesla Supercharger map has it located at Pandora Ave and Broad St., though I'm guessing it's just a "generic" location pin? Work for a local BC courier and fanboyed when 12 of these...
  47. M

    Supercharger - Surrey, BC

    Found this on PlugShare just now. There is a 10 stall Supercharger in construction at Guildford Town Centre in Surrey! (PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You) @BlueShift
  48. M

    Supercharger - Vancouver, BC

    « Looks like the Vancouver Supercharger is now open. Somewhere around Burrard Street. Parking fees apply which I’ve yet to confirm rates » post by @doubles87 now I can’t see anything on Find Us and can’t see it on my car’s map because it isn’t in the garage. If this Supercharger is close to...
  49. aslam

    CHAdeMO Adapter for Sale in Vancouver, BC Canada

    I have a brand new CHAdeMO adapter for sale. I got two from Tesla by mistake. Before I call to process the return with Tesla, I thought I would see if someone wants to buy it from me. You can pay me the same that I paid Tesla which was CAD 674.24 incl tax. This has never been used and is still...
  50. E

    Squamish, BC - Supercharger

    Hi everyone, I'm heading up to whistler and wondering if the squamish supercharger is active. Tesla website says not until late 2017, but reviews on google indicate it is? -Thanks!!