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  1. mcmcmc

    Has anyone ever been stranded with an empty battery?

    Out of curiosity, I wonder: If anyone just ran out of juice in the middle of nowhere What you did to resolve it!
  2. S

    So, I Broder-ed my car this weekend...

    It was only a matter of time before some other dipshit did it, sadly that dipshit turned out to be me.:frown::redface: I attempted to drive from my house in Edmonton to a hotel in Calgary, a 290km trip, with a full 'Standard' charge of 383km ideal. I didn't set it to a 'Max Range' charge...
  3. B

    Has any S been driven to shutdown? (other than Broder's)

    All, I'm very curious; I don't know of any Model S that has been driven to the point where it shuts down other than Mr. Broder's example. Does that make him the only "customer" in the world that has needed to be flatbeded because they drove the car until it stopped itself? It would be...