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  1. D

    Fried Wall Charger: Looking for Opinions

    Hey all, Long time lurker - first time poster. Long story short, recently my Wall Charger fried. After opening it up I clearly saw the culprit (see photos). What I would like to discuss is if the hired electrician did a good job or if there is negligence on the hired electricians part. I'm by...
  2. D

    Fried Wall Charger: Looking for Opinions

    Hey all, Long time lurker - first time poster. Long story short, recently my Wall Charger fried. After opening it up I clearly saw the culprit (see photos). What I would like to discuss is if the hired electrician did a good job or if there is negligence on the hired electricians part. I'm...
  3. zoltarp

    2013 car mystery wire

    I took the bottom shroud off my car to get a look at my headlight and found this laying on top of the shroud. Any ideas on where it was supposed to go?
  4. S

    Odd noise when starting/stopping charging

    Has anyone had an odd noise come from the front of the vehicle when starting/stopping charging? Almost sounds like a bad ball bearing or actuator of some type going bad. It started doing this earlier this week. I swear this car is just one thing after another. Video:
  5. B

    AC issue after filter changed, wondering if there is an at-home fix?

    Recently got my filter changed at a Tesla service station. Ever since the large dashboard vent doesn't emit air and I get a message about a system fault on the AC settings. I found a temporary fix by lowing the temperature to "LO" then back up to my default temp and air starts blowing again...
  6. theganjaguru

    Tesla Needs to Up Their Service Game - Dismal Experience with HVAC Failure On My Y

    Let me start by saying that the people at the service center were very nice. That being said, the rest of my experience totally sucked. AC broke on 07/02. System would no longer blow hot and cold air. The next available appointment was on 07/14, almost two weeks out. Brought the car in for...
  7. E

    Gen1 Tesla Wall Charger Plug End Broke Off - Recommendations?

    I have a Gen1 80A wall charger that I have been using daily with my 2016 Model X. The end of the plug started cracking several months ago and I taped it with some heavy-duty duct tape that worked pretty well at keeping it from actually breaking off - until today. This end-piece (see photos) came...
  8. A

    Old/broken Powerwall, Gateway, similar products

    Does anyone in the UK (or a country near Serbia - I spend half of my year there too) have an old/broken/unused Powerwall, Gateway, or any similar products, like GivEnergy or Sonnen?
  9. C

    Model S 2013 performance heat stopped working

    Hello! I just bought a used 2013 model s performance and within 2 weeks my heat has stopped working entirely. I'm in Wisconsin where it gets to below 20 degrees F with windchill. All my car does is blow ridiculously cold air at me. Please help if you're able to, its freezing
  10. fasteddie7

    Backup camera cracked or peeling from the inside?

    Put my car in reverse today and noticed the backup camera screen was blurry and unusable. Upon inspection it looks like it’s cracked. What’s odd is it doesn’t feel rough or jagged, almost like the issue is from the inside. I assumed a rock or something flew up from the road (winter conditions...
  11. Targe

    Vendor Introducing Windshield Gard, now available for the Model Y

    Hi all! We have had lots of success with our Tesla Windshield Protection Film kits for the Model 3, X, and S. Our kits are preshaped and precut, so your detailer/installer doesn't need to heat or cut the film on your vehicle. Normally Windshield protection film is too difficult and risky to be...
  12. Z

    Broken sunroof, out of warranty, diy?

    Hey guys, just bought a used Tesla S 2016. The sunroof is broken, it doesn't react at all when I move it on the mcu panel. Looks like it's not even attempting to move, I cannot hear anything happening. I checked the fuse and it's ok. Is there any realy or something I should look at? Does it have...
  13. J

    Sentry mode has slowly died on me, now won't work at all......

    So I have had some huge issues with Sentry mode. At first i thought it was down to the USB i had so i swapped it for the recommended one. But then it stopped recording at my home address even though there were no exclusions and bluetooth was off on my phone. I have tried everything...
  14. P

    Broken delivery on used Tesla in Decatur GA

    I had an appointment to pick up my 2016 Tesla Model S on Friday Dec 20th 2019 at noon. I drove from Pensacola FL to Decatur GA for the delivery. When I arrived to the showroom, no one was there to greet me. I went to service and was ignored so I went back upstairs. Someone showed up and asked...
  15. jrleyva23

    Paddle Gears for model S door handles For Sale

    PM Me for price!
  16. JChris

    2017 MX Creaking Under Mild-Hard Acceleration/Now It Failed

    MX Baseline Stats: 2017 MX with approx 25k miles. Over the past year plus I would hear an intermittent creaking noise under mild to hard acceleration ONLY from the right front suspension area. Not bad enough for me to feel like it needed attention. Yesterday, as I was mildly accelerating...
  17. Chrisizzle

    Tesla Dashcam destroying USB drives

    Hello, I suspect my Model X dash cam may be destroying USB drives in short order. I started with a MicroSD card in a mini-USB reader. It was something I had, was compact, and thought it would perform better than a USB stick. It worked for... let's say two weeks before the webcam icon would...
  18. N

    Model 3 Long Range AWD Broke Down After 250 Miles

    So, I took delivery of my model 3 AWD on Friday. Delivery went smooth, my car didn’t come with the phone charging cables but these would be shipped to my home. I drove my car around that day and showed it to my family and friends. The car was exceptional, But each time I parked the car for a...
  19. henchook

    Too many colors! (HOV Access stickers)

    We're all for Pride in California, but this is going too far. It's time to end the madness. This is fast becoming a management nightmare. There are no less than five different HOV stickers with different colors, and they all require that you place four stickers on your car, front & back...
  20. Peter.h

    Charge Port issue (physically loose)

    I discovered yesterday that the actual socket in the charge port on our new roadster is physically coming loose - it flexes into the car when you connect the charge cable. I seem to recall seeing a post about this issue before but can't find now. Has this happened to anyone before? What is...
  21. W

    "Thunk" then "needs service" and less than 1000 miles. Happen to anyone else?

    Almost new Model 3 which I have been LOVING and gently I'd like to point out. Actually had the thrill of bolting on real license plate 2 days ago, now this. Got in the car to leave yesterday, foot on brake, shifted into reverse to leave garage, heard and felt horrible "clunk", and car is DEAD...
  22. B

    Cracked Glass on CPO

    I just picked up my first CPO MS yesterday, and the day before I was notified last minute that whoever was handling the CPO noticed a Crack on the screen. Sure enough there was one that gross straight down the center of the screen. I was told by my Sales agent that when I take it my home...
  23. D

    Repair Costs For Tesla Model S

    This Tesla seems to have the wheel stock and the fender broken. Might also need new headlight. Any of you know prices for a new front bumper and headlight. And if Tesla fixes 2015 models. Also can you update to version 8.1 with the 2015 p90d?
  24. benjiejr

    Accelerator Pedal Broke Off

    Took a friend and his nephew on a ride yesterday to demo some features of the Tesla. They are into exotic and performance cars and wanted to learn more about it. In the parking lot, I went through a lot of the features of the car and they asked a lot of questions. Then, I took them for a ride...
  25. Mknac

    Auto-open doesn't work after 1 week

    Ok so the auto open stopped working after 1 week. I have to either use the fob or touch the door handles. What gives? Can the 12 volt batter really be that depleted after 1 week with a new car? I've tried using both fobs - holding them by the the key ring next to the door handle, door and...
  26. MarkS22

    The dreaded "door handle won't present."

    So, today, the annoying "handle won't present" struck my driver side rear passenger handle. It's a P85D with ~15,000 miles. I called service and they'll take care of it, but it's going to be over two weeks. Seems like a long time to wait for a 1-2 hour fix. Gotta say, it does concern me that...
  27. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    I work in a high-rise with a parking garage that is regularly patrolled by visible security. Yesterday evening as I left work, I saw several people I knew to be security milling around my car. I thought I was in for some Tesla Time, but then saw the broken glass. My front passenger side window...
  28. DrComputer

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Since more Model S' are hitting the road I think we need to have a new sticky or sub forum for mechanical or technical issues. I was at the LA store yesterday having a vibration issue with my Roadster looked at (it was determined to be a bent rim...ouch). There were several Model S' there for...